Finally, fully-titanium tweezers..

'V3' Titanium Tweezers

OFFICIALLY The Best Titanium Tweezers Ever!

From: Magnus Macdonald, MagnusX.com

Dear Friend,

I'll keep this short...

The Titanium Tweezers I'm about to show you are the THIRD generation ...and even better than ever!

The first generation TiTweezers sold 1500+ at first launch.

The second generation TiTweezers sold 2300+ at first launch.

Now, I must confess:

I've been using final prototypes of these titanium tweezers for a few months now (I've been too busy with other projects to launch them until now).

The first generation TiTweezers were good.

The second generation TiTweezers were great.

These third generation 'V3' TiTweezers are mind-blowing!

And there is one main reason for this:

This is the first time the tips of the TiTweezers have been completely re-designed - and this has made all the difference in the world.

I've made two significant changes:

#1 - The angle of the tips is a lot shallower (this has made the tips more "pointy" and improves your ability to more accurately grabs things such as hairs and splinters!)


#2 - The inside of the tips close flatly together over a larger area (this has improved the gripping strength of the tweezers massively!)

The dimensions and overall shape of the 'V3' TiTweezers are the same as the previous generation because they worked so well in this regard.

These one-of-a-kind Titanium Tweezers are machined from a solid block of Grade 5 Titanium.

Grade 5 Titanium has more elasticity (that’s a fancy engineering word for “springiness”) than steel and other lower-grade titanium such as Grade 2 or Grade 3. This magical property of Grade 5 Titanium allows me to produce a design that cannot be made any other way.

Not only that but, titanium is the best material for tweezers because it’s Hypo-Allergenic. Basically, these are the safest tweezers available.

The finger-grips have been improved since the last version too (providing a LOT more gripping power for your fingers):

The 'V3' TiTweezers will of course have my famous Matte surface finish.

While designing these Titanium Tweezers I aimed to “cut away” any material that did not need to be there.

The result is ultra-light Titanium Tweezers that weigh just 6g (0.2 oz).

In terms of size I’ve aimed for a “Goldilocks” size (not too big and not too small ...just right).

The length of the these Titanium Tweezers is 84mm (3.3”).
Here is just some of the feedback I get all the time about the previous generations of the TiTweezers:

These 'V3' Titanium Tweezers are in stock and shipping RIGHT NOW:


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P.S. One last thing... These are the last time the "V3" version will ever be available (and, not only that, I've slashed the price down to just $59!)

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