Finally, designed for every-day use...

The Ultimate Titanium Letter Opener
...Minimalist and Built To Last A LIFETIME

Dear Friend,

If you’ve been looking for a modern and minimalist letter opener… then you’ve just found it!

Before I continue – I have a confession…

The titanium letter opener I’m about to show you is something I made for me (pretty selfish, right?).

A few months ago, I lost my letter opener while moving house... and I had no idea how much I used that letter opener until it was gone. I NEEDED another one!

I tried using a knife to open my letters for a while – but it’s just nowhere near as good.

Now, as you may know…

I’m “that guy” on Kickstarter who makes all kinds of high-end gear out of titanium. And so it made sense for me to make my own titanium letter opener.

I gave myself strict criteria:

-- It had to be titanium (of course!)

-- It had to look modern and minimalist (not that "dagger" style that every letter opener seems to be shaped like!)

-- It must function perfectly and safely "slice" through letters (the edges could not be too sharp or too dull)

After a lot of thinking, designing and testing, I pretty much had the design done. Truthfully, it took a little more tweaking of the design to get both the size and final shape right.

Once I had the design and function fully “dialled in” – the Quicksilver Titanium Letter Opener was ready:

Let’s get straight into the details...

Made From Grade 5 Titanium

The Quicksilver Titanium Letter Opener is made from a solid billet of Grade 5 titanium.

It takes a lot of machining to create just one titanium letter opener. Starting with a piece of titanium around 120 grams ...we machine away more than 83% of the titanium!

Minimalist Design

Before I started getting into the details of the design for this letter opener …I already had the concept in my mind.

I knew from the start the design had to have a futuristic feel. One of the ways this was achieved was by ensuring there was no “handle”.

The lines at the tip of the latter opener flow all the way to the rear where you hold it.

CNC Machined

Believe it or not, but…

This letter opener is the first titanium product I’ve made where I’ve contoured the surface.

What do I mean by this?

Essentially we’ve utilised the cnc milling machine not just to cut away the billet of titanium to create the Quicksilver letter opener ….but we’ve done it in a way that leaves a unique pattern.

Not only that but this pattern also serves a function in adding more “grip” to the letter opener when using it!

“Goldilocks” Size

Once the concept and design of the Quicksilver letter opener was done I then made a range of prototypes purely to test what the optimal size should be.

I quickly discovered…

The dimensions of the letter opener were less about the size of the hands of the person using it and more about the size and shape of the letters being opened. In other words ...I found there really was a "Goldilocks" size (not too big and not too small).

After a lot of testing I found that 170mm (around 6.70”) long was the most effective size for the letter opener. The width is 11mm (0.43") and the thickness is around 5.5mm (0.22").

The weight of the Quicksilver Titanium Letter Opener is 20 grams (or around 0.7oz).

No Sharp Edges

As with any good letter opener – there are no sharp edges.

The “blade” is sharp enough to cut through thick paper envelopes ...but has a dull edge that cannot cut skin.

Smooth Matte Finish

The Quicksilver letter opener is going to come with my tried-and-tested Matte surface finish.

This finish is not only buttery-smooth to the touch …but it’s fairly scratch resistant too (I’ll admit it’s not 100% scratch resistant – but it’s pretty damn good!)

Made in New Zealand

As with all my products this one is made entirely here where I live in New Zealand.

The initial cutting of the billet of titanium is done by me. This billet is then machined by my machinist …and then back to me for the surface finishing processes.

Also available...

I've had a leather pouch for the Quicksilver made and this is available in two of the Rewards.

The pouch is made from black, vegetable tanned leather and is 100% handmade – from the cutting of the leather all the way through to the final stitching and burnishing of the edges.

Here’s just a small sample of the frequent emails and messages I receive all the time from Customers:

To impossibly high standards,


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