"Grab A SERIOUS Bargain Below..."
NEW ""Lucky Drop" Selling Method (an experiment!)
NEW "Lucky Drop" trial selling method below...

This is an experiment for fidgets that are a little more "limited" in nature (i.e. I don't have many of them available or I don't make them often).

Here's how it works:

#1 - Price is initially set (by me)
#2 - The price drops a random percentage amount at specific intervals
#3 - You hit "Order Now" when you see a price you like (and you pay that price) ...UNLESS someone else beats you to it!


"This is an experiment! I have no idea how it will go. I don't even know if this tool will work ...so let's find out together. It's ugly and basic - but the main thing is that it works. My apologies in advance if anything fails."
KingCrab™ Ultem - 3-Click Slider
with NEW Stainless Plates
NOTE: If the "Current Price:" is not visible below, then it means the product has already sold.
KingCrab™ "Ultem" - 3-Click Slider with Stainless Steel Plates (Lucky Drop)

Next Price Drop: 3m 22s

Last Price Drop: $9.92

Current Price: $188.48

NOTE: Please Allow 7 Days For Shipping

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NEW Sliding Plates
I MUST spend a minute talking about the new sliding plates.

While they look vaguely similar to the plates I've been making for some time ...they are really BRAND NEW and designed completely from scratch.

I spent something like 6 weeks working on them every day. I've made dozens and dozens of versions over this time through endless iterations.

Now, don't get me wrong, the current plates are not bad - they are still excellent. These are just better.
Here's the significant changes I want to highlight:

#1 - I use the same 6mm x 3mm N45 magnets ...but the plates are slightly thicker so that the slider is a little easier to push (while some people love "hard to push" sliders ...my experience with customer shows the vast majority prefer an easier slide)

#2 - The surface of the plates have a very slight curve, intentional machining lines (at a 15-degree angle) and spaced-out dimples. All of these work together to create -- from my intensive testing so far -- the best sliding experience to date. Additionally, the surface finishing process we use is now a lot more critical than before to give the plates just the right feel.

#3 - I have taken time to carefully design and machine the INSIDE of the plates. These are typically hidden - but it is something I realized it very important. Yes, it takes longer to machine -- and no one typically will see it -- but it's my intention to make the BEST sliding plates out there ...and making the inside look as good as the outside is part of this.


While I am more confident than I have ever been with these NEW plates. Slider plates still get hard use. It's metal on metal. There are magnets inside that naturally attract debris ...and so scratching is inevitable. Perhaps no plate will ever be truly "perfect" ...but I feel these are a significant leap forward.
"Hands down the best slider I've ever owned. I literally use it at least 8 hours per day and it's the only fidget I've been using since I got it."
- Andrew Messiah

If you've been looking for the BEST fidget sliders in the world, then you've just found them!

Yeah, I know, that's a pretty bold claim.

But take a minute to go and search Google (or Youtube, Facebook, etc.) for our fidget sliders ...and you'll discover this bold claim turns out to be pretty accurate.


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