Floop "B33" Fidget and DISCOUNT Code (Blog Post)

Floop B33

I'm finally making the Floop (B33 Version) again.

It's been requested a lot recently and, as far as I can recall, it's the first time I've made it since I made the first run nearly three years ago!

I'm hoping to offer the B33 Floop in Titanium, Zirconium and Copper (that's the plan at least).

They're not ready yet - but I'm hoping to have the first few coming off the machine in the next day or so.

December Deals

Black Friday has been and gone. I was late in getting out a number of orders and I am sorry to those of you for whom I was late in shipping. Almost everything is out the door now (a few more packages to ship on Monday though).

So now the dust has finally settled on my side from Black Friday. I have a few sliders here and there I'd like to move on (not for any particular reason other than it's nearly the end of the year and I want to start January "clean" in terms of stock ...my obsessive-compulsive loss is your grab-a-deal gain!).

There's actually a few sliders there I've not had in stock for a while (I only just made them this last week).

You'll want to use THIS discount code when you checkout: DEC20
(you'll get 20% off RIGHT NOW)

Rather than navigating through the website -- which I am absolutely aware needs a re-design -- I've listed direct links to the pages below
Zirconium 2-Click
Titanium 2-Click
Stainless Steel T48 Plates Sets (Back In Stock!)

Life and Quotes

Here is my quote of the day for you:

"Brave men rejoice in adversity, just as brave soldiers triumph in war."
- Seneca

"When I’m dead, I would rather have people ask why I have no monument than why I have one."
- Cato

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  • Hello, do you have any approximate plans for when the floop B33 will be sold? I live in Asia, and due to the time difference with New Zealand, sometimes I am asleep when I get an email about the sale of the product. If there is an approximate expected date, I would like to prepare it in advance

  • FLOOP B33

    Hi. I ’ve been searching for long for a Floop. I really want one!

    Any estimate on the date when the drop will happen? How much would they be?

    Andrew Yan
  • Is there a way to get a replacement button for the floor? I have had one for years but the lipless clips that hold the two sides of the button broke. Thanks.

    Jason Peterson

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