Finally, high-end salt and pepper shakers...

"Who Else Wants Access To The World's First Titanium Salt & Pepper Shakers...No One Else Had The Balls To Make?"

From: Magnus Macdonald,

Dear Friend,

If you want to see the world’s first titanium salt and pepper shakers, then keep reading this page...

I’ll cut to the chase here:

These high-end titanium salt and pepper shakers are not for everyone.

I respect that your time is important to you, so I am not going to waste it.

If you are someone who can confidently say 'yes' to the below statements – then I’m talking to you:

-- You buy the best you can whenever possible

-- You appreciate quality and understand it’s always the best deal in the long run

-- You expect whatever you buy to last forever (i.e you understand that you should only have to buy something once)

-- You understand that products which seem “high priced” at the time… almost always turn out to be the biggest bargain!

If you hesitated -- even a little -- when reading any of the above statements... then probably best you hit the ‘back’ button. I'm as serious as cancer here.

But if you thought, ‘yes, that’s me, that’s how I think!' -- then read on…

Now, before I continue, I have a serious confession for you:

In producing the salt and pepper shakers I'm about to reveal to you I totally miscalculated the time, effort and cost involved. What seemed like, a “normal” project turned into a totally different beast!

These new, never-before-seen salt and pepper shakers are something other “normal” creators simply wouldn’t even attempt. But, if you know even a little about me, you’ll know I’m far from “normal”.

I would like to present to you the result of a lot of blood, sweat and tears -- The TiShakers™.

First let me introduce the TiShaker™ 'Dots' Set:

  • Before I continue…
  • I cannot just show you a couple of photos of the TiShakers™ and leave it there.
  • There are simply too many smart and sexy design features I must tell you about:
  • I specifically made no attempt to make the TiShakers™ lightweight. Yes, they are made out of titanium - but it was important these have a "solid" feel to them. And they do.

And get this...

I designed the slotted "cap" on the bottom to be rock-solid and relativey heavy. The reason for this is it allows the TiShakers™ to have a super-low center-of-gravity (you can probably detect my obsessive and compulsive personality traits coming through here).

Yes, I really went to town on every part of the design of these. This low center-of-gravity on the TiShakers™ helps ensure they don't topple-over when pushed or slid across a surface.

Also, I have designed the threads so that it's impossible to "over-tighten" them.

In other words: the cap will always unscrew easily however much force you use to tighten it.

The cap at the bottom has a chunky "slot" so you can use whatever is close at hand to screw and unscrew the cap when you need to top-up with salt or pepper.

Oh, and get this...

I designed the cap thread to be fairly coarse so if you manage get any salt of pepper on the threads when re-filling... they will still close and not cause you any issues. I've gone through every possible scenario in how you will use your TiShakers™.

The holes for dispensing salt and pepper have been kept ultra-minimalist.

I have created two holes to dispense the salt, and three holes to dispense pepper. This allows you to quickly and easily identify which shaker is salt and which is pepper -in one quick glance.

The TiShakers™ are around 40mm (just over 1.5") tall and and 29mm (just over 1.1") in diameter.

As with all my other high-end titanium products - the TiShakers™ are going to be receiving my proprietary satin-smooth finish.

Only now -- after producing these one-of-a-kind and ultra high-end titanium TiShaker™ Sets -- do I understand why no-one else produced them.

And this is why I most likely will not be producing them ever again either.

Simply put:

This is probably the only chance you will ever get to invest in a TiShaker™ Set like this. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

YES! I'm ready to Order My

TiShaker™ "Dots" Set

Click the order button below to order your TiShaker™ 'Dots' Set:

To impossibly high standards,


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