“Who Else Wants To Know WHO This Magnus Guy Is And
Why Thousands Of Raving Fans Are Queuing Up To
Buy His Exclusive Products?”

Dear Friend,

If you’re sick of mass-produced and mediocre products, then you’re on the right page!

You see, the thing is…

I’m starting a movement. Well, it’s more of a FIGHT!

It’s a fight against sub-standard, mass-produced “stuff” – but it’s also a fight against the massive lack of customer service and business integrity that seems to be getting worse.

So here’s my position and what I’m standing for (and it’s what Iactually do myself – so, yeah, I like to think I walk-the-walk on this):

#1 – Design and create only the best — and I do mean the BEST — products (even if it means I can’t be as cheap as all the mass-produced stuff out there)

#2 – Be open and honest with Customers and give theman experience that makes them say, “Damn,  why isn’t every businesslike that?”

So, you’re probably wondering…

“Who The Hell Is This Magnus Guy Anyway?”

Okay, you asked for it:

I live in New Zealand (but am originally from Scotland). I moved here to be part of my 7̶ ̶8̶ ̶9̶ ̶1̶0̶ ̶1̶1̶ 12-year-old son’s life.

Here’s where I live (and, hopefully, it makes you incredibly jealous! :-D)…

“How Did This OBSESSION With Only Producing The BEST All Start?”

I’ve been thinking about that recently – and I think it was when I was 13 years old…

When I was 13 my parents, for Christmas, bought me a socket set(because I was always fixing stuff, had motocross bikes and such).

But here’s the thing:

This wasn’t just any old socket set. Nope. This was probably the bestthat could be bought. It was huge as well with over 100+ individualcomponents.

When I think back – my parents always bought my sister and I the best(whilst, at the same time, I like to think they were able to keep usbalanced and not let us turn into “spoiled” kids).

But receiving this socket set is so vivid in my memory. In fact,because I’m a bit obsessive-compulsive (together with a whole host ofother character flaws), I sat and oiled each part of that socket set onthat very Christmas morning.

I knew that socket set was not cheap (my parents worked hard to beable to buy my sister and I the best). I wanted to look after it.

And get this…

It’s now over 20 years since I received that socket set – and it’s stillgoing strong and is as good as it always was (and it’s done a lot ofwork!).

That socket set may have seemed “expensive” at the time – but, whenit lasts 20+ years, it’s turned out to be a mind-blowing bargain.

I think that’s why I’ve ended up making the BEST products possible.Not only are they well-thought-out and only use the best materials (sofar only titanium)… they are designed to last forever.

In fact, here’s what someone said to me in an email the other day:

“…you are not cheap, but you are the best.”Timoy Laidler from Lemon Tree Passage, Australia

So, yeah, I’ll be the first to admit you could buy “cheaper” productselsewhere – but, in the long-run, I’m confident enough to tell you thatwhat I offer is almost certainly the best bargain (just like my socketset from 20 years ago!)

I think it might be genetic because when I was a kid…

I used to build, make and modify things in our garden shed. In fact, Ican’t even own a simple ball-point pen without modifying it (it’susually only a matter of minutes before it’s in pieces and I’m makingthe spring stronger or “improving” it in some other way…).

My grandfather, in the days when cars were rare where he lived, wasnot content with just having a petrol car – he built some whacky gadgetto make the thing run on butane-type gas! (we’re talking decades beforeLPG even came on the scene)

In fact, I’m convinced it’s hereditary…

My Father runs not only his car – but the hot water and heating inhis entire house – on vegetable oil! (you gotta see it – it’ll blow yourmind)

Genetics or not…

This combination of only accepting the best in life – together withthe inventive/innovative streak that runs through my family – hasultimately led me to start designing and making products that I believeare truly the best money can buy.


Actually, that’s not the whole truth…

I’ve got major “genetic flaws”. I’m serious.

I will either buy the best (even if I “can’t” afford it)… or nothing at all.

For example:

When I moved into my last house I had no knives and forks for a monthbecause I couldn’t find a set that was (a) Good enough quality and (b) Asimple, clean design (they all seemed to have “fancy” patterns all overthem).

I eventually found a set of simple, ultra-high quality (from Germany)knives and forks – they cost around $1000. I couldn’t really affordfood after that – but I knew I would eventually. But, like I said, I am flawed.

You want another example? Well, okay:

I sometimes walk around electrical stores to see if anyone hasmanaged to come up with a decent design for boiling water – still neverseen it.

Yes, I know, there are hundreds of kettles for boiling water – butthey just can’t seem to tick all the boxes. Spout is either too wide …orthe switch is too flimsy …or the lid is too difficult to take off …orit’s just flat-out ugly!

Surely I’m not the only person that is in awe that we can put a man on the moonwe can put a robot on mars …and yet we cannot seem to design a kettle for boiling water. Amazing.

Don’t get me wrong…

I’m not a negative person. If you read my blog posts or read myemails or watch my videos – I’m one of the most positive people you’llmeet. I love life.

But internally, in my head, is where frustration with poor qualityand poor design sits and festers… until it reaches a point where itexplodes out of me (like on this page!).

The crazy thing is:

This fight for quality is only half the battle (unfortunately).

The other half is the fight for service!

Packing and shipping of my first ever product – woohoo!

Here’s a perfect example:

Right now I’m in the middle of trying to get my money back for a 3D printer I purchased nearly a year ago.

Without going into too much detail – it has been the worst Customerexperience I have ever had (that fact that it’s still going on nearly ayear later is proof alone!).

Long story short…

The 3D printer broke down within the first couple of days… themanufacturer charges $100 just so I could raise a support ticket aboutthis (honestly, I’m deadly serious, I’m really not making this up!)…they picked it up to fix it and I had to call them to send it back six months later.

And now the company who sold it to me (not the manufacturer of the machine) are reluctant to even answer my emails.

Okay, enough of that complaining for me…

Here’s an example of great customer service:

I bought a pair of extremely high-quality slippers a few months ago.

But, oddly enough, the in-sole of the right-slipper kept slipping outabout an inch whenever I wore them. It was kind of annoying.

I contacted the company who made it and they asked me to take theslippers back to the store where I bought them. I did this. The storesent them to the manufacturers who then fixed them… and I was able topick-up the repaired slippers.

Hugely impressed with both the store I bought them from and well as the manufacturer of the slippers.

Oh, and one more thing…

Even though these slippers were not cheap by any means – I admire thedesign and quality of  these slippers every time I put my feet intothem and walk around the house (and this is the same kind of experience Iwant others to have with the products I create).


A vitally important last point

While I strive to produce the BEST (with no compromise whatsoever) – I still manage to screw-up.

Every so often an imperfect item will slip through my ultra-strictquality control. If this happens then I rely on the person who receivesit to be open and honest with me (just like I am with them) and tell mewhat they’ve received isn’t right.

And, similarly, if a product does not arrive — or I make a mistake insome other way with regard to serving a customer — then I hope (andexpect) them to get in touch with me so I can sort it out right away!


To impossibly high standards,



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