NEW Stonewash Slider, Stainless Steel Plates, and Black Friday

A ton of exciting stuff for you today - let's just get straight into it...

New Surface Finish: "Dark Stonewash"

I've decided to trial a new surface finish on the massively popular ToadX.

I call it "Dark Stonewash" ...because it's like a regular stonewash ...but a bit darker. :-)

Here's what it looks like:
This slider is available right now with either Zirconium or Stainless Steel plates (yes, the NEW Stainless Steel plates are finally here!).

Here's where you can grab yours right now:

Stainless Steel Plates

For the first time in two years, I am offering a NEW plate material: Stainless Steel!

Here's the back story . . . 

Someone suggested to me that Stainless Steel might iron out (pun intended) some of the scratching issues that come with Zirconium plates. 

I made a prototype a little while ago and have been testing it to death. I roughed up the plates and made them as scratchy as possible . . . but, after a few days of constant fidgeting, the scratches smoothed themselves over! 

After this testing, I have decided that Stainless Steel may just be the new best thing. It's harder and more durable than Teflon (which I've decided to stop selling for now), while maintaining that smooth and snappy "click" you get from Zirconium plates. Unlike Zirconium, however, it's more wear-resistant and solves the issue of scratching.

I have found Zirconium plates to be almost silent when sliding (whereas Stainless Steel still has a bit of a "swish" sound).

Verkk Coral Slider (Available again)

The Verkk Coral has SOLD OUT every time I've offered it - so here's your chance once again.

This is the insanely popular collaboration slider between Anthony Kladis and myself.

SuperX™ Slider (More Available!)

This is the first slider to have Stainless Steel plates.

The first run sold out very quickly - so here's another chance for you to grab one:

Bone Spinner

I have a few more Bone Spinners available:


Black Friday is fast approaching . . . with only 2 weeks to go!

There will be MASSIVE discounts across all products. You can expect lots of the classic sliders (think Toad, Dimple, KingCrab and more) as well as my newer models (Skimmer "SuperGrip", Stealth, and Retro - to name a few!). I can also confirm that there will be brand new designs of sliders too. 

If you have been saving up for Zirconium fidgets, this will be the time to grab some! Zirconium will be reduced to almost standard Titanium prices . . . 

Stay tuned for updates and more information in the coming weeks!

Life and Quotes

Here is my quote of the day for you:

"Nothing in the world can be more exciting than to create something and see it work."
— Paloma Picasso

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