NEW Fidget Design, New Stock and New Material

NEW Fidget Design, New Stock and New Material

In today's post you're getting:

-- A NEW Prototype fidget

-- Ultem® (a NEW slider material)

-- Some sliders back in stock (only a few of each)

-- Workshop move update

Let's get straight into it...

Back In Stock (...only a few of each available)

Before I dive head-first into this blog post...

I'm giving you a heads-up that I just put a few sliders on the website a few minutes ago.

Some of these have not be available for a while (and one of them has actually never been offered before)

Ultem® (New Fidget Slider Material)

In case you missed it...

I've been offering a new fidget slider material over the last week called Ultem®.

Here's what a slider in Ultem® looks like...

Here's what Google has to say about this material:

Here's what it looks like before I start machining it on the CNC:

I bought a few pieces of Ultem® and was planning to make various slider models with it.

But, something happened:

I started making the Toad (3-Click version) in Ultem® ...and it just wouldn't stop selling. I've made only Ultem® Toad sliders for the last week. It's great that it's so popular - but it means I've not been able to make any other slider models in this material.

The bad news...

I've almost run out of Ultem® material (but will be ordering more soon).

The good news...

I have a few (literally 3 or 4 ...but might be able to get a few more off the machine later today) Ultem® Toad 3-Click sliders left and I've just put them up on the website right now. Once these are gone it will be some time before I can get any more made.

Recent Workshop Move

In the last blog post I did a "quick and dirty" tour of the new workshop we moved to.

There was a lot of disruption to the business during the move. I tried not to let this disruption filter through to YOU ...but I totally failed in this regard and shipping times were hugely affected. I am sorry for this.

As of this week were are back up and running how we were before the move. Everything is shipping next day (or worst case the day after ...but I'm working hard to shorten this time also).

Trying to work on new CNC fixturing for the Slider Insert plates ...while my son, Julien, tries to put me off:

New Fidget Protoype

I rarely show work-in-progress prototypes - but I'm going to show you something that's been floating around in my head for a while.

I'm going to call it the 'RoboEgg" for now.

The reason I'm showing it is that it has not quite come out (so far) how I had it in my head. And, as a result, there is a good chance I won't make it.

It's essentially a slider with a "sandwich" in the middle ...but in the shape of an egg.

This is still at an early stage. More details and refinement still to go. The overall concept is there though.

I'm thinking it will be more of a desktop fidget as it will not be very pocket friendly. Currently it's around 60mm (2.3") long.

Life and Quotes

I am a lover of quotes.

I typically search, read, send and receive quotes every day.

Here's a quote someone gave me recently (literally cut out of a calendar):

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  • I would love to see that Roboegg in action!

  • Will the RoboEgg also be available in an Ultem version?


    Artur R.
  • Magnus, so thrilled with my recent purchases. The 4th 3-click slider just arrived. I take the “O” rings out because I love the “crunchy” sound the magnets make. The perfect “Pop!”, “Pop!”, Pop!” as opposed to clicks.

    Any thoughts on reissuing some of your most popular spinners from way back. I couldn’t afford them back then. But I could now. 🤗

    Cheers! And success on the move. 👍🏼


  • Any word on when Teflon slider may be back in stock?

  • With the suggestion or develop a possibility that you put a magnet (in the middle) in the middle of the slider instead of the usual 2 magnets, so that it is possible to turn the slider 360° from the zero position. So that it rotates around itself. That would be an asset. What would also be interesting: A sandwich with a guide rail so that you can’t float freely but instead slide. It would also be interesting to play dice instead of the magic beans. I’m just starting to finish a prototype for me to play with. A small magnet on each side of the cube. So, I hope that was enough input. Let me know what you find interesting. Greetings from Germany, Marco

    Marco Engels

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