Titanium "Magic Beans" Fidget

This is a fairly short blog post... (and I'm only going to talk about a single topic)

NEW "Magic Beans" Fidget

It's been nothing but sliders, sliders and sliders recently.

However, today I'm showing you something we've been working on for quite a while now...

I call them the "Magic Beans™" - here's what they look like:

Truthfully, a photo does not really explain what they do (nor do words) - so here's a short video with some of the moves you can do with them:

Available In Various Combinations

These will be sold in sets of four (because this really is the only way to use them).

I have the main bodies available in Titanium and Zirconium.

Two things:

#1 -- The Titanium version will be available with Titanium, Zirconium, Brass or Copper Rings (PLUS... you can buy "add-on" rings so you can switch out the rings yourself to mix things up)

#2 -- The Zirconium version is only available with Zirconium Rings (because I never made very many of these). But, of course, I will have Rings in Titanium, Brass and Copper available for you as well.

Here's a sneak preview of some the various combinations and "add-ons" that will be available to you...

"Technical" Stuff

In case you're wondering...

Yes, the Magic Beans™ are magnetic. In fact, they are packed full of magnets.

Now, here's the crazy thing:

It took me dozens upon dozens of tests and trials to get just the right combination of magnets so the Magic Beans™ have a nice, fluid motion ...but also a satisfying "click" as you use them.

Honestly, I thought you could just throw some magnets in and it would be awesome. But these Magic Beans™ are a lot more subtle than that. Even the slightest tweaks to the magnet layout results in a BIG different in how they move.

After many hours (and days) of testing I settled upon this layout in each Magic Bean™:

Here's What You Need To Know...

The Magic Beans™ are made and ready to ship (no pre-order - woohoo!). BUT... this does mean I have limited numbers.

Here's what you really need to know:

-- These Magic Beans™ can be unscrewed quite easily so you can switch out the Rings (I use a little thread-locker on them so they don't come apart when in use).

-- Launch will be roughly 24 or so hours from now (they will be at the top of the main Slider page here: https://magnusx.com/products/sliders )

-- This first release is around 70% of what I have available (so, if you miss out, there will be another chance).

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  • I just recently purchased the magic beans. They are the best fidget thing I have. And I have quite a lot. There’s nothing like them. They are amazing and I’m surprised that this site isn’t filled with these for sale. I guess eventually it will be when people realize how amazing they are, thank you for making such a quality awesome fidget. I can’t put them down. There’s so many ways to fidget with them :)

  • Alos let me know when the magic beans drop again.

    Jay D
  • Hope there is another run of these. I missed the first drop, Very much interested.

    Carl Howton
  • The Magic Beans are an absolute game changer in the world of fidgeting. They have a high learning curve but once you put the time in you won’t be able to put them down. HIGH RECOMMEND!!!

    Hugh Mcguigan
  • Signed up for the vip list. Hopefully will be notified of the next drop.

    Rob C

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