Chonker Slider, Pen Updates and More...

Update On Pre-Order(s)

The Magic Beans and 3-Click Sandwiches are in progress and on-track.

The ClickShift/Bolty pens are coming off the machine and starting the finishing process. They will take a number of days to ship (possible up to a week or more to get them all out). Shipping may start at the end of this week ...but more likely to start at the beginning of next week.

Zirconium Plate Improvements

In the beginning of this slider-making journey over two years ago the improvements came thick and fast.

But, inevitably (as with pretty much all technologies), the improvements slow down as the product became more refined. Each improvement is typically smaller and less significant than the previous one.

The Zirconium plates have not had any significant change in some time - because it's hard to actually find anything that can be significantly improved on them (which, I suppose, is a good thing).


I have just made a change that has improved the plates in a couple of ways.

It's not a significant change - but a change nonetheless.

Instead of the "dimples" in the plates having a curved shape (like a cereal bowl) ...I've changed them so they now have a flat bottom.

Here's how the current plates look (they are a little different in real life - but this is a close approximation):

And here's what the NEW plate design looks like:

(NOTE: The actual hole depth in real life of both these designs are the same ...I just exaggerated the above one to make it easier to see the difference)

Now, you may be wondering, "Magnus, what does this difference actually DO?!"

Well, I'm glad you asked. There are three benefits to doing this (two benefits for YOU ...and one benefit for me)

#1 - The sound of the plates when clicking in use are less of a metallic "click" and (slightly) more of a deeper "pop".

#2 - They look better (yes, I know, this is subjective ...but in my personal view they look crisper and cleaner).


#3 - They are more consistent to get right from a manufacturing point (the original holes took a lot of work to maintain the dimple size ...and, even then, it was near impossible). This new design GUARANTEES the exact dimple size is accurate to well under 0.01mm (0.0004") every time.

As of right now these new plates are what we are assembling and shipping going forward:

Chonker Mini-Launch

Finally have some of these semi-polished "Chonker" sliders available. I've had quite a few requests for these and I finally had time to make some.

We are doing a Mini-Launch in a few days -- CLICK HERE to go to the page ( )

ClickShift Pen Disassembly/Assembly

Here is a video of how to disassemble and assemble the ClickShift Titanium Pen.

Life and Quotes

Here's my quote of the day for you:

“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval."
- Mark Twain

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