*** NEW 3-Click Slider - The Robo™ ***

The NEW Titanium Robo™ slider is FINALLY here (after many weeks of anticipation!).

I will CONFESS to you right now that I have only 19 available.

It's a higher price than I had hoped because of the ungodly number of machining hours that goes into each one.

You can choose between Black Teflon or Zirconium sliding Plates.

The Robo™ has a 2 x 4 magnet layout that provides 3 clicks.

The magnets are the same 6 x 3mm N45 ones I put in most of my other sliders.
Length: 48mm (1.89")
Width: 30mm (1.18")
Thickness: 17mm (0.67")
Weight (Zirc Plates): 89g (3.14oz)
Weight (Black Teflon Plates): 69g (2.43oz)

In stock and shipping immediately.


*** Limited: Dimple™ Slider - Only 4 Made ***

This (likely) one-time slider is a light -- but chunky -- Titanium 3-clicker and called the Dimple™ slider.

There are only 4 available.

It's a 3-click slider and available ONLY with Black Teflon sliding plates.

The Dimple™ slider has a 2 x 4 magnet layout.

The magnets are the same 6 x 3mm N45 ones I put in most of my other sliders.
Length: 48mm (1.89")
Width: 30mm (1.18")
Thickness: 13.5mm (0.53")
Weight (Black Teflon Plates): 64g (2.26oz)

In stock (only 4 available) and shipping immediately.




This is a NEW version of the world's most popular slider. (I had no plans of making this ...but customers DEMANDED I did - so who was I to argue?).


Our most popular fidget slider. The Toad™ has the ultimate fidget factor due to the well-thought-out ergonomic design.


If you liked the Pebble™ design but always wanted it to have more grip ...then THIS could be the slider you've been looking for.


The is our latest design and has proven to be one of our most popular sliders ...ever! One of the core reasons for this is the shear "fidgetability" of the design.


The Swirl™ slider has a "worry coin" feel to it because of the textured pattern. While not popular with everyone ...those who love it, absolutely LOVE it.


Each side of the Crack™ slider has a different, random pattern. A simple overall shape for the minimalist type of person.


The Ripple™ is one of the original line-up of sliders I made. But every time is sells out - I get emails asking when it will be back in stock. So... here it is back in stock once again.


The Grenade™ is one of the original sliders we made. Some people describe it as "meh" ...while others think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.


The Grid™ is a slider I rarely make because it takes so long to make. So short runs every so often is how this one becomes available.

*** Trio Fidget - More Back In Stock ***

I've setup the product page so you can BUILD YOUR OWN Trio™ in the configuration you want.

Button Designs: "Convex" or "Dish"
Button Materials: Titanium or Zirconium

Main Body:Titanium or Zirconium

Plate Materials:Teflon or Zirconium

* NEW * RockIt™ Fidget


Teflon® Plate Set

Additional Teflon® (PTFE) sliding plates for all "T30"-sized sliders (Toad, Peak, Crack, Ripple, etc.)

Zirconium Plate Set

Additional Zirconium sliding plates for all "T30"-sized sliders (Toad, Peak, Crack, Ripple, etc.)

Titanium Screw 4-Piece Set

This set of FOUR Titanium 2-56 sized socket-cap screws will fit ALL slider models we offer.

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This Titanium utility blade knife is one of our most popular products. One of the only few such knives on the market with true one-hand opening and closing.


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