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"Who Else Wants Access To
The Fully-Titanium Tweezers
...No One Else DARED Make?"

Probably The World's Greatest Titanium Tweezers
Machined From Solid Grade 5 Titanium And Built To Last A Lifetime

Dear Friend,

If you’re looking for the world’s best tweezers, then you’ve probably just found them...

The Titanium Tweezers I’m about to reveal to you are the second-generation of the tweezers I’ve been making and selling for the last year.

After receiving some honest “feedback” from customers I knew there was room for improvement on the original design. And so I got to work.

Actually, that’s not the whole truth…

Wednesday, April 20.

I’m not perfect and so I can’t think of every feature and “must have” things on the products I design and make. So what I did was reach out to previous customers through a couple of posts on my blog and ask for their feedback.

I wanted to know: what they wanted… what they didn’t want… what issues they had with the original Titanium Tweezers… and so on.

The feedback I received was excellent. It was honest and it was specific.

Long story short:

I took the mountain of feedback I received from these die-hard customers and raving fans and jumped into action.

After many long hours of designing, testing, tweaking and more testing I am now firmly convinced I have produced the best tweezers currently available:

OK. You might be asking…

What makes these tweezers so special?

Well let’s start with how they’re made:

These are NOT mass-manufactured like pretty much every other pair of tweezers out there.

There is no bending, folding, pressing or stamping. If you don’t yet know me, then you’re about to discover I only produce the best.

For me… “cutting corners” are very dirty words.

I take a no-holds-barred approach to designing and creating the best products (whether it's tweezers, pens, carabiners or whatever). I do not compromise. It's either the best ...or nothing at all!

These one-of-a-kind Titanium Tweezers are machined from a solid block of Grade 5 Titanium.

The simple truth is…

Grade 5 Titanium has more elasticity (that’s a fancy engineering word for “springiness”) than steel and other lower-grade titanium such as Grade 2 or Grade 3.

This "magical" property of Grade 5 Titanium allows me to produce a design that cannot be made any other way.
And that’s just one of the reasons I use Grade 5 Titanium - it’s for the “spring-back” required for my particular design. Any other metal will simply not work.
But that’s not all… far from it!

Titanium is the best material for tweezers because it’s Hypo-Allergenic.

Basically, these are the safest tweezers available.
Many tweezers are chromed steel - this is bad because they can rust.

Some tweezers are stainless steel ...but even that can rust if it’s made from lower-quality stainless (which happens!).

Simply put, titanium is the best material for tweezers. Full stop.
And that’s just the beginning…

Before I even start any work on the titanium I do a ton of work on the surface to ensure a flawless finish.

And then each pair of Titanium Tweezers is produced one at a time -- from a solid block of Grade 5 Titanium -- like this:
These are no ordinary tweezers - each pair is individually CNC machined right here where I Iive in New Zealand.

Not only is the main body of these Titanium Tweezers CNC machined ...but the tips are precision machined too!
And the unique, high performance tips is one of the reasons I get such incredible feedback all the time about the original Titanium Tweezers.

In fact, here’s just some of the feedback I get:
Let’s get into the “nitty gritty” of these Titanium Tweezers…

Thefirst generation of these Titanium Tweezers were a little “industrial”looking. So, this time, I’ve gone for a more streamlined look.
​While designing these Titanium Tweezers I aimed to “cut away” any material that did not need to be there.

The result is ultra-light Titanium Tweezers that weigh just 6g (0.2 oz).
In terms of size I’ve aimed for a “Goldilocks” size (not too big and not too small ...just right).

The length of the these Titanium Tweezers is 84mm (3.3”).
I’ll be honest here:

Because of the proprietary finishing process I do on the titanium ...they have a tactile, non-slip feel to them.

And so, believe it or not, there is not a huge need for “finger grips” on these - because they simply don’t slip in general use.

However, I felt it would be worth giving you a little “extra help” by providing some grips for your finger and thumb (which can come in handy if you end up using your Titanium Tweezers with wet hands).

That’s why I’ve included some stealth-looking finger-grips...
One more important thing for you to know:

You may be aware of this already but I provide a 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guaranteeon EVERYTHING I make.

I take my Customers and products very seriously ...and this is why I give you a Lifetime Guarantee.

You’re probably smart enough to have picked-up on this already, but I need to make sure you know:I’m in this for the long-term.

I’m not some one-shot deal who you’ll never see again. Not even close.

And it gets better…

Notonly does your LIFETIME guarantee cover you breaking, bending ordamaging your Titanium Tweezers in any way. But you can also return yourTitanium Tweezers if you feel they’re just not working for you.
I’m serious here:

If you’re not blown-away and in shock-and-awe the moment you receive your Titanium Tweezers - just let me know and I’ll refund you every single penny you paid. No questions asked!

"Yes, I Want To Order My Titanium Tweezers"

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What Makes These the “Safest” Tweezers?

​Titanium is hypo-allergenic. This means it's literally impossible to be allergic to titanium.

Not only that, but...

Unlike normal tweezers that are often made from ordinary chrome-plated steel - it is impossible for the TiTweezers™ V2.0 to rust. This means, when using the TiTweezers™ V2.0 on yourself or your family, you can have 100% confidence in knowing there are no other tweezers available anywhere safer than these.

Are the “tips” of the tweezers sharp?

​A ton of time, effort and money has gone into getting the tips of the tweezers perfected. I believe they are now pretty much as good as they can get …they probably surpass any set of ordinary tweezers you’ll come across.

Also, a few people have specifically asked if the tweezers are sharp/pointed enough to “dig out” splinters that have gone under the skin. In a word… yes, they certainly are!

Why Do You Offer An Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee?

​Simple: I am very, VERY confident of the quality of what I make. I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t offer such a guarantee to you.

It’s difficult for you to see the quality of these Titanium Tweezers BEFORE you physically receive them. So what I CAN do for you is to remove ALL “risk” when investing in these Titanium Tweezers. Know that you can return your Titanium Tweezers if you're not blown-away by the quality and functionality of them.

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