*** NEW Precision Made Titanium Dice ***

Finally, high-end titanium dice...

"NASA Don't Make Titanium Dice
....But If They Did, They Might
Look Something Like This!"

Made From A Solid Billet Of Grade 5 Titanium

From: Magnus Macdonald, MagnusX.com

Dear Friend,

If you've been looking for a set of high-end, titanium dice ...then you're on the right page!

I don't have a huge "sales pitch" for you on the TiDice™ ...so I'll just give you the need-to-know features about these:

Grade 5 Titanium
As with almost everything we make ...these are made from Grade 5 Titanium.

I'll be honest here:

These TiDice™ are being made from the specific piece of Grade 5 Titanium square bar in the photo below. I've had this bar for over four years and it's finally time to do something with it.

So, almost certainly, this project is a one-time deal.
Precision CNC Machined
Like all the products we make these are cnc-machined entirely in-house in our workshop here in New Zealand.

The first step is to cut the piece of the bar into a rough cube (with a little extra on the end so I have something to hold onto initially).
The next step is to machine this rough cube shape into a near-perfect cube:
I then rotate and clamp the cube in the CNC Vise twelve (yes, TWELVE!) more times to put the chamfers on the edges and the numbers on each face.
I then sand each of the size faces by hand to make them super-smooth and ready for the tumbling process.
The final stage of the process is the tumbling to give it our tried-and-tested Matte surface finish.
Matte Surface Finish
Not only does this surface finish make the TiDice™ look good - but it ensures all edges and corners are slightly rounded so they feel good in your hand.
Diameter: 18mm (0.70")

Weight: 24.2g (0.85 oz.)
Larger Than Standard Dice
Now, I'm going to be honest here...

The TiDice™ are larger than standard dice. Standard dice are 16mm diameter ...but the the TiDice™ are 18mm diameter (which is noticeably larger).

Here's why I did this:

I have owned titanium dice in the past and found they are not hugely effective at rolling because of their weight (compared to wooden or plastic dice).

And so I did not make the TiDice™ with the intention of them being used. However, they are still perfectly usable - you just have to throw them a bit harder. :-)

Truthfully, they are more of a fascination piece or fidgety-thing to have on your desk (which, if you're like me, you'll pick up and play with when you're meant to be doing actual work).

TiDice™ - Titanium Dice (1 x Dice)

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TiDice™ - Titanium Dice (2 x Dice Set)

YES! I'm Ready To Order My
Set Of 2 x Titanium TiDice™
I Understand My TiDice™ Is Made-To-Order
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To impossibly high standards,


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