*** NEW Ultra-Precision-Made Titanium Skull ***

100% unique and never been done before...

"Who Else Wants Access To This
One-Of-A-Kind, Precision CNC Made
Titanium Skull?"

Made From A Solid Billet Of Grade 5 Titanium

From: Magnus Macdonald, MagnusX.com

Dear Friend,

If you've been looking for a TRULY UNIQUE titanium piece, then you're on the right page!

I will confess to you right now...

This page does not have a huge "sales pitch" for this new custom-made, never-before-seen design.

It's so unique I kind of have to let the photos do the talking. Let's jump right in and take a look at the TiSkull™...

Grade 5 Titanium
As you can probably already guess - the TiSkull™ is made from 100% Grade 5 Titanium.

I precision CNC machine it from a solid billet of Titanium:
IMPORTANT... (you need to know this)
Two things you need to know:

#1 - The Titanium Skull in the photos has some machining marks on the "forehead" area. This a minor prototyping issue and will not occur on any Titanium Skull that is shipped.

#2 - You'll discover below that it takes a long time (a very long time!) to machine the TiSkull™. For this reason I have no choice but offer the TiSkull™ as made-to-order.
Precision CNC Machined
I'll be upfront with you right now...

The TiSkull™ is one of our higher-priced products. And the simple reason for this is the shear amount of time it takes to machine.

While our other products (such as the titanium keyholder or titanium pens) have multiple parts ...the TiSkull™ is a one-piece design.

Even though it is a one-piece design it takes many, MANY hours of machining to produce (mainly due to titanium being difficult to machine and also because I'm machining the skull to a very high level of detail - we're talking 0.001mm ...or 0.00004").

Here's a little of what goes into making the TiSkull™...

First I place the billet of Grade 5 Titanium in the machine:
 I then start machining the underside of what will become the TiSkull™:
Once the underside is machined it is time for Operation 2 and the titanium billet is then flipped over and secured from the "neck" of the skull:
Next I start the "rough" machining passes from the top down:
Then it's more roughing passes from the bottom up (really starting to take shape):
Believe it or not...

All of the above is the quickest part of the machining of the TiSkull™ (yes, really!).

The underside of the TiSkull™ has a 20mm diameter bore, two3.16mm (1/8") holes for pins and an M4 thread in the center. This bothhelps me secure it for the second operation and also to give you some options if you want to attach it to something.
The final "finishing pass" is what takes the longest (I actually have to leave the machine running overnight it takes so long) - but, as you can see from the photos on this page, the results are worth it.
Raw Machined Finish
I have NEVER before shipped out a titanium product that has not been through our proprietary tumbling process.

But this time is different...

The machined finished on the TiSkull™ is so good off the CNC machine that it will have no additional finishing process done to it (all the photos on this page are of the TiSkull™ straight off the CNC machine).
Height: 42.5mm (1.67")
Front-To-Rear: 54.4mm (2.14")
Left-To-Right: 34.5mm (1.36")

Weight: 146g (5.15 oz.)
Here's the TiSkull™ next to a standard 'AA' battery to give you a size comparison:
25% OFF ("Introductory Offer")
Now, I'm going to be honest here...

Although I'm calling this an "Introductory Offer" ...the REAL reason I'm able to offer such a discount is because we have a tray of raw Grade 5 Titanium round-bar billets left over from a previous project:
These titanium billets are an ideal size for making the TiSkull™ - and so I'm passing the material saving directly onto you for this first (and possibly last) run of Titanium Skulls.

TiSkull™ - Precision Titanium Skull

YES! I'm Ready To Order My
Custom-Made, One-Of-A-Kind
Titanium Skull
I Understand My TiSkull™ Will Be Made-To-Order
For Me With A Lead-Time Of 14 Days

To impossibly high standards,


P.S. Remember... this one-of-a-kind Titanium Skull will be machined for YOU on a made-to-order basis (with a 14 day lead-time).

P.P.S. Also, this "Introductory Price" is only because I have a couple of dozen billets left over from a previous project and I'm passing this material savings onto you.

P.P.P.S. Finally... once the tray of Titanium billets have been used, then this deal is gone for good. If you want to secure YOUR unique, made-for-you TiSkull™, then you need to click the ORDER NOW button RIGHT NOW!

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