*** NEW Sweep™ 3-Click Slider ***

"Not Only Is This NEW Slider The Result
Of 3 Years Of Intense Slider Development
...But I GUARANTEE It Is The BEST Slider
On The Market Right Now
In 2024!"

Designed From The Ground Up To Be The
World's First Performance Slider

Dear Friend,

I'd like to keep this super-short, but unfortunately...

So much development has gone into this NEW fidget slider I'm going to have to ask you for a few minutes. I appreciate this - and I promise I won't waste your time.

Let's start with a couple of in-depth photos of this new "Sweep™" slider:
As you can probably tell already...

The Sweep™ slider is unlike anything you've ever seen (and that's even before we've done a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of this game-changing fidget).

If you're a seasoned slider pro, then you'll immediately understand how effective and ergonomic the overall design of this slider is. This is because the overall shape and contours of the Sweep™ is based on the original Toad™ slider (my bestselling slider over the last 3 years). This tried-and-test-and-probably-unbeatable shape is nearly impossible to improve upon if I'm being honest with you.


Plate And Body Design
Unlike pretty much every other slider out there (including most of my own designs) ...the design of the sliding plates and body cannot really be separated. Take a look at the photo below:
The sliding plates are thicker in the corners ...but curve down towards the middle together with the body contours.

I'll be 100% honest with you here:

This was done purely for aesthetics. The functioning of the slider is exactly the same as if the plates were just flat. But the contouring of the plates adds something special to the slider in terms of overall design (or, to put it another way, it looks damn good!).

This curving is even more pronounced on the ends of the slider. As you can see in the photo below the body and plates below curved tightly together.

Make no mistake...

The designing and CNC machining of the curves in the body and the plate is a pain in the neck compared to if they were flat (it took a bucket-load of prototypes to finally get this right). But, as I mentioned above, this is just one of the reasons the Sweep™ is probably THE BEST SLIDER ON THE MARKET IN 2024 ...and I stand by that!
NEW Sliding Plate Design
The sliding plates on the Sweep™ are another area where I have taken 3 years of solid and relentless developing and testing ...and made probably the best sliding plates to be found anywhere on the market.

Yeah, I know, this sounds like a bold claim. And it probably is. But I cannot deny the fact these completely NEW sliding plates really are the best I've ever made.

Here's just some details of what makes them so good:

-- Near silent sliding (unlike a lot of plates on the market that have a grainy feel or have a "swishy" sound ...these are ultra-quiet to slide)

-- "Debris catchers" (the circular pockets where the magnets are located help to pull any debris away from the surface of the plates ...which vastly reduces the chance of scratching of the plates)

-- Self-smoothing stainless (should your plates receiving any scratching in use, then you'll find they are "self healing" as you continue to use them - somewhere between 3 to 7 minutes of use will take your plates back to a near-new feel)

Only available with Stainless Steel sliding plates for now.
Tactile Grip Pattern
One of the stand-out features of the Sweep™ is the precision machined pattern on the surface.

It's a very specific machined pattern that does three different things all at the same time:

#1 - Provides grip for sliding

#2 - Feels very tactile on your fingers and thumb

#3 - Looks great because the fineness and precision of the pattern works together with the aesthetics of the rest of the slider
Raw Surface Finish
Here's some cold, hard truth:

Not many makers invest in the quality of machinery and equipment required to produce a high-end product such as the Sweep™ slider.

I could, theoretically, have bought a CNC milling machine for around $50,000 or $60,000 --- like most makers do -- to make the Sweep™ slider. Instead, I invested in an absolute top-of-the-line, Japanese made CNC machine which cost $178,000.

Now, don't get me wrong...

I'm not trying to show off by saying, "hey, look how much I spent on a machine!". I'd much rather pay a lot less. But investing in such a machine increases the accuracy and reliability of the parts that come off it. And, just as importantly, the quality of the surface finish of the parts is better ...which is incredibly important for something like the Sweep™ slider.
As you can see from the photos, the surface finishing of the Sweep™ slider is so good it's (almost) impossible to identify any machining lines from the CNC process.

To be clear:

It's not just the CNC machine that allows for such quality of surface finish. It's also about having the machine run slow-and-steady as opposed to ripping through the metal (much like the story of how the Tortoise wins the race compared to the Hare). And it's also about keeping cutting tools new and fresh.

All of the above costs money (and is likely why most makers won't do it).
Dimensions And Technical Details
Sweep™ Titanium: 115g (4oz.)

This slider is heavier than my previous titanium sliders. This is mainly due to the stainless steel sliding plates.
The World's First Performance Slider
Here's the hands-down truth:

When I first set out designing and making fidget sliders I was aiming for the ultimate fidgeting experience -- essentially a performance slider.

Over the last three years I've received invaluable feedback from die-hard customers. Not only that but it's been a roller-coaster of a ride trying to continually improve the fidgeting experience.

I'll be honest with you here...

There has been a relentless amount of small (and big) improvements over these last few years. BUT, there have been setbacks and outright failures too. I appreciate the patience of every customer who took the time to get in contact with even the smallest issue they had.

It was all these "little things" that have ultimately resulted in the Sweep™ slider. THIS is the slider I have spent the last 1,203 days aiming for (yes, this really is how many days I have been working relentlessly on making and improving sliders).
The Sweep™ slider is new ground for me in a number of ways. One of these is the obscene -- and almost embarrassing -- amount of hours it takes to CNC machine every single one. Most makers are trying to cut the production time down. Not me ...I say "to hell with production time!" and focus ONLY on making the best slider of 2024 with absolutely no compromises.

The downside to not compromising anywhere in this slider is the high cost of production. So unfortunately the price has to be set in the $350 area.

But, here's the good news for you...

I'm going to give you an EXCLUSIVE "Introductory Discount" of 20% because I really want to get the first few of these out there as soon as I can (but it's going to take me a couple of weeks to get the first ones finished up and ready).

I've set the shipping date as the 26th of June (around 3 weeks from now as I type this on the 3rd of June).

*** "Introductory SPECIAL - 20% OFF ***

Titanium"Matte" Sweep™ Slider
with Stainless Steel Sliding Plates
(Price below includes 20% Discount)
$̶3̶4̶7̶   $277
To impossibly high standards,

P.S. I know the price of this slider is higher than any other Titanium slider I have ever offered before ...but the development and machining time required to produce each one is off the charts!

P.P.S. While I have poured my heart and soul into this slider ...there is a chance that die-hard slider fans can't quite justify the cost (which I can totally understand). Because of this there is a chance I don't make this one again (which would be a real shame ...but if something is not viable to make, then there is not much I can do ...regardless of how good it is).

P.P.P.S. Finally... the Sweep™ is one of those sliders you really need to try at least once in your life. The sliding experience is very different to anything I have made before. RIGHT NOW may be the only chance you have of grabbing one (especially with the 20% OFF!)