Finally, the utility blade knife you've been waiting for...

"No One Else DARED To Make
This Titanium Utility Blade Knife
...So I Had To Spend 327 Hours

Creating It Myself!"

The World's BEST Titanium Utility Blade Knife ...GUARANTEED!

Grade 5 Titanium -- Precision CNC Machined -- Ultra Compact

From: Magnus Macdonald, MagnusX.com

Dear Friend,

If you've been looking for the absolute BEST Titanium Utility Blade Knife, then you've just found it!

I am going to make a bold statement to you...

I'm going to tell you RIGHT NOW that the Titanium Utility Blade Knife I'm about to reveal to you is ...THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

Yes, I know that sounds arrogant - but please hear me out!

I have spent AT LEAST 327 hours designing and making the knife I'm about to show you. Although the concept for the knife was simple ...making it proved incredibly difficult.

The design, development, testing and tweaking of this Titanium Utility Blade Knife has been absolutely BRUTAL (if I knew how difficult it was going to be to perfect ...then I probably would not have even attempted it!).

Long story short...

After many sleepless nights (not to mention almost giving up entirely a number of times) the world's best utility blade knife is ready. I call it the TiCut™:
Before we get into the details of the TiCut...here is a short video I made to highlight some of the features for you:
Grade 5 Titanium
If you're familiar with my work, then you'll know I only produce products from Grade 5 Titanium. I do this because I make things with the aim of them lasting ...literally forever!

I'm not sure if you know this, but...

Grade 5 Titanium specifically has around 30% more "elasticity" than, say, stainless steel (and some other titanium grades as well) and this is absolutely critical to the functioning of the TiCut™.

Did I mention that Grade 5 Titanium is 100% corrosion resistant (actually, it's pretty much everything resistant!) ...AND incredibly light-weight!
Precision CNC Machined
The TiCut will be entirely precision cnc-machined in-house from raw titanium plate.

From start to finish the entire knife is made right here in my workshop.
One-Handed Operation
I'll be honest here...

I personally own one or two utility blade knives which are a decent overall design (slim and minimalist). However, what really lets them down is that they require two hands to open. This is a complete deal-breaker for me!

The TiCut™ is different...

It can be open and closed easily with one hand (by sliding it with your thumb).
Accepts Standard Utility Blade
The TiCut™ accepts a standard utility blade - these are available the world over and easily purchased.
No Tools Required (To Change Blade)
I've seen some very cool utility blade knives over the years - but many of them required disassembly of the knife to change out the blade.

To change the blade on the TiCut™ does not require any tools - just two hands and nothing else (in fact, you can change the blade with one hand ...but it's just easier with two).

The TiCut™ has just two components ...the main body ...and the slider.
Blade Locks Open And Closed
Now I'll be honest with you here...

The locking mechanism of the blade is not some over-the-top thing.

What I have done is aim for enough of a lock to hold it closed ...and the same to hold it open. There is a "cam" (or small bump) to keep the blade in the closed or open position.

You use your thumb to "click" the blade open or closed. Simple.


It was a big concern to me that the blade not open when being carried in a pocket or on a keychain ...and the super-secure locking mechanism keep the blade from opening accidentally.
"Floating" Blade
The design of the blade-holding mechanism results in the edge of the blade sort of "floating" in the air (as opposed to rubbing against the side of the knife body).

This helps ensure the blade edge does not get worn while it moves in and out.
Proprietary Surface Finish
As with all my titanium products... the TiCut is going to get my one-of-a-kind surface finish.

The finish has a matte look that is somewhat (but not completely) resistant to scratches. But, hey, the TiCut™ is design to be used and abused!
Blade Extends Out 23mm (0.9")
Truthfully, I have not seen another utility blade knife offer such a long blade extension as this ...a full 23mm (or 0.9") of cutting edge!
The TiCut™  is just 5.5mm thick (around 0.2").

Length: 72mm (2.8")
Width: 24mm (0.9")

The "hole" at the rear is 6.5mm (0.25") diameter.

It weighs in at a super-light 23 grams ...or 0.8 oz. (including the blade).
The TiCut™ is going to be made-to-order only for now (and the lead-time will be around 7 days before shipping).

TiCut™ - "Boss" Version

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Do You Make These Yourself?

Yes, of course! From importing the raw titanium to here in New Zealand ...all the way through to CNC machining ...and on to the final surface finishing process ...it's all done 100% in my workshop.

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