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Finally, a secure titanium storage cache...

"The Ultimate 'Bomb-Proof' AND
Ultra-Secure Titanium Storage Cache To Hide And Protect Your High-Value Personal Possessions"

Precision Machined From Grade 5 Titanium

Ultra-Secure With A Custom Titanium "Key"

From: Magnus Macdonald, MagnusX.com

Dear Friend,

If you've been looking for an ultra-secure titanium storage cache, then you've just found it!

The design I'm about to show you has been one of my most requested products by customers.

I first showed the concept around 4 years ago ...and I've been asked over and over and over again to make it.

Well, after a ton of research, development, testing and tweaking ...the time has finally come. The TiVault™ is ready:
Grade 5 Titanium
As with pretty much everything thing we make ...we're going to use the best material available to us. And, in this case, that means Grade 5 Titanium.

It's light. It's strong. It's the ultimate material for the ultimate storage cache.

Every part of the TiVault™ is titanium: the body, the cap and the custom keys

Is it possible to make the TiVault™ from something cheaper like aluminum or steel? Yes, it is. But that's not how we do things.

If there is a best material to use ...then that's the material we're going to use. Simple as that really.
Custom-Made Secure "Key"
The custom titanium "key" is absolutely critical to the function of the TiVault™.

The key is what gives YOU access to the contents of the TiVault™ ...but stops everyone else dead in their tracks!

There are two main features to the key:

#1 - The unique shape of the functional end of the key (slots into the cap of the TiVault™)

#2 - The use of the key as a "lever" to open and close the cap of the TiVault™
I'll be 100% honest with you here...

If someone really wants to get into the TiVault™, then with some tools and a whole bunch of effort they might be able to do this.

It will take drilling, hack-sawing or angle-grinding (or perhaps all three!) for them to get into it. It is theoretically possible though.

But here's the thing:

The TiVault™ will stop 99.9% of people ...and that's really all you need.
It's unlikely you're going to want to leave the secure key near your TiVault™(this would be like leaving the key to your house just sitting on top of your doormat for anyone to see ...not a good idea!).

So here's what I've done:

The most common-sense place keep the key to your TiVault™ is with you at all times.

Your car key is on your keychain ...your house key is on your keychain ...and so it makes sense to have your TiVault™ key on your keychain too!

I designed the key to be small, slim and barely noticeable on your keychain - so it's a complete no-brainer to carry it with you at all times.
End-Cap Sits Flush
As I mentioned earlier...

Although it is theoretically possible to get into the TiVault™ with some tools and a whole bunch of effort ...that's not what you should be concerned about.

What you really should be concerned about is whether someone can casually get into it - someone opportunistically grabbing it and trying to open it on the spot.

I've made the endcap so it sits flush with the body (this means there is no rim or edge for someone to open it ...kind of like how someone might open a mayonaise jar by twisting the list with their hands).
We've put a lot of thought into the "slot" in the top of the cap of the TiVault™.

The two critical features are:

#1 - There are no internal corners in the slot ...so if anyone tries to stick something in there to turn it, it's pretty much guaranteed to slip.

#2 - A carefully designed slightly-rounded-triangle so if someone sticks a screwdriver in there (which is probably the most likely thing someone would try to use), then it's just going to slip around in there and have no effect.
Left-Hand Thread
Are you serious Magnus ...a left-hand thread?

Yes! ...because this is yet another added level of security.

If you're not familiar with threads, then it may be useful to know that almost every thread in the world is a right-hand thread (i.e. you turn it clock-wise to tighten ...and counter-clockwise to loosen).

So a left-hand thread means you turn it the opposite way to loosen than you would with a ordinary thread.

Here's the crazy thing:

It is possible to go your entire life without even encountering a left-hand thread (that's how rare they are).

So, should someone even attempt to try and turn the cap to get into the TiVault™ ...they are almost certainly going to be tightening the cap instead of loosening it!
What Can It Hold?
Truthfully, there will be a limit to what you can store in your TiVault™.

If it's pocket-sized, then you can probably fit it in the TiVault™.

USB or Memory cards. Small electronics. Medication.

It will hold US Dollar Bills - I made sure it was tall enough for this because a lot of people asked for it (if you roll them up, then it's going to be able to hold a significant amount of money).

I'm just showing some simple examples of what can be stored - it's really up to you and what YOU need to secure.
Here are the dimensions of the TiVault™:

Length: 78mm (3.1")
Diameter: 49mm (1.9")

Length: 67mm (2.64")
Diameter: 46mm (1.81")

Length of "Key": 55mm (2.16")
I've designed the body of the TiVault™ to look super-clean and simple.

The reason for this is so it is less likely to attract attention from people.

It makes sense, doesn't it?

If you've got a super-secure storage vault ...the first line of defense should be to have it simply over-looked by someone snooping around!

Oh, and one more thing...

I won't be putting my name or logo or such anywhere on the TiVault™ - this helps guarantee the anonymity of it (there is no way for anyone to google it to figure out what it is).
Waterproof (O-Ring Seal)
The TiVault™ cap has an O-Ring to give it a air-tight and water-tight seal.

I'm honestly not sure if this is a requirement for how YOU will use your TiVault™ ...but I thought it was worth including this feature (perhaps even just for peace-of-mind for you).
Let's get down to business...
There is nothing on the market like the TiVault™ (certainly that I'm aware of at least!).

Between the cost of the material AND the 2 x Custom Keys ...I really am forced to make the price of the TiVault™ around the $400 mark.

However, this is a pre-order and so I really do appreciate you ordering and therefor allowing me to buy the raw titanium bar in.

So here's the deal:

I'm going to offer the TiVault™ to you for a knock-down, never-to-be-repeated price of $̶40̶0̶  ...JUST $295!

Usually I don't say too much about "bargains" and "good deals" (especially when you're typically buying the highest-end titanium products on the market).

But I'm deadly serious here...

USD295 for the TiVault™ is one hell of a good deal. And, like I said, it's going to be available for a couple of days only ...so you must be quick to guarantee you get yours!

TiVault™ - Secure Titanium Storage Cache

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TiVault™ - Secure Titanium Storage Cache

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