*** NEW 55-Piece "9 x 9" Set Now Available ***

Finally, high-end titanium dominoes...

"NASA Don't Make Dominoes
....But If They Did, Then They Might
Look Something Like These!"

Made From A Solid Billet Of Grade 5 Titanium

From: Magnus Macdonald, MagnusX.com

Dear Friend,

As far as I know, these Titanium Dominoes are the only ones available in the world right now!

I've called them TiBones™ because dominoes are often referred to as "Bones" (originally they were typically made from bones or ivory).

I don't have a huge "sales pitch" for you on these TiBones™ ...so I'll just give you the need-to-know features about these:
Grade 5 Titanium
As with almost everything we make ...these are made from Grade 5 Titanium.

This, of course, results in a very nice size-to-weight ratio for playing and fidgeting with.
Precision CNC Machined
Like all the products we make these are cnc-machined entirely in-house in our workshop here in New Zealand.

We start with raw titanium plate (which we import ourselves) ...and take this all the way through to finished product.
Matte Surface Finish
I've taken the time to give the TiBones™ my famous Matte surface finish. Not only does this make them look good - but it ensures all edges and corners are slightly rounded so they feel good in your hand.
Weirdly Fidgetable
The TiBones™ turn out to be fairly addictive as a "fidgety thing". I didn't really plan this if I'm honest ...they just turned out this way.

We've made them slightly smaller than the standard domino size. The dimensions are...

Length: 43.5mm (1.7")

Width: 20.8mm (0.82")

Thickness: 5.9mm (0.23")
Custom Made To Order
The cool things about these TiBones™ are that YOU get to choose what numbers you want on them ...and I make them for you (this is why we need 48 hours before shipping them to you).

In the order-box at the bottom of the page you will be able to select which 'dots' you want on your TiBones™.
Full Set Available
I honestly had no intention of offering a full-set of TiBones™.

But, quite often, I get surprised by the requests we get from Customers.

I am making the full 28-piece set of six-by-six dominoes available.
UPDATE: 55-Piece "9 x 9" Set Available
NEW 55-Piece set available (because previous customers of the 28-piece set DEMANDED the FULL 55-Piece set).

What I've done is create a two-layer case where the top layer is the "6 x 6" case ...and the lower layer is the "9 x 9" set.

In other words...

You can play just the "6 x 6" game ...OR ...you can pull out the lower layer for the full "9 x 9" experience.

TiBones™ - Titanium Domino - 28-Piece Set

YES! I'm Ready To Order The
TiBones™ Titanium Dominoes

I Understand This Domino Set Is
Made-To-Order And Has a Lead Time of 14 Days.

TiBones™ - Titanium Domino - 55-Piece Set

YES! I'm Ready To Order The

TiBones™ Titanium Dominoes

I Understand This Domino Set Is
Made-To-Order And Has a Lead Time of 14 Days.

To impossibly high standards,


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