New Slider Material and Ripple V2 In Zirc, Brass and Copper

A few things for you in today's blog post...

Ultem Slider (Update)

75% of the Ultem SuperX sliders have shipped ...but there are 25% still to ship.

The are all made and sitting ready to be assembled - the problem is screws.

Long story short:

We tried a new supplier for the screws and they were not as good as we have been using. So we scrapped these and have bought more from our original supplier ...and these are the screws we are waiting on.

Yes, I know, I should hold more stock of screws (and I am working on that). The remainder of the Ultem sliders will ship out at the start of this coming week. My apologies for the delay on the last 25% of these sliders!

NEW Ripple "V2" Materials (Zirconium, Copper and Brass)

I've had a decent amount of requests to make the Ripple "V2" slider in the "Holy Trinity" of materials (Zirconium, Copper and Brass).

And I'm happy to make these because the "Stonewash" Titanium version has been selling like crazy over the last couple of days.

Here's how the other metals are looking:
I have made a few of each of these and you can access these here (and you're getting 20% OFF RIGHT NOW):

New Slider Body Materials

As you know...

A few weeks ago we finally started offering Ultem slider. The reason I was able to finally offer this is because I solved the issue of the Ultem cracking (the threading of the screw-holes was the cause of the cracking).

The solution -- which took a lot more time an effort than I thought -- was to create an "insert" that slid into the Ultem body ...whereupon the plates screwed into the insert.

This solution has proved to work flawlessly so far.

And so here's the good news:

This "insert" solution means we can trial a range of different non-metal materials.

I've just ordered a few pieces of this stuff (in some different colours):
It seems to be a resin-type material with some sort of paper/fiber in it.

As you can probably tell from my wishy-washy explanation of it above ...I've not researched it very much at this stage. But I thought it looked damn cool and desperately want my own slider made from this material. So, yeah, my own selfishness is driving these. :-)

Life and Quotes

Here is my quote(s) of the day for you:

"He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals."
- Benjamin Franklin

"What more valuable than Gold? Diamonds. Than Diamonds? Virtue."
- Benjamin Franklin

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  • Wow- impressive

    Dingus Khan
  • I am a BIG fan of your sliders! my collection has grown to 12 with more stonewash sliders in the way.
    I am looking forward to see the new resin-type materials.

    Alan Lee
  • The new material looks very tactile and exciting.

  • Sandwiches still on schedule to ship on time? Or are y’all taking a week off for Easter Sunday?

    Noone of importance. Just a customer.
  • Oh I can’t wait to see what micarta looks like!


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