NEW Fidget and Zirc Re-stock

Let's just get straight into it... (and by this I mean watch the video below)

ZIRC, ZIRC and... um... ZIRC

I just added a few Zirconium sliders to the website right now (for those of you who have been waiting for a bit of a re-stock).

I'm not sure when I'll next have more Zirconium available as I'm getting a little sidetracked by the new Trio fidget (and a few other new and exciting fidgets coming soon).

I've just added:





Ripple™ (CLICK HERE)

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  • Love the new design Magnus I bet it will become my favorite fidget ever. You should offer different designed slider peices for it to mix and match. That would be fun.

    Chad Hopkins
  • Looks very unique like all of magnus EDC products but this especially different like the star . The trio is a must have .

    John Wooten
  • Hey Magnus, Sean from Ohio… I do believe you are right about the Trio… I am excited to be skipping paying my rent this month so that I can get a couple! J/k… about the rent…
    My question: do you project that it’ll sell out ultra fast in the initial offering? Or have you made enough to go around to all of the Ti Fidget geeks, like me? Love your work!

    Sean Merritt

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