New Slider, New Plates, New "Lucky Drop" Way To Buy

A bunch of VERY cool stuff for you today - so let's dig right in!

NEW Slider (Launching around 24 hours from now as I type this)

Head to this page for the countdown to launch:

There is a TON of very cool things happening with this new slider. One of the main things is that it's going to boast my new, totally-redesigned-from-the-ground-up sliding plates (I'll talk about those in just a second).

However, the core feature of this new slider is something I've never done before ...machining all the way through so you can see the internals of the slider.

This new slider is called the Toad Hex™ and here's a one-photo preview of the Zirconium version (video, etc. coming soon):

NEW "Lucky Drop" Way For You To Buy

I've recently been trialing a new way for you to get access to more limited, exclusive and one-off type fidgets.

I call it the "Lucky Drop" method. It's on the front page of my website.

If you head to the front page of the website, then I explain it more in detail there. The reason for it's existence is that I have various one-off sliders, limited versions, etc. that I want to offer ...but I don't want to email out everyone about them.

So what I do is upload one at a time with a starting price. The price then drops every handful of minutes by a random percentage. So the price might start at, say, $300 ...then, after 9 minutes, it might drop to to $296.34 ...then, after another 9 minutes, perhaps it might drop to $288.72.

It's a win:win for sure.

You get to wait patiently until it hits the price you want to pay (or someone else buys it before you) ...and I'm guaranteed to sell that product (although, quite possibly, lower than I would ideally like to let it go for).
One last thing...

This has been up and running for around 5 days now and over 20 sliders have sold using this method - it has proven very popular (even without talking about it much ...people are just finding it).

It's worth keeping an eye on the page because I will keep putting products up there ...and they tend to be one-offs, or sliders I won't make again.

I have one coming up soon that was a fully-finished, final prototype slider ...but my gut told me it would not be popular and I decided against making more it's the only one like it that will ever be made.

NEW T48 Plates

The new Toad Hex™ above is one of the first sliders to receive the new-and-improved sliding plates.

Initially they will only be available in Stainless Steel (I'm still working on the Zirconium version).

Here's a preview of what they look like:
I talk more about these plates on the link above about the new Toad Hex™ slider ( .

Life and Quotes

Here is my quote(s) of the day for you:

"If you're going through hell, keep going."
- Winston Churchill

"Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing
and your attitude when you have everything."
- George Bernard Shaw

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