Here's What We Can Offer YOU As A YouTuber: 

(I'm going to ship you one of our high-end Titanium fidgets -- which you can keep -- to see if it is something you'd be comfortable promoting to your subscribers)

1. Reply to our email that brought you here with your shipping address (and phone number for the DHL couriers) and we will send you our best-selling fidget toy, free of charge. 

2. Upon receiving your slider, there are no obligations whatsoever. The slider is yours to keep, no strings attached! We do not want you promoting a product if you don't love it.

3. However, if you do like the slider, we will sponsor you to do a short integration of our products in your YouTube videos. The payment will be determined by average views of your most recent videos. 

Here's A Video Of What You Will Receive

*** TITANIUM "ToadX™" Slider (3-Click Version) ***

This NEW Titanium "ToadX™" (3-Click) slider has been the MOST REQUESTED slider I've ever had . . . and it's finally available RIGHT NOW!

It's a 3-click slider with a 2 x 4 magnet layout. The magnets are the same 6 x 3mm N45 ones I put in most of my other sliders.
Length: 48mm (1.89")
Width: 30mm (1.18")
Thickness: 14.5mm (0.57")
Weight (Zirconium Plates): 80g (2.8oz)
Weight (Teflon Plates): 62g (2.2oz)
Titanium ToadX™ Slider (3-Click Version)
Here's a 60-Second Video With Everything You Need To Know About Magnus Fidgets And What We Do . . .

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