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"The World's Most Compact
Utility Blade Storage Cache?"

Holds Up To FIVE Blades - Safely And Securely
One-Piece Titanium Design

From: Magnus Macdonald, Magnusx.com

Dear friend,

If you've been looking for an ultra-compact way to store and carry your utility blades, then you are on the right page!

I'll be honest here...

I'm going to shamelessly admit that this new design is something I created to compliment our hugely-successful 'SlideClick™' Utility Blade Knife.

The product I'm about to show you is called the SlideCache™ and allows you to carry anywhere between ONE and FIVE utility blades in an ultra-compact form.

Let's just get straight into:

Holds Up To FIVE Utility Blades

Truthfully, I could make the SlideCache™ hold 10 blades ...but I limited it to five because that keeps it slim. I feel five blades is a good "Goldilocks" number to carry as spares (not too little ...not too many ...just the right amount!).

And importantly...

Because of the way I designed the SlideCache™ you can carry one, two, three, four OR five blades. If you only ever want to carry three blades ...then the SlideCache™ will work perfectly fine for that too.

Titanium One-Piece Design

As with EVERY design I make...

I tried to keep it as simple and elegant as possible (this typically makes the manufacturing process an absolute headache for me ...but it results in the ultimate product for YOU).

The SlideCache™ is precision CNC machined from one solid billet of Grade 5 Titanium.

100% Secure

Safety was at the forefront of my mind at every step of the designing and making of the SlideCache™.

The SlideCache™ will often be carried around on keychains and in pockets - and so it was absolutely critical that it be impossible for a blade to accidentally slide out.

I can confirm that after a ton of testing this safety criteria has been achieved.

I will admit to you, however, that to add or remove blades to the SlideCache™ will require both hands. This is a compromise I have been more than happy to make to guarantee your safety!

Minimalist Design

If you're already the owner of our famous SlideClick™ Titanium Utility Blade Knife, then the SlideCache™ will look somewhat familiar to you.

I have specifically designed the SlideCache™ to look similar to the SlideClick™. While the dimensions of the SlideCache™ are a little different to the SlideClick™ ...the overall shape and feel is very similar.

If you have a SlideClick™ already, then this is THE utility blade holder that compliments it.

Accepts Standard Utility Blades

I know I probably don't need to say this but, to remove any doubt, the SlideCache™ accepts standard utility blades (available the world over!).

Keychain 'Loop'

At the rear of the SlideCache™ I've designed a decent-sized 'loop' so you can attached it to your keys, a lanyard or even a carabiner.

Ultra Compact

I've made the SlideCache™ as compact as I could for everyday carry.

The result is that it is only slightly longer and wider than a standard utility blade.

The photo below shows how the size compares to our famous SlideClick™ Utility Blade Knife:

Proprietary Surface Finish

As with all my titanium products... the SlideCache™ is going to get my one-of-a-kind surface finish.

The finish has a matte look that is somewhat (but not completely) resistant to scratches.

Oh, and yes, it's the exact same surface finish as on the SlideClick™ Utility Blade Knife.


The dimensions and weight for the SlideCache™ are...

Length: 69mm (2.7")

Width: 22mm (0.87")

Thickness: 6mm (0.23")

Weight (without blades): 9.5g (0.33 oz)

Precision CNC Machined (Entirely In-House)

The SlideCache™ is entirely precision cnc-machined in-house from raw titanium plate.

From start to finish the entire knife is made right here in my workshop on this Japanese milling machine right here:

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