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From: Magnus Macdonald,

Dear Friend,

If you want what is possibly the world’s best-looking and ultra-functional pry-bar, then you’re on the right page!

Before I continue – I have a shameless confession:

This is not a new design.

Here's the truth ...

I designed and made a pry-bar similar to this a couple of years ago.

But, since then, my design skills have improved hugely … and I now have a better understanding of what CNC machining can do.

And so, two years later ...

I’ve taken my original pry-bar design and made a whole load of improvements.

The result is quite probably the world’s slickest-looking titanium pry-bar. I call it the PryMal™:

From the original design to this new design I have made at least 6 significant changes.

These include re-designed front-end ... beveling of lanyard hole (on both sides) ...better surface finish ...underside beveling ...and a whole load more.

​Long story short:

Almost nothing has been left unchanged!

Here’s what you need to know about the PryMal

​Fully CNC-Machined

The PryMal is precision CNC machined from a solid bar of Grade 5 Titanium.

​Not only does this make the PryMal ultra-light … but it makes it ultra-strong too!


I pay very close attention to detail and that’s why there is beveling around the edges of the PryMal.

Not only does this hugely increase how the PryMal looks … it also ensures it feels comfortable in your hand when using it.

Not only that but …

​I have also beveled the underside hole of the PryMal (a level of detail most others would not stretch to).

Lanyard Hole

I included a large hole on the rear of the PryMal so you can attach it to your keychain or lanyard.

This hole will easily accept 550 paracord.

The lanyard hole is beveled on each side so there are no corners that could wear away the paracord you put through it.

Minimalist Design

Most pry-bars are fairly “industrial-looking” (and, to be fair, not that pretty).

From the start, I designed the PryMal to look damn good.

​The PryMal has an ultra-minimalist design and subtle lines running down its length.

Even though the PryMal™ is tough-as-hell … it still manages to hold a slick, smart look.

Proprietary Surface Finish

​The surface finishing on the PryMal is like nothing you’ve experienced (unless you already own one of my products).

I’ve spent literally thousands of hours doing hundreds of split-tests to develop, refine and master my proprietary surface finish.

I guarantee you won’t be able to put the PryMal down once you’ve picked it up!

​The dimensions of the PryMal are:

Length: 76mm (3")

Width: 16mm (0.6")

Thickness: 4mm (0.15")

Hole Diameter: 6mm (0.24")

But don't just listen to me...

Here's some typical feedback I get all the time from previous Customers:

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​To impossibly high standards,


​Magnus Macdonald

© ​, All Rights Reserved.
Ohope, New Zealand