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Keep You And Your Family Safe And Healthy.

Dear friend,

If you've been looking for a ultimate "pocket friendly" titanium hand-sanitizer, then you've just found it!

While designing and making this unique hand sanitizer there was an ultra-strict and non-negotiable criteria it had to meet:

-- Compact (Not only did it have to be pocket-friendly ...it needed to be keychain friendly!)

-- Made 100% from Titanium... (Grade 5 of course!)

-- No cheap, mass-manufacturing techniques (everything we make is precision CNC machined ...and this hand-sanitizer is not going to be any different!)

-- Hassle-Free Functional Design... (this hand-sanitizer should last forever - so the function of it had to be brain-dead simple!)

-- Easy To Clean And Refill... (because the last thing you want is to spend ages disassembling and cleaning!)

After a boat-load of designing, testing and tweaking I finally managed to come up with a solution that is never-before-seen in its simplicity and function - I call it the SaniTi™:

There are many unique features to this one-of-a-kind titanium hand sanitizer - but let's talk about it's size first...

Compact And Keychain-Friendly

Compared to any other hand sanitizer dispenser ...the SaniTi™ is ultra-compact and will easily fit in your bag, pocket and even onto keychain.

I've even machined into the cap an through-hole so you can attached it to your keychain.

You can SELECT the cap to come without the keychain loop if you want and we will make your cap in that style (you can select this at the bottom of this page).

Simple 4-Part Design

The SaniTi™ is made up of just FOUR Titanium components: body, plunger, nozzle and cap

There are no complex parts or mechanism to go wrong. I've deliberately kept it simple so there is nothing that can go wrong and cause you any problems.

A hand sanitizer dispenser really does not get any simpler than this!

Precise Delivery Of Fluid or Gel

The combination of the precision-drilled nozzle hole AND the double-O-Ring plunger design ensures a smooth, reliable and consistent dispensing of hand-sanitizer.

Accidental Leaking Is Impossible

While the SaniTi™ cannot accidentally dispense fluid (because it requires force on the plunger) ...we've actually built in an additional safety seal for YOUR peace of mind.

Inside the cap we've put a rubber grommet. So, when you twist the cap on, the hole in the nozzle squeezes against this rubber to create a perfect seal.

This nozzle seal on one end -- combined with the double-O-ring on the plunger on the other end -- guarantees it is IMPOSSIBLE for accidental dispensing or leaking.

Easy Disassembly For Cleaning

The SaniTi™ can be disassembled AND re-assembled in under 15 seconds (yes, it REALLY can be done this fast!).

Not only that but it does not require any tools - just your hands.

Because the SaniTi™ is made from titanium -- and the seals are Nitrile -- you can wash it with almost anything and in any way. From hot water and soap ...all the way through to aggressive cleaning compound in an ultra-sonic cleaner ...all the components (including the seals) will hold up without question.

(Video below of near-final prototype version)

Unique Double O-Ring Plunger Design

The double O-ring plunger design does two things:

#1 - Provides a smooth, easy and consistent sliding action when you push it (compared to a single, thicker O-ring)


#2 - While one O-ring works perfectly well for ensuring there are no leaks ...two O-rings gives absolute peace-of-mind. Not only that but, should one of the O-rings ever fail, the SaniTi™ will continue to function fine with just one in the meantime.

Nitrile O-Rings

Here's why it is important to use Nitrile for the O-rings...

Most people would expect Silicone to be used  - but Nitrile is the best choice for TWO very important reasons:

Reason #1 - Nitrile can withstand a lot more aggressive chemical compounds compared to Silicone ...so it will stand up to pretty much anything you want to put in the SaniTi™.

Reason #2 (And this one is even more important than #1!) - Nitrile is more abrasion-resistant compared to Silicone. This is critical for the "plunger" that slides up-and-down inside the main body to dispense the fluid. Nitrile is the absolute no-brainer choice for this specific function.

Accepts All Types Of Hand-Sanitizer

The SaniTi™ will work with ANY type of hand sanitizer.

From the ultra-thin Isopropyl Alcohol ...to the super-thick Gel hand sanitizer ...we've tested everything and have yet to find one that does not work with the SaniTi™.

But wait! There's more...
When I initially released the concept of the SaniTi™ to customers ...many of them immediately listed a ton of other things they wanted to use it for.

Truthfully, I've not tested all of these (so they might not all work) - but you should have success with:

Sunscreen, toothpaste, shampoo, Tabasco sauce, olive oil (or any type of oil) ...and more!

Quick And Easy Refilling

As I mentioned earlier...

One of the non-negotiable features of the SaniTi™ had to be easy refilling. And so I've made is brain-dead-simple to refill the SaniTi™ once it is empty.

Simply unscrew the nozzle, push the "plunger"  back to the bottom, refill with hand sanitizer and screw the nozzle back on.

This can be done in less than 30 seconds!

15ml Capacity (0.5 fl. oz.)

This is a "pocket friendly" hand sanitizer ...and so, if there is anything that I've compromised on with the SaniTi™, it's the volume it can hold.

I've tried to strike the right balance between maximum volume and minimum size ...and settled on 15mm (or 0.5 fl. oz.).

One more thing...

The full name of this product is the SaniTi™ V15. The "V15" stands for the 15mm it can hold.

Super-Smooth Matte Surface Finish

As with all our titanium products the SaniTi™ will receive our famous, tried-and-tested super-smooth Matte surface finish.

The SaniTi™ will receive this surface finish on both the inside and the outside.

Dimensions and Weight

Here are the critical dimensions of the SaniTi™:

Overall Length: 70mm (2.75")

Body Diameter: 23.8mm (0.94")

Weight (empty): 58g (2.0 oz.)

Hole Diameter (at bottom): 20mm (0.80")

Plunger Stroke: 37mm (1.45")

Precision Made Entirely In-House

As with EVERY product I make ...the SaniTi™ is precision machined from start to finish right here in our own workshop in New Zealand.

From raw imported Grade 5 Titanium bar ...all the way through to packaging and shipping the SaniTi™ directly to you ...it's all done by us!


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