12 x Christmas Special Offers

12 x Special Christmas Offers

With Christmas almost here I thought I'd continue my "clean up" of stock in time for the start of the next year.

And so I have 12 (yes, TWELVE!) special offers ...and, believe it or not, the number of each offer is also the number that is available.

So, for example: 12 = Magic Beans (there are 12 x sets available), 11 = Egg Slicer Sliders (11 x available), and so on...


We have officially "closed" for Christmas (although I'm still going to be going into the workshop to keep the cnc machines running).

All of the above will start to ship the day after Boxing day. Also, no emails will be answered until then either (we have an auto-responder on to acknowledge we have received your email and we will get back to you when we are back in the office).

Life and Quotes

Here is my quote(s) of the day for you:

"Lost Time is never found again."
- Benjamin Franklin

"Search others for their virtues, thy self for thy vices.”
- Benjamin Franklin

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  • Hey Magnus- and Spencer who wants to buy all 6 utility knives. I emailed about these several times this year after my husband’s came off his keychain (which I have completely revamped). I just need one of them. It would make his whole year.


    Fallon Cohen
  • “fish and visitors stink after three days" Ben Franklin

    Derek Jorgenson
  • Magnus I’d like to buy ALL 6 remaining SideClick utility knives. I will await further instructions as it still shows “sold-out” on the SideClick page. I’m responding to your 12 x Christmas Special DEALS email 3 hours after you sent it!
    Merry Christmas man.

    Spencer Inman

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