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"NASA Don't Make Titanium Pencils,
But If They Did...
(They Might Be Like THIS)"

High-End, Fully-Titanium Mechanical Pencil.

Probably The World's Greatest Writing Instruments...Made To Last A Lifetime!

From: Magnus Macdonald, CogentIndustries.com

Dear Friend,

If you're looking for the world's best titanium mechanical pencil, then you've just found it!

Before I continue - I must confess to you:

Seven months ago I launched "The World's Greatest Titanium Pen" ...and the Titanium Mechanical Pencil I'm about to reveal to you was born from that previous project.

Long story short:

I was carrying a pen with me each day that was made to a level that would make even NASA envious ...but the pencil I was carrying was one of those cheap­and-nasty plastic things.

This could not go on!

Thursday, July 13.

So I rolled-up my sleeves and got to work creating "the world's greatest titanium pencil".

I had a strict and non­negotiable criteria...

  • No plastic parts- not even on the mechanism (damn it I hate plastic!)
  • Made 100% from Titanium... (Grade 5 of course!)
  • No eraser on the end (let's face it... it looks terrible and usually smudges your paper when you use it!)
  • No screws or pressed parts... (it just looks flat-out UGLY!)
  • Ultra-minimalist... (because, well, there’s nothing quite like it!)

Just like when I made the titanium pen ­I quickly realized producing such a mechanical pencil might not even be possible.

The problem was...

I was either going to create the ultimate mechanical pencil ­ or nothing at all. There is no "middle ground" with me and I sure as hell wasn't going to compromise.

I was lucky...

Because of the massive amount of research, testing and tweaking done on the pen project ­ much of the work was already done.

But truthfully, there was still a ton of work to do. There were many months of tweaking, testing and more tweaking.

After driving my machinist nearly to the point insanity (again!) ... the ultimate titanium mechanical pencil was ready.

I present to you: 'The One' ­ Titanium Mechanical Pencil.

100% Grade 5 Titanium, Precision Machined And Design & Made Entirely Locally By Me Here In New Zealand

And here's the best part:

Every single one of my super­strict, non-negotiable criteria has been met (and exceeded in some cases!)

Now, before I continue...

You've got to understand 'The One' pencil is not like other mechanical pencils. And the production of it is likewise different.

No cheap tube or sheet is used anywhere.

No pressing or punching of parts is involved.

'The One' pencil is crafted from solid Grade 5 titanium and assembles together with precision-cut threads.

I Held Nothing Back When Designing And Making This Pen. No Corners Were Cut. No Compromises Were Made.

By now you've probably started to understand why 'The One' pencil is like no other.

And, to be fair, I've barely scratched the surface in telling you about this mechanical pencil. 

I've Not Crunched The Numbers Like I Probably Should Have, But... I Think The Pocket-Clip Costs More To Machine Than The Entire Pencil.

It may seem arrogant of me to claim 'The One' pencil as the greatest mechanical pencil available. I understand.

So what I'm going to do now is get into the "nitty gritty" details of this pencil...

Made Entirely From Solid Grade 5 Titanium

Unlike most other mechanical pencils with a metal body… The One Pencil is precision machined from solid Grade 5 Titanium round-bar.

The One Pencil does not use "cheap-and-cheerful" hollow tube like the rest. No. The entire body of this pencil is machined from solid Grade 5 Titanium.

Costly? Yes... but I honestly just couldn't settle for producing anything less.

For The One Pencil this was a “no brainer” decision. I simply didn’t want anything pressed or screwed onto the pencil.

So, believe it or not, to get The One Pencil exactly how I wanted it required high-pressure drilling of solid titanium bar (and a whole load of other headaches I won't get into here).

Not many people are willing to do this. Not many can do this. And, as you can imagine, it’s not cheap to do!

But like I said...

I wasn't going to settle for anything less than the BEST. 

The Amount Of Material Machined Away From The Original Titanium Round Bar Is Truly Mind-Boggling... But The Result Is Something You Can Really Show Off To Your Friends!

"Hidden" Pencil­ Opening Groove

This will confuse your friends, family and co-workers...

The tip of The One Pencil screws onto the main body - but it is literally impossible to identify where the join is.

Again, this is a perfect example of the kind of extremes I've gone to in producing The One Pencil. 

The First "Finger Groove" At The Front Of The Pencil Is The One That Unscrews... But, When The Thread Is Closed, It's Impossible To Tell The Pencil Opens There.

The finger grooves on The One Pen worked damn well ...and so I'm using the exact same grooves on The One Pencil.

Integrated Clip

One of the most unique features of The One Pencil (and this was the same with the The One Pen) is the precision machined integrated clip.

This pencil needed to have a pocket-clip. I know it's a hell of a lot easier to produce a pencil without a pocket-clip... but, again, this is not about making things easier. It's about producing the ultimate mechanical pencil... at any cost.

As I mentioned earlier… any sort of screws or press-fitting of components on this one-of-a-kind pencil was absolutely out of the question.

As a result The One Pencil has what is probably the most unique pocket-clip in the world of writing instruments.

The Integrated Cap Will Have Your Friends Literally BEGGING YOU To Tell Them Where You Got This One-Of-A-Kind Pencil!

The Pencil Uses Only Threads For Assembly (No Pressed Parts!). This Means You Can Completely Disassemble Your Pencil If You Want To.

Four-Piece Design

The One Pencil is a TRUE, ultra-minimalist four-piece design. There is truly only four components (well, five if you include the internal mechanism).

On other pencils there is almost always screws or magnets or pieces pressed into the end. Basically there is always a boat-load of parts (if you took the pencil apart fully).

Not so with The One Pencil...

The Highly-Complex, Precision Machining Process Is What Takes This Pen From Solid Grade 5 Titanium Bar To... Super-Slick, Light-Weight And Ultra-Minimalist Design!

High-End Japanese Made, All-Metal Internal Mechanism

For this pencil to be the best... then the mechanism must, of course, also be the best.

And this is why I managed to source a high-end, Japanese-made mechanism (you do realize Japan make the best mechanical pencil mechanisms, right?)

Because of my obsessive-compulsive personality traits and deep-rooted dislike for products that's aren't the best... I naturally hate plastic. It really grinds my gears!

The mechanism has no plastic parts. It's all metal.

Ultra-High-Quality Japanese-Made All-Metal Internal Mechanism (With A Couple Of Customizations).

Light­Weight and Perfectly Balanced

I’ve used light, plastic mechanical pencils (too light!) and solid brass pencils (too heavy!).

Just like The One Pen... I tested and tweaked The One Pencil until it reached a “Goldilocks” balance.

Here's the crazy thing...

So much machining goes into The One Pencil that 79% of the titanium is machined away!

Although The One Pencil starts as solid titanium round-bars weighing in at a total of 76 grams (2.7 oz)... so much material is removed that the result is a light-weight pencil unlike anything else available!

The One Pencil (including the high-end Japanese-made mechanism) weighs in at just 15.4 grams (around 0.5 oz).

Most Of The Other Photos Show The Surface-Finish Darker Than It Actually Is... THIS Photo Is The Most Accurate Example Of The True Colour.

Size Matters

The diameter of The One Pencil is 9.0mm (around 0.35").

Not 8mm or 8.5mm or 9.5mm or 10mm. On my previous Kickstarter project for The One Pen I found 9.0mm to be the "sweet spot". And this is why I've designed The One Pencil to have the same width.

Now I understand if you prefer a “skinny” pencil or a “chunky” pencil. Everyone has their preference.

But, for The One Pencil, there simply can only be one diameter. And after a lot of testing and tweaking… 9.0mm (0.35") is the diameter.

The length of The One Pencil is a not-too-big-and-not-too-small size of 126mm (around 5").

At 126mm (5")... The Length Of 'The One' Pencil Is In The "Goldilocks" Range Of Not Too Small... Not Too Big... But "Just Right!"

Super-Clean Push-­Button

The One Pencil does not have an eraser on the end of it.

The reasons for this are simple:

#1 ­ It's important to use a dedicated high quality eraser (not some generic lump of rubber that smudges your paper!)


#2 ­ It just flat­-out looks a lot better with a slick titanium button on the end ...rather than chewed-up rubber.

No Ugly Eraser On The Push-Button - Just A Simple, Minimalist Button.

Easy Refilling

Refilling The One Pencil with lead is super-­simple and ultra-fast.

Simply pull the push-button off the end... add your 0.5mm lead... and then replace the push-button. Done!

Life should be simple and uncomplicated, right? And that's why The One Pencil has one lead size: 0.5mm.

Personally, I don't want to carry around a bunch of different pencils with different lead sizes. The lead size is the popular 0.5mm (Not too thin and not too thick. Just right!)

Refilling Is Super-Simple... Just Pull The Push-Button Off, Insert Your 0.5mm Lead And Then Put The Push-Button Back On. Simple.

Short Indexing (This Is IMPORTANT!)

If you're wondering what "short indexing" means, and why it's so important, then listen up...

When you push the button on a mechanical pencil and lead comes out... this is called "indexing" (well, I call it indexing at least).

And so short indexing means...

When you push the button only a small amount of lead comes out.

Here's the reason this is so damn important:

#1 - It stops too much lead coming out (which usually ends up snapping off when you try to write!)


#2 - YOU select the exact amount of lead that comes out (there is no "overshoot" where you end up having to push the lead back in!)

Two Incredible Finishes

After a boat-load of time spent developing and testing various finish methods - I've decide to offer you two unique finishes on The One Pencil.

The first finish is my original, tried-and-tested, buttery-smooth 'Matte' finish. It's a silver colour and also looks better and better as it ages and gets used.

Not only that... but it's highly scratch-resistant too!

The second finish is a bright semi-polished finish.

Rather than being a pure-polish this is a smooth, high-luster semi-polish finish. I simply call this the 'Semi-Polished' finish.

"Matte" Finish (LEFT) and "Semi-Polished" Finish (RIGHT).

Pencil And Pen Perfectly Matched

When I made 'The One' Pen I had no idea I'd end up making a mechanical pencil.

But, when designing 'The One' Mechanical Pencil I knew it had to work hand-in-hand with the pen.

And, without any doubt, the two designs work damn well together!

'The One' PENCIL Was Designed From The Start To Match 'The One' PEN.

Before I continue...

From previous projects I’ve managed to gain thousands (yes, thousands) of die-hard Customers and raving fans!

I think it’s important you know what you’re letting yourself in for when you order The One Pencil. Here’s just a small sample of the frequent emails and messages I receive all the time from Customers:

Titanium Mechanical Pencil

YES! I'm Ready To Order
My Titanium Pencil

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Titanium Mechanical Pencil RIGHT NOW!


Magnus Macdonald

P.S. Remember ...you’re getting access to what is -- in all seriousness -- the world's greatest titanium mechanical pencil. Nothing like this exists anywhere - a true, EXCLUSIVE world first!

P.P.P.S. Finally ...I urge you not to MISS OUT on securing your titanium mechanical pencil... because I simply can't guarantee I'll be producing it indefinitely. For this reason it is critical you click the ‘Order Now’ button below RIGHT NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions...

What Size Of Pencil-Lead Does 'The One' Pencil Take?

I have kept it really simple by sticking to just one lead size:

0.5mm lead is what you need.

What Type Of Mechanism Does 'The One' Pencil Use?

The One Pen uses a high-end, all-metal (mostly brass) mechanism - with some slight customization work.

You may not know this, but... Japan makes THE BEST mechanical pencil mechanisms.

© Magnus, All Rights Reserved.
Ohope, New Zealand