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Who Else Wants A WIDE and
DEEP Titanium Storage Cache?

Machined From Solid Grade 5 Titanium Billet.

Dear friend,

If you've been looking for a LARGE Titanium storage cache, then you've just found it!

I will confess now that I'm going to keep this page super-short. The reason for this is I only have 12 of these available and then they're gone (certainly won't be making any more for AT LEAST six months ...or, more likely, a year).

I've been wanting to make this specific product for many years (in fact, the material used for these was bought over 4 years ago).

Usually it takes a lot of time and effort to come up with the designs for our products. But on this occasion, because the product is so simple, the design stage was fairly quick.

However, because of the size of this titanium cache, the material cost AND the CNC machining cost is fairly high (a lot of material to be removed and so takes quite a while to make). I call this the SquatPot™:

'D70' Version

I have a feeling the SquatPot™ is going to be reasonably popular (although the price may put some people off if I'm honest - but, unfortunately, there is not much I can do about that).

I'd like to make other sizes in the future. And so, to differentiate this one, I'm calling it the 'D70' version because the external diameter is 70mm (2.75").

Precision Machined From Titanium Billets

Take a look at these chunks of Titanium:

The titanium in the above image is the raw material that the base and lid of the SquatPot™ are made from.

Truthfully, it's fairly raw and ugly in this form - but a load of precision machining results in a something a lot nicer.

And here's the kicker...

We machine over 80% of the material away! The billets start of at 724g (25.5 oz.) and end up at 144g (5.0 oz.).

Coarse Thread

Compared to our famous PillPots™ -- which have a fairly fine thread -- the SquatPot™ has a relatively coarse thread.

I've done this on purpose because of the larger size. I didn't want to have to rotate the lid multiple times to take it on and off.

The lid requires just 1.3 turns to take off and on. I feel this is a good balance between being easy to turn AND also being secure.

No O-Ring

I decided not to put an O-Ring seal on the SquatPot™ because this would result in the walls being thicker than I really wanted.

The wall thickness is 2.5mm (which gives the SquatPot™ a substantial feel). This does mean that, should you put it under water, the water will likely get into it. And this is a compromise I was willing to make to keep the weight down.

Note: I have put this underwater and found that no water managed to get inside - but I simply can't guarantee you will find the same (so I'm not selling this as watertight)

Super-Smooth Matte Surface Finish

As with all our titanium products the SquatPot™ receives our famous, tried-and-tested super-smooth Matte surface finish.

Dimensions, Weight and Volume

Here are the critical dimensions of the SquatPot™:

External Diameter: 70.0mm (2.75")

Internal Diameter: 64.4mm (2.54")

External Height: 29.8mm (1.22")

Internal Height: 25.5mm (1.02")

Weight: 144g (5.0 oz.)

Volume: 80.5ml (2.72 fl. oz.)

Made Entirely In-House

As with EVERY product I make ...the SquatPot™ is precision machined from start to finish right here in our own workshop in New Zealand.

From raw imported Grade 5 Titanium bar ...all the way through to packaging and shipping the SquatPot™ directly to you ...it's all done by us!


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