"Is This The Ultimate
Titanium Utility Blade Knife?"

From: Magnus Macdonald, Magnusx.com

Dear friend,

If you've been looking for the ultimate compact titanium utility blade knife, then you've just found it!

But, I must CONFESS to you:

This is my second titanium utility blade knife design. The first one I designed worked well (and sold hundreds). However, some people were not happy with a couple of parts of the design ...which was totally understandable.

There were two parts of the design they were not happy with (...and I'll get to those in just a minute).

The utility blade knife I'm about to reveal to you is the result of ripping apart the original design ...taking the parts that worked damn well on the that original design ...AND adding a few brand new features too boot!

Let's just get straight to it...

I call this new design the SlideClick™ and here's what it looks like:

Let me now walk you through why this NEW SlideClick™ knife really is the cat's pajamas!

One-Handed Operation

I'll be honest here...

I personally own one or two utility blade knives which are a decent overall design (slim and minimalist). However, what really lets them down is that they require two hands to open. This is a complete deal-breaker for me!

The SlideClick™ is different...

It can be open and closed easily with one hand (by sliding it with your thumb).

Blade Locks Open and Closed

The button on the SlideClick™ is what locks the blade in place - both in the open and closed positions.

You simple push down on the button with your thumb ...slide the blade ...and then release your thumb from the button. The blade is then locked in position.

Smooth Action (Uses Ceramic Balls)

From what I can tell this has never been done before.

To give the SlideClick™ a super-smooth action I have fitted ceramic balls in the body of the knife.

The blade glides effortlessly along these balls (the very same ceramic balls I've used in my high-end $1500+ knives!).

Grade 5 Titanium

If you're familiar with my work, then you'll know I only produce products from Grade 5 Titanium. I do this because I make things with the aim of them lasting ...literally forever!

I'm not sure if you know this, but...

Grade 5 Titanium specifically has around 30% more "elasticity" than, say, stainless steel (and some other titanium grades as well) and this is absolutely critical to the functioning of the SlideClick™.

Did I mention that Grade 5 Titanium is 100% corrosion resistant (actually, it's pretty much everything resistant!) ...AND incredibly light-weight!

Here's one of the final prototypes along with a "blank" billet of titanium from which the body of the knife is made:

Accepts Standard Utility Blade

The SlideClick™ accepts a standard utility blade - these are available the world over and easily purchased.

No Tools Required To Change Blade

I've seen some very cool utility blade knives over the years - but many of them required disassembly of the knife to change out the blade.

To change the blade on the SlideClick™ does not require any tools - just two hands and nothing else (in fact, you can change the blade with one hand ...but it's just easier with two).

The SlideClick™ has just two components ...the main body ...and the slider.

"Floating" Blade

Truthfully, one of the pieces of feedback I received from the previous knife design was that the blade would rub against the frame of the knife and become blunt.

I will readily admit this happened on a number of knives (but not all of them). I will also admit, looking back, it was poor design on my part - I could have done better (hindsight is a great thing!).

And so I've done better with the SlideClick™. The blade fits inside the button ...and it's the button that slides in and out the knife body.

The result?

The edge of the utility blade does not rub anywhere on the body of the SlideClick™ ...it stays tucked-away inside the button.

"Super Grip" Slider Button

The original utility blade knife I designed had two different button styles ...a minimalist one and a more aggressive-looking (and more 'grippy') one.

The more aggressive-looking button proved a lot more popular and so I have taken that design and tweaked it a little for the SlideClick™.

Left-Hand Version Available

If you're left-handed, then we'll make a left-handed version of the SlideClick™ for you.

Just pledge for this project as you normally would ...and, once the project is over, you can select in the Backer Survey whether you want a left-handed or right-handed version.


Also, the left-handed version will be an exact mirror-image of the right-handed version - no other differences.

Keychain 'Loop'

At the rear of the SlideClick™ I've designed a decent-sized 'loop' so you can attached it to your keys, a lanyard or even a carabiner.

Slim and Compact

The SlideClick™ is small enough to go unnoticed in your pocked or on your keys.

Proprietary Surface Finish

As with all my titanium products... the SlideClick™ is going to get my one-of-a-kind surface finish.

The finish has a matte look that is somewhat (but not completely) resistant to scratches. But, hey, the SlideClick™ is designed to be used and abused!

Blade Extends Out 22.5mm (0.9")

Truthfully, I have not seen another utility blade knife offer such a long blade extension as this ...a full 22.5mm (or 0.9") of cutting edge!


The dimensions and weight for the SlideClick™ are...

Length: 75mm (2.95")

Width: 25mm (1.0")

Thickness: 5mm (0.2")

Weight: 25g (0.9 oz)

Precision CNC Machined (Entirely In-House)

The SlideClick™ will be entirely precision cnc-machined in-house from raw titanium plate.

From start to finish the entire knife is made right here in my workshop on this Japanese milling machine right here:

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