Pen Update and New Fidget Slider

Pen Updates

Finally... pens are starting to ship tomorrow. They are going to take a little while to get shipped out (days... possibly stretching into a week or more). Both the ClickShift and Bolty will start shipping at similar times (not sure of the exact order though ...likely concurrently).

NEW 3-Click Slider Launching Tomorrow

Someone on Facebook was curious what a "Skimmer" slider would look like with the cross-hatch pattern from the "Retro" slider on it.

I was super-curious too. So I made one.

The result was WAY better than I expected. But not just in terms of looks. The feel and play of is it is INCREDIBLE (so much so that I've been carry two of them on me recently in each pocket :-/).

I call it the Skimmer "SuperGrip" Version and they are launching just over 12 hours from now as I type this.

CLICK HERE for the page you want to keep an eye on for the launch:

Mini-Turtles Coming Soon...

After being out of stock for quite some time - both Titanium and Zirconium Mini-Turtles are coming back (possibly later this week).

Life and Quotes

Here's my quote of the day for you:

“He that would live in peace & at ease, Must not speak all he knows or judge all he sees.
- Benjamin Franklin

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  • I tend to agree with Rocco..
    I thought I’d reserved a pen but maybe not?
    Wishing you every success

    Mark Gamble
  • Please compose an explanation in a blog entry about the internal components of the ClickShift v2 mechanism. The old v1 wording currently at the v2 product page says everything is titanium. The first pen update says the hardened steel mech needed to be changed to zirconium, because zr functioned consistently. Yet except for the initial v2 models which were sent out, where folks received at least all-metal writing instruments (& users have not complained about the function of their all-metal pens), 27-day preorder folks will be receiving (& 13-day preorder folks, after you made changes during the production, received) writing instruments with one of the internal mechanism components composed of metal, plastic, & a fastener. This is a bait-&-switch, since you have hyped this pen as being all-Ti. If anything, from the first update about the delays with the pens, you mentioned that steel components (which were not even described as being a material used in the first place) were replaced with zirconium, so if the pen is not all-Ti, then customers are expecting the consistently-functioning Zr for the initial 3 components of the mechanism. Instead, 2 mechanism components are metal (& which metal was used?), & the third is an assembly of metal, plastic, & a fastener to hold the pieces together. Why wasn’t the current v2 product page proofread & revised to accurately describe the v2? It contained obsolete wording (about a 100% titanium pen) lifted for the v1 product page, along with the v1 mech animated .gif. Then the first update talks about how the steel wasn’t functioning consistently, so the delay in shipping out the pens is in making the mechanism parts out of zirconium. Why did you change the material to zirconium? So finally, folks will not be receiving a mechanism made of zirconium, as one part was modified to include plastic, which was not ever explained to folks. The components should be zirconium, according to the last update explaining the reason for the delay, so will you provide a replacement zr component for the plastic assembly? In keeping with the hype and your promises, customers should be given the options choosing of the more expensive plastic assembly or to opt for the all-metal construction, which folks have said functions well. Thanks for attempting to be innovative/creative!

  • Hi Magnus,
    I can see the quality approach on these fidgets just like your other, former and current products.
    The pen however seems to be the only ‚proper‘ product left to me, and I have carabiners, pill box and other stuff from your past product endeavors.
    I just wanted to let you know, due to my missing understanding to make any use of these fidget toys, it is impossible for me to be a customer currently.
    Toys are toys and I guess you do them because the world asks for them (for reasons that remain a mystery to me), but there is almost nothing left for me to visit your shop for.
    I am watching this for a few years now and keep scratching my head, although you undoubtedly deserve success for the quality and design you produce in a world full of material and design crap.

    Keep up the good karma.



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