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"Who Else Wants The Titanium Carabiner That Sold Out In Just A Few Hours... Had Customers Beating Down My Door Demanding I Produce More... And A Never-To-Be-Repeated Offer My Bank Manager Forced Me To Make?"

Discover How You Can Get Your Hands On What Is

Probably The World's Greatest Carabiner.

Designed For Everyday Use And

Made To Last A Lifetime!

From: Magnus Macdonald, CogentIndustries.com

Keep Reading This Page And Discover... How You Can Get Access To Probably The World's Greatest Carabiner

...Designed For Every-Day Use

...And Made To Last A Lifetime!

Thursday, July 13.

Dear Friend,

If you’re interested in high-end titanium carabiners, then this is going to be the most exciting message you ever read!

Here’s why:

I’ve been asked time and again by raving fans and die-hard customers to produce a titanium carabiner.

Emails... comments... private messages. I’ve had them all. Almost daily. And so, for the last little while it’s felt like I’ve been held at gunpoint!

Long story short:

I decided to "bite the bullet" and create what you wanted.

So after an obscene amount of design, development, testing and tweaking...

I can finally reveal to you the TiBiner:

The TiBiner™ is the ultimate key-chain carabiner - designed specifically for this type of use. Ultra-light and super-simple to clip on and off.

The model of theTiBiner above is the 'T60'- it's a fully-titanium, ultra-minimalist never-before-released carabiner.

But it gets better...

A few months ago I created a limited run of double-ended titanium carabiners and they sold out in just a few hours - it was crazy!

And, as with pretty much every product that sells-out on my website - there was a mob of frenzied customers asking, and even demanding, I make them again.

The truth is:

I've further developed and refined that double-ended titanium carabiner and am now giving you access to it.

And this carabiner is called the TiBiner™ 'T60D':

This is the 'T60D' model of the TiBiner™ - the 'D' stands for "Double" because of the double-ended functionality.

Just for the record,

The T60D has all the same unique, custom design features as the T60.

Simply put:

The T60D has gone through the same rigorous, no-holds-barred development process as the T60 - so you know it's tried, tested and proven!

The 'D' in the T60D name stands for 'Double'... because of it's double-ended design.

It's kinda crazy... not only is the TiBiner™ down-to-earth functional, but it's possibly the SEXIEST carabiner ever made!

Have you got a "bug out" bag ready to grab and take with you in an emergency situation?... then a set of TiBiners™ are an absolute MUST!

And here's what you need to know about the TiBiner™ T60 and T60D:

  • Made entirely from Grade 5 Titanium (so you’ve got the ultimate combination of strength, lightness and absolute bragging rights!)
  • Only one moving part -- no complex hinges or pins to go wrong (because of its simple design you can have absolute confidence your TiBiner™ is never going to seize, stick or fall apart!)
  • Proprietary “Quick Release” lever design (you will be un-clipping your TiBiner™ with a single, easy press of the unique lever mechanism… EVERY time!)
  • Easy “snap on” clipping action (just push the spring-lever of the TiBiner™ onto whatever it is you want to clip it onto in one quick motion!)

You know, I don't think I could make the TiBiner™ T60 any simpler for you if I tried!

Pssst, here's a little secret... the TiBiner™ T60D is actually stronger than the original T60 model.t just over 60mm (2 1/4") long the TiBiner™ T60 and T60D sit perfectly in the "sweet spot" in terms of size.

At just over 60mm (2 1/4") long the TiBiner™ T60 and T60D sit perfectly in the "sweet spot" in terms of size.

  • Specifically designed for everyday use -- so no “over-engineering” (this means you're getting a titanium carabiner that does exactly what it's supposed to without any unnecessary weight... or features you'll never use!)
  • Proprietary Matte finish (your TiBiner™ is going to get the same proprietary silky-smooth, Matte finish my other high-end titanium products get!)
  • Smart “hook” to help prevent accidental un-clipping (this is the same unique function I’ve used on other titanium products... so you can be damn sure it works!)
  • Pocket-friendly size (the TiBiner™ was designed to be not-too-big and not-too-small... it’s the “Goldilocks” of carabiners – you will almost certainly find it “just right”!)

Here's the T60 together with a bunch of my other high-end, titanium products: TiWrench™, PryMal™, TiTweezers™, and TiClaw™

  • Made from rock-solid 3.5mm -- 0.140” -- titanium (so you ‘ve got the ultimate combination of super-strength and ultra-lightness all rolled into one!)
  • Beveled edges (it's not just good enough for the TiBiner™ to be "functional"... I made sure it also looks damn good too - so you can be the envy of your friends and family!)
  • Precision machined (the design and machining tolerances of theTiBiner gets well into aerospace industry accuracy -- perfect for you to boast about at parties!)
  • Guaranteed for life (as with everything I create... you’re going to get my personal 100% unconditional guarantee!)

Precision engineered beveling on the TiBiners™ pretty much guarantees you will be envied by anyone you show these to. You have been warned!elieve it or not, but... I've managed to make my tried-and-tested "grip pattern" even MORE GRIPPY ...you've got to feel these in your hand to truly understand!

Heres' the T60 and T60D next to a standard 'AA' battery to help you visualise the size of them.

  • Works as a super-secure pocket-clip (not only can you hang your TiBiner off your belt-loop... but, when you clip it on the edge of your pocket, it “locks on” like alligator jaws!)
  • Minimalist design (you’ve got the ultimate no-nonsense titanium carabiner that not only looks good... but it has literally nothing to “go wrong” either!)
  • Ultimate camping and hiking companion (a set of TiBinersare indispensable when out in the wilderness -- from tying onto paracord to hanging your gear!)

To be honest... The TiBiner™ T60D model in particular is the carabiner you're unlikely to be able to do without once you've taken it on your first hiking or camping trip!

Remember... the TiBiner™ is ultra-light and because it's made from Grade 5 Titanium - it will probably be something you pass down to your grandchildren!

  • Silky-smooth lever-action (the spring-lever opening mechanism design has been tweaked and tested so it works 1000 times out of 1000 tests!)
  • Super-grippy “finger grip” grooves (theTiBiner has the tried-and-tested grip-pattern found on many of my other products... so it will never slip or slide when you’re pressing the spring-lever to open it!)

The T60 was pretty much made-to-measure for the task of belt-loop hanging of your keys and everyday carry gear.nce Mr Lego Man got his own pair of Mini-TiTweezers™ he refused to hand them back!

Like I said:

I was pretty much forced to create these high-end, titanium carabiners. My previous Customers demanded it!

And truthfully...

I really didn't want to disappoint my previous Backers and Customers because of the great emails, comments and private messages I continually receive from them.

Here's just a small sample of what I'm talking about:

Back to what I was saying...

TheTiBiner has been designed for every day use on belt-loops, rucksacks, and so on.

It's not designed for you to swing yourself from the nearest cliff... and so there is no "over-engineering".

TheTiBiner is super-light, ultra-minimalist and made to last several lifetimes (literally!).

Did I mention the precision of the machining of the TiBiner™ reaches near-aerospace tolerances!

But the bottom line is...

The TiBiner was designed and created because my previous Customers wanted a high-end, one-of-a-kind-and-nothing-held-back titanium carabiner.

And this was because they were blown-away by my blisteringly successful HookUp™ clips I created on a previous Kickstarter project.

You will barely notice two or three TiBiner™ T60D carabiners clipped onto your backpack... but they will be ready for action when you NEED them!

Wait, there's more...

Let's run through some of the unique features of the TiBiner:

Custom Beveled Edges

I wasn't happy to settle for just a minimalist design for the TiBiner™.

So I took things a little further and added custom beveling to the design.

Don't blame me if your friends and family are shamefully envious of your TiBiner™!

Proprietary Matte Finish

Having now designed and created over a dozen different, high-end titanium products... I've got the surface finish perfected!

Your TiBiner™ is going to have the same buttery-smooth and absolutely flawless Matte finish as my other sought-after titanium products.

Super-Secure "Hook"

To ensure your TiBiner™ has absolutely no risk of slipping off whatever you have it clipped onto...

... I've specifically designed-in a "hook" where the spring-lever closes.

You can have 100% confidence that whenever you clip your TiBiner™ onto something, then it's damn well going to stay there!

One-Piece, Easy-To-Press "Quick Release" Spring-Lever

After perfecting the spring-lever on previous titanium products...

...I re-designed this same tried-tested-and-proven mechanism for the TiBiner™.

As far as I know, this easy-to-press lever mechanism is unique to my designs. It's super-practical and makes un-clipping your TiBiner™ incredibly easy.

Quite simply:

The TiBiner™ spring-lever mechanism is the ultimate in simplicity and reliability.

Ultra-Grippy "Finger Grips"

The finger-grip pattern on theTiBiner is the same tried-and-tested pattern I've used on a ton of my other products.

So you can be damn sure your fingers are never going to slip or slide when unclipping yourTiBiner.

If you're going hiking or camping, then you really don't want to be setting out without at least four or five TiBiners™.id I mention the precision of the machining of the TiBiner™ reaches near-aerospace tolerances!

​Vitally important last and final point:

Here's why I've been forced to make this Magnus-has-gone-stark-raving-mad offer to you...

I've just paid the deposit on a new "fancy pants" tumbler (so I can get an even better finish on my high-end titanium products). And now I've got to come up with the cash to pay for the rest of it!

Simply put:

My back is against the wall on this one. I literally have to do whatever it takes... and making you "an offer you can't refuse" is pretty much my only hope at this point.

The best part is, you are the one that's going to benefit the most from this situation I'm now in.

Don't get me wrong...

I've not "cornered" myself here - worst case scenario is that I put the new tumbler on hold ...or I get a bank loan (which I really don't want to do - because I'd much rather give you this incredible never-to-be-repeated offer than hand over cash to some "Fat Cat" bankers!)

Here's the three exclusive TiBiner models you have available to you:

Take a look at the offers below -- and discover just how good these one-time offers are...

If you want the TiBiner'T60'  then click the link below to order one right now for just $29.

Ordering right now is the only way you can guarantee you’re going to get access to the TiBiners.

Don’t delay! Order RIGHT NOW!


Magnus Macdonald

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Will Your Titanium HookUp™ Clips Fit On The TiBiner™?

They will fit on, yes. BUT...

Because the HookUp™ clips are so compact - they cannot just "clip" on... they can only be put on theTiBiner by opening the spring-lever of the TiBiner itself.

But the good news is that I plan to produce some larger version of the HookUp™ clips soon so this will be a non-issue.

How Strong Are The Carabiners?

These carabiners are specifically designed for everyday use.

The carabiners have been engineered to be compact, light and minimalist... for use on belt-loops, rucksacks and so on.

Simply put:

These are not “heavy-duty” carabiners for you to go climbing. And so I have not done any form of official breaking-strain tests.

They are super-strong and will handle pretty much anything you throw at them in everyday use.

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