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FINALLY! A way to "TURBO BOOST" your current sliders...

If You've Been Looking To Add A
Then You've Just Found It!

(Before we go any further - here's a quick action video...)
NOTE: This is an old video. The NEW design has SCREW-IN PLATES

Let's get straight into the details . . .

What I'm about to show you is not a slider . . . but an "Add-On" for sliders I've previously made.

I call this Add-On the "Sandwich™" because it gets sandwiched between the slider you already own.

(ToadX™ slider below not included - only for visualization purposes)

Which Sliders Will The Sandwich™ Add-On Work With?

The Sandwich™Add-On will work with any of the 2-Click Slider (42mm x 30mm I have made previously.

But, to remove any doubt, here is a list of the slider models that will work with this Add-On:

  • Toad™
  • Ripple™
  • Grid™
  • Pebble™
  • ToadX™
  • Crack™
  • Crab™
  • Grenade™
  • Swirl™
  • And more!

Titanium Body

The body of the Sandwich™ is 100% precision CNC machined in-house here in my workshop in New Zealand.

(Note: The Sandwich™ Add-On is the middle part only ...the slider in this photo is to help you visualize how this Add-On will look with your own slider)

Zirconium Plates

The Sandwich™ has the very latest Zirconium plates I have designed.

While the outside of the plates look exactly the same as they always have (with the black, dimpled pattern) . . . the internals have been completely re-designed to ensure the plates are super-flat.

'Hidden' Magnets (No Visible Magnets)

If you know me already, then you know I'm all about clean and minimalist designs ...and the Sandwich™ add-on is no different!

I've taken the time to design the Sandwich™ add-on so there are no ugly magnets visible (just like the main sliders it is to be used with).

There are TWELVE magnets behind the sliding plates (six on each side). The hidden Neodymium magnets are 6mm x 2mm (with N45 strength).

NOTE: The Sandwich™ is only around 4.5mm (0.18") thick.

Can I Buy Two Of These Sandwich™ Add-Ons And Use Them Together As A Normal Slider?

Yes - you absolutely can!

A few people have done this (and, in fact, I've know some people to stack up to FIVE together!).


Length: 42mm (1.65")
Width: 30mm (1.18")
Thickness: 4.5mm (0.18")
Weight: 35.6g (1.6oz)
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2-Click Sandwich™ Titanium ADD-ON


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