A simple and minimalist titanium top...

Who Else Wants This Precision Machined Titanium Spinning Top?
(...With A Solid 7+ Minute Spin Time!)

From: Magnus Macdonald, MagnusX.com

Dear Friend,

I'll be flat-out honest with you here...

There is no "story" behind this spinning top or how it came about.
The simple truth is:

I've wanted to make a titanium spinning top for a long time. We finally bought the machine to be able to do it in-house (a CNC Lathe) - and so I set about developing a titanium spinning top in the usual clean and minimalist style of all our products.

I call it the TiNado™:

(The name comes from Titanium + Tornado = TiNado™)

Grade 5 Titanium
Titanium is what we do. That's really all there is to it.

I can't imagine using anything else - and that's why we've made the TiNado™ from Grade 5 Titanium.

Precision machined from a solid billet of Grade 5 Titanium.
Loads Of MASS
Although we've used titanium ...the TiNado™ has quite a lot of mass. I wanted to really max-out on leaving a lot of material on there when we machined it.

I did this on purpose. It takes a decent amount of force (and you'll definitely want to practice your technique) to get it to spin ...but it goes for quite a while once you've got it going.
Si3N4 Coated Ceramic Detent Ball
The TiNado™ uses a Silicon Nitride coated ceramic ball (2mm in diameter) - it doesn't get much better than that when trying to reduce friction.
Finger Grooves
The top of the TiNado™ has finger grooves to help increase grip.

This will get you increasing your spin-time as you get better at spinning it.
Self-Leveling Titanium Stand
I really felt it was important to include a stand with the TiNado™.

The stand gives is a home - a way to display it.

Not only that, but...

The stand is "self-leveling". In other words, it doesn't matter how you drop the TiNado™ into the stand it will end up positioned flat (just like in the photo below):
7+ Minute Spin Time
Honestly, I have not optimized the TiNado™ for spin-time - instead I focused on a clean, minimalist design with a lot of mass.

In saying that...

You will get a fairly repeatable 7+ minute spin time. I can get 8+ minutes fairly easily (but I don't want to oversell the spin time - so I'm guaranteeing you a conservative 7+ minute spin time).

It can probably do longer - I just haven't tried!
Dimensions + Weight
Like I mentioned above, the TiNado™ has quite a lot of mass - it weighs in at a hefty 51g (1.8 oz.)

Height: 38mm (1.50")
Diameter: 36.5mm (1.44")
Aluminium Canister
I thought we would really push the boat out and give this high-end spinning top some high-end packaging.

We've custom-made an alloy canister (with o-ring fitted end caps) in which your TiNado™ will arrive.

We have also cut special foam to protect the TiNado™ during transit (there is no metal-on-metal contact).
Let's get down to business...
If you see "IN STOCK" below, then your TiNado™ will ship the next working day (please give a little extra time because of the timezone difference ...we are in New Zealand).

There are no pre-orders on this (I was trying to hold products in stock and go away from the whole "pre-order" thing).

If you see out-of-stock, then they are sold out and no longer available for now. Sorry.


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