Finally, a truly slim wallet...

"Who Else Wants Access To
The World's Lightest And Slimmest
Titanium Wallet?"

Ultra-Minimalist, Ultra-Light and Ultra-Slim Grade 5 Titanium Wallet

From: Magnus Macdonald, MagnusX.com

Dear Friend,

If you've been looking for the world's most minimalist titanium wallet, then you've just found it!

Now, the truth is:

I have personally wanted an ultra-slim and ultra-minimalist wallet for a long time (many, many years if I'm honest).

I've seen hundreds of wallets (and even bought a few of them) ...but none of them were quite right. But I was determined to get my "dream wallet" ...even if I had to make it myself.

Not only that but, I've had literally hundreds of customers asking (and even begging!) me to design and make such a wallet for them.

Long story short...

I've finally designed and made such a wallet. I call it the TiWallet™:
Machined From Grade 5 Titanium
The TiWallet™ is precision machined from a solid block of Grade 5 Titanium.

There are no other materials involved ...and so there is nothing to wear-out over time. This truly is a titanium wallet that will literally last forever.

Over 90%+ of the material is machined away from each solid billet of Titanium to produce the TiWallet™.
6-Card or 9-Card Versions

Because I've been asked by so many customers about making a wallet, I discovered that most people want a wallet to hold somewhere between 6 and 9 cards.

The photos on this page are of the 6-Card version - but I will also make a 9-Card version available for you as well.

Because of different thicknesses of cards people carry ...then the the 6-Card Version can possibly hold up to 7 cards (but I guarantee it will hold 6). And, similarly, the 9-Card Version can hold up to 10 cards (but I guarantee it will hold 9).

Oh, and one more thing...

Both versions of the TiWallet™ can hold as few cards as you like. So, for example, if you only carry 2 or 3 cards ...then the 6-Card version will still function perfectly and hold your cards securely.

Cards Held Securely

With the TiWallet™ your cards are held 100% securely. Using the highly "elastic" nature of Grade 5 Titanium the channels along each side "flex" open to accept your cards.

And, when you put your cards in, the TiWallet™ then "clicks" closed to firmly grab your cards on all four corners.

Even if you drop your TiWallet™ ...your cards are not going anywhere!

I.D. "Window"

Because of the open style of the TiWallet™ you can put your I.D. facing the outside.

Personally, I've found this incredibly useful whenever I'm required to show I.D. (no digging around for my card - just show them the whole wallet. Oh, and I seem to get lots of comments about it being a "cool wallet" when I do this - which is always fun).

Weight and Dimensions
You've probably already figured it out but...

The TiWallet™ is ultra-light and weighs barely 22 grams (0.75 oz.) for the 6-Card version. You will barely feel this wallet in your pocket!

The sides of the wallet are only 3mm (0.12") larger than your cards. And so the overall dimensions of the TiWallet™ are 87mm (3.4") long and 60mm (2.4") wide.

The height of the 6-Card version is 9mm (0.35") and the height of the 9-Card version is 12mm (0.47").
Proprietary Matte Finish
As with any titanium product I produce...

The TiWallet™ is going to be getting my famous Matte surface finish. Not only does this ensure a super-smooth feel in your hand ...but it looks damn good too.

Okay, let's get down to business...

9-Card Version TiWallet™

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6-Card Version TiWallet™

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To impossibly high standards,


P.S. One last thing... I'm only going to put the TiWallet™ up on my website for a short time (most likely a few days) initially. In other words... I'm really not sure when I'm going to offer the TiWallet™ again. THIS is your chance right now!

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