Trio Fidgets, ClickShift Pen and StoneWashed Sliders

Before we get into things, let's talk about shipping times...

There are two products that are starting to ship this week (and should be finished shipping by the end of the week) - but I'm running a little late on them. This is the Floop "B33" (actually, these have already started shipping) and the MonoX slider. My apologies for the slight lateness on these!

"Last Call" On Some Products

Here are a few products which are either never going to be made again or won't be made again for a long time.

First up, the Trio Fidget:
I only have a few Titanium Bodies (with Zirc Plates) and Titanium Concave Buttons (with Teflon Plates) left - and then they're gone. Won't be making these again.

Next up is the ClickShift Pen...

I have just 12 of these left and that's it for a very long time (no plans to make more until I upgrade our CNC Lathe to make manufacturing easier ...because these are a "challenge" to say the least!)
Here's where you go for your last chance to grab yours:

Lastly, the Titanium "StoneWashed" KingCrab Slider...
Although these are brand new (and never been offered before) it's unlikely I'll make them again - a bit of a "limited run" on these. Just 5 available.

Life and Quotes

Here is my quote(s) of the day for you:

"As long as you live, keep learning how to live.”
- Seneca

"He who is brave is free.”
- Seneca

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