Dear Friend,

If you've been searching for the ultimate fidget spinner, then you've probably just found it!

The spinner I'm about to show you is not only the result of hundreds of hours of designing, developing, testing and tweaking...'s also the spinner that millions (yes, millions!) of spinner-hungry fans have been itching to see.

YouTube videos went viral over my designs.

I have a confession:

I never set out to create the world's greatest fidget spinner (it just accidentally kind of happened).

You see, I'm known as "the titanium guy"... because I'm the designer and maker of well-known, ultra high-end titanium products (pens, tweezers, pocket-clips, and so on... ).

A strange start...

Someone suggested to me, "Magnus, you should make a titanium fidget spinner".

Now here's the thing:

I didn't think too much about it  I just started "messing about".

Two things happened:

#1 -- I quickly realised almost all the fidget spinner designs out there were wrong! (more on this later... )


#2 -- As I started to reveal my prototypes and designs on my YouTube channel... my videos exploded... and I found millions of people were watching the spinners I was developing.

YouTube videos went viral over my designs

It got serious...

Even thought I started out just "messing around" with making a spinner... what ended up happening was my obsessive-compulsive personality traits completely took over and I became obsessed!

Like some sort of "mad scientist"...

I spent every waking hour thinking and working on making the "ultimate" spinner.

Here's the thing...

As I started playing with the spinners I was creating (and comparing them to the other "best" spinners out there... which I had bought for research-and-development purposes)... I realised most spinners nare made to look good.

It seemed crazy and I didn't really want to believe it... but I just couldn't get away from it. Most spinners are designed to look good first... and have "fidgetability" come in a distant second.

The spinner I'm about to reveal to you is (as far as I am aware)...

The only spinner that's been designed and developed from scratch... for having 100% pure "fidgetability".

After hundreds of hours of testing and developing...

After hundreds of iterations...

After dozens of prototypes produced...

The _________ spinner was finally ready:


Before I continue...

I understand if you're thinking, "Magnus, your spinners looks damn good... surely you focused on aesthetics and making it look good?"

Truthfully, hand-on-heart, this spinner is 100% designed for "fidgetability". The fact it also looks good is kind of a bonus really.

Here's the thing:

Everything (and I do mean everything) on this spinner has a function and reason for being there.

Every edge... every angle... every curve... every face... it's all for a reason. The length, width and thickness of the spinner is very specific.

I left nothing to change when designing and developing this spinner... everything on it, even the smallest detail, has a purpose.


Now, there's probably a couple of things you're thinking right now...

The first is, "shouldn't you have the weight distributed to the outside edges?"

...and the second thing is, "aren't these buttons too low and close to the body of the spinner?"

Let's deal with the weight distribution first...


The only reason for distributing the weight to the outside edges of the spinner is to get a longer spin-time and reduce the weight of the spinner.

But here's the thing...

The ____ spinner is not about spin-time. It's a performance spinner that's all about "fidgetability". This is a spinner designed for playing with... not sitting there and watching it spin on it's own for 4+ minutes.

Don't get me wrong – the ____ will get higher spin times like the best of them... but it's not really why I designed it.

And remember... it's entirely titnanium! So there is no need to try and cut down on the overall weight. It's already at a fairly optimal weight-to-size ratio for spinning (I don't know about you, but I have found aluminium too light and brass to heavy).

Now, the buttons...

Yes, these buttons are low-profile.

But they are also extremely functional too (because I've absolutely tested them to death!).

I will be the first to admit these buttons don't "stick-up" like most other spinners... but they do function damn well. The low, close to the centre-of-gravity design of these buttons is part of the design.

Okay, let's get into the "dirty details" of what makes this the world's greatest fidget spinner...

Multiple Ways to Spin

I've designed the ____ spinner to be able to be flicked with any finger and in any direction.



Not only that, but...

You can flick the _____ with different parts of your fingers too!

And it gets even better...

The ends of the _____ have a very specific point so you can "catch" the spinner while it's spinning... and flick it again... and again!


And if that's not enough...

I've given the surface of the ____ a specific curvature so you can both catch and flick it on the surface area.


Ultra-Ergonomic Button

The _____ buttons are designs to "cup" perfectly onto your thumb and finger.


It Can "Table Spin"

I had loads of people asking me if the _____ can "table spin" (or, in other words, will it spin on a flat surface?).

Yes. Absolutely!

I believe table spinning is a must. Yes, the buttons are low-profile... but they are raised enough to table spin.


No "Hot Spots"

"Hot spots" are edges or corners on a spinner that make the spinner uncomfortable to hold or spin.

The ______ has absolutely no hot spots. Every potential edge and corner has been bevelled or "softened". You will not find a single hot spot on the ______.


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