NEW Sliders and Floops

A few things to cover in this blog post... (so we're just going to get stuck right in)

The New "Drop Slot" Method Of Releasing Products

Recently I've started a new way of releasing products - the "Drop Slot".

In one sentence this is how it works:

"Every four hours a product(s) is added to stock on the website where it can be purchased."

That's really all there is to it. But, here's a little more to explain it better...

Firstly, it's not going to work for everyone. Some people want a pre-order ...and I understand that. Others want a big drop for a new product ...and I understand that too.

But I'll be flat-out honest with you here:

Offering this Drop Slot method has been working very well for us on the designing, making and shipping side of things. A big drop or a pre-order is very intense (even though it may not look like it from the Customers point of view - but, hey, I'm telling you the truth here).

So, for now, I'm going to be continuing with the Drop Slot method of releasing products.

Each drop has a countdown (see below as an example).

One more IMPORTANT thing:

A lot of people are getting FRUSTRATED with the Drop Slots. They're trying multiple times to grab a new slider ...and they're missing out time after time every 4 hours. If this is happening to you and you hate it ...then please, please, PLEASE (with sugar on top!) let 24 hours or 48 hours pass (which is around 6 to 12 slots because they occur every 4 hours) ...and the demand will drop significantly and you'll find it a lot easier to finally grab one.

One very LAST thing...

As long as a particular product is selling, then I will continue to make it (before moving onto a new design/product/etc.) you WILL get one if you want one.

This is absolutely the last thing (I promise)...

If you're getting frustrated with missing the the Drop Slots, then let some slots pass you by and then try again ....this is EXACTLY how the Drop Slots are meant to work. You WILL get one.

If you don't mind trying and trying, then go ahead and keep trying on every slot. But if you just want the certainty of grabbing one, then wait until the "flurry" has passed and just stroll in later and buy one. No time pressure. No rush. :-)

Titanium And Zirconium Floops

I have FINALLY managed to get some more Floops made.

There are both Titanium and Zirconium Floops available. Unfortunately I can't offer any sort of mix-and-match - it's either full Titanium or full Zirconium.

I'm honestly not sure how well they will sell. If they sell well, then I'll see about making more for sure.

They are on the website as of right now - here's the link:

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  • Hi, are the floop fidgets sold out…? Thanks.

  • The 1st gen Turtle slider had stronger magnets and I LOVE it. I was wondering if you could have the 2nd generation of this model in a 3 click mode with stronger magnets too.


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