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Quick Update On Pre-Orders

The ClickShift/Bolty pens are still in production and going well. They are late (of course) but still giving you an update on where they are at. I don't have any specific date when they will be shipping (I want to get closer to all parts being finished and assembly beginning before I do that).

The Titanium V8 sliders all shipped last week. The Zirconium V8 sliders have all (except the last two) been shipped as of today.

The 2-Click Sandwiches will start to ship at the start of this coming week ...and should all be finished shipping by the end of the week.


If you're curious and want to know a little more about me  (how I got started, how I design fidgets, why I moved to New Zealand ...and a whole bunch of other things) - then this interview I did with The Fidget Fix might be worth a watch:

Magic Beans (Coming Soon!)

FINALLY... I'm going to be offering the Magic Beans fidgets in the next few days.

They are going to be a pre-order (because it's very hard to gauge demand with these - I typically underestimate how popular they are).

Once the pre-order is closed (likely after 24 to 48 hours) I won't offer the Magic Beans again until later this year.

Zirconium Turtle (2-Click Version)

This particular slider always sells out here it is once again.
I've done a short run of these with Zirconium sliding plates.

Life and Quotes

Here's my quote of the day for you:

"It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live." - Marcus Aurelius

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  • I’m from Texas and I paid good money 🤣That’s hilarious…

    Jamee Phillips
  • I’m from Texas. I paid good money for a promised delivery date. I did not pay for smiley faced BS. Get what you promised out.

    Maurice Bresenhan
  • Hey Magnus! Ya hadn’t responded to an email after the previous blog entry, however, some folks are wondering why some of the 13-day preorder got one metal piece for the lower component of the clickshift mechanism, and then others later received an assembly with some metal, a fastener, and what looks like a plastic bottom section.

    Can the three-piece assembly be returned for the Zr components you are saying the 27-day preorder folks are receiving, since that sounds like the latest and greatest iteration of the prototype?

    Thank you, and hope you’re havin’ a good weekend so far!

  • Good to see you back on YouTube. Are the fidget toys a good niche for you? I like your functional stuff like pens and other edc stuff but if they are working out for you and enable you to make other projects that’s great!

    Ian Thomas
  • Brilliant!


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