Finally... a crisp, clean and minimalist titanium fountain pen

"They Laughed When I Said I'd Designed
A High-End Titanium Fountain
...Until I Showed Them THIS!"

EVERY Component Is Machined In-House From Grade 5 Titanium

EXCLUSIVE Titanium Damascus Versions Available

From: Magnus Macdonald, MagnusX.com

Dear Friend,

If you've been looking for a simple and minimalist Titanium Fountain Pen ...then you've just found it!

A quick confession:

I've only recently become interested in fountain pens - and, for better or worse, it's now become a "mini obsession".

I've been asked many times over the years to make a titanium fountain pen ...but I've never taken the time to look into them.

But then something happened...

I bought a fountain pen at a local stationary store. It was not a high-end fountain pen (it was plastic) - but it was a fountain pen.

Long story short:

I had no idea fountain pens were so smooth to write with. How come no one told me this?!

Not only that but...

I had expected fountain pens to be messy and there to be ink everywhere. This was a wrong assumption on my part. And, if I'm totally honest, this was probably the main thing that kept me away from trying a fountain pen for so long. My obsessive-compulsive tendencies went into overdrive imagining ink getting everywhere (yeah, I know, I'm flawed).

The crazy thing is:

For the last little while I've noticed myself grabbing the fountain pen first without thinking - it has naturally become my "go to" pen right now (but hey, this could change).

As I mentioned to you above ...the fountain pen I first bought was plastic. Which, of course, is the first thing that needed to be changed. Time for a titanium fountain pen.

Now, here's the thing...

I've searched the entire internet (yes, the whole damn thing!). There seems to be this thing where all fountain pens are decorative, ornate, colorful, and so on. Hell, even the titanium ones I saw were not just simple shape.

So, time to roll-up my sleeves (again)...

With total confidence (because I'm the maker of the now legendary Titanium "Click" Pen and "Bolty" pen) I set out to design the ultimate minimalist Titanium Fountain Pen.

Here's the strict criteria I gave myself:

-- 100% Grade 5 Titanium
-- Minimalist Design
-- Ultra-Functional Pocket-Clip
-- No Visible Screws

It took some time to get the design right - but after many hours and a lot of tweaking. The "Founty™" - Titanium Fountain Pen was ready. Here's the no-holds-barred, flagship version in FULL Titanium Damascus:
Here's the standard Titanium version:
Pocket Clip
I knew before I even started designing the Founty™ fountain pen that the pocket-clip was going to be a critical part of the design (and not just an afterthought).

Not only is the pocket-clip ultra-functional ...but it's attached to the cap of the Founty™ with an internal titanium screw (yes, the screw is also Grade 5 Titanium).

Oh, and I designed the pocket-clip to be a "deep carry" style - the Founty™ will sit low in your pocket or bag.
Threaded Cap
The Founty™ pen has a custom-made thread that requires just a small twist to remove the cap.

I will admit that the cap will not post to the end of the body of the pen. I did not see this as an issue as it is very common in the world of fountain pens.

Not only that, but It absolutely would not be a well balanced pen for writing with the cap attached to the end of the body.
Six Precision Machined Components
I'm a fan of keeping things as simple as possible...

And that's what I've done with the Founty™ pen. The minimum number of parts I can get away with is 6 ...and so that's how many parts there are.

Oh, and EVERY PART is made in-house here where I live in New Zealand.

(actually, the internal machine screws holding the pocket-clip on is not made by me ...because it requires a specialized Swiss-style Lathe ...which is a machine I do not have).
The length of the Founty™ is 143mm (5.6") and the diameter is 14mm (0.55").

The weight is 54g (1.9 oz).
Matte Surface Finish
The Founty™ boasts my original, tried-and-tested, buttery-smooth 'Matte' finish.

Not only that... but it's highly scratch-resistant too (not perfectly scratch resistant - but pretty close).
Nib + Feeder
I'll come straight out with it...

We're going to supply the Founty™ with a steelBock #6 Nib + Feeder.

Here's the thing:

As I researched the unique world of fountain pens to find the best nib, feeder, ink, converter, and so on ...it quickly became clear there really is no "best" of any of these.

Most manufacturers have their own proprietary components and there is very little standardization. It's not ideal ...but it is what it is.

I have ultimately settled on the Bock #6 Nib and feeder. These are German-made. I am going to include a steel "Fine" Bock #6 nib with the Founty™ ...this will get you started and, should you wish, you can upgrade later to a titanium or gold nib.

They will also accept international standard cartridges if you don't want to use bottled ink together with a converter.
Titanium Damascus Versions
It's not often we offer Titanium Damascus upgrades on our titanium products - but I reckon the Founty™ is the perfect product to offer this on.

But, it gets even better...

I've pulled out ALL the stops for you and am offering FOUR different versions of the Founty™ in various combinations of standard Titanium and Titanium Damascus.

Does that mean you can get a fully 100% Titanium Damascus Founty™ pen?

Yes, it absolutely does!

Take a look at the four different versions of the Founty™ pen below and choose the one that works best for you...

Note: These pens are made-to-order because they mostly have Titanium Damascus involved. We do not carry stock of this material because of the cost - so we will be ordering the Titanium Damascus as soon as your order is placed for you pen. We will be making the standard pen titanium one at the same time as the other versions.

*** FULL 100% Titanium Damascus Version ***

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Founty™ Titanium Fountain Pen
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*** Titanium Damascus Body, Cap, Tip and Pocket Clip ***

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Founty™ Titanium Fountain Pen
By clicking the ORDER NOW button below I'm going to be getting my Titanium Damascus Founty™ Pen with Standards Titanium Ends at the EXCLUSIVE Made-To-Order Price of $795 RIGHT NOW!

*** Titanium Damascus Tip And Ends ***

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Founty™ Titanium Fountain Pen
By clicking the ORDER NOW button below I'm going to be getting my Founty™ Pen With Tip and Ends in Titanium Damascus at the EXCLUSIVE Made-To-Order Price of $495 RIGHT NOW!

*** Standard Titanium Version ***

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Founty™ Titanium Fountain Pen
By clicking the ORDER NOW button below I'm going to be getting my Founty™ Pen Made From Standard Grade 5 Titanium at the EXCLUSIVE Made-To-Order Price of $295 RIGHT NOW!

To impossibly high standards,


P.S. Remember... the prices above are an Introductory Special Offer and will NOT be available again at this price. You're getting the Founty™ at this price because I will be making-it-to-order for you.


Do You Make These Yourself?

Yes, of course! From raw Titanium bar and sheet ...all the way through to CNC machining ...and on to the final surface finishing process ...it's all done 100% in my workshop.

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