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"Who Else Wants Access To This High-End And

Customizable Titanium 'Flipper' Knife?"

From: Magnus Macdonald, MagnusX.com

Dear Friend,

If you like high-end knives and want to be part of something big, then you're on the right page!

I'm about to reveal to you the details of a high-end flipper knife called: "Project ZERO"

Before I continue...

Just to make sure I'm not wasting your time there are a few things you need to know about "Project ZERO" :

#1 - This project is not some mass-produced, factory made sub-$500 knife. No. If you want some 'big name' stamped on your knife, then you're going to be disappointed (this is more of a bespoke/custom project)

#2 - "Project ZERO" is currently at the prototype/development stage and so all images on this page are screenshots directly from my CAD/Design software

#3 - The "Project ZERO" knife is around 85% developed and you're going to get a behind-the-curtain, front seat view of the creation of this knife via exclusive photo, video and blog updates

In other words...

Not only are you getting access to a never-before-released  high-end-knife... but you're getting to be part of the development and story of "Project ZERO".

The truth is:

I've been asked again and again over the years to make a 'flipper' knife. And, if I'm honest, I was never ready.

However, over the last six months, I've designed and produced a fixed blade knife and a friction folder knife. And I feel now is the time to tackle the more complex project of a flipper knife.

Here's the kicker...

Rather than me working away quietly in the background and suddenly springing a fully-finished knife on you ...it makes more sense for YOU to get in RIGHT NOW at the ground-level. You will be part of the story of "Project ZERO".

Okay, enough talk - let's get to the knife. As of right now, this is how "Project ZERO" is looking:
IMPORTANT: The Project ZERO Flipper Knife has evolved since I wrote this page - so click here to take a look at one of the latest "Insider Only" updates.

Let's get into the details:

From the experience of making my previous two knives I know production of "Project ZERO" is well within our capabilities.

Now, truthfully...

The are a couple of features of Project ZERO" that are going to be challenging and require a little development and testing.... and you're going to get a front-seat view of that.

Some prototyping has been done - but I've gone back to design/CAD to finalize the overall design... and this is the point now at which you can get on board.


The design and features I'm going to show you and discuss below are of the knife at its current stage... there are still some more tweaks to be done as we progress.
One more thing...

All but a few parts of the "Project ZERO" knife are going to be made entirely in-house.

Here is a rough breakdown of how the various parts/pieces will be sourced and made:

-Raw Titanium Sheet -- Imported by us
-Raw Round Bar -- Imported by us
-Raw Blade Steel -- Imported by us

-Scales -- Machined In-House
-Blade -- Machined In-House
-Blade Pivot-Screws -- Machined In-House
-Back-spacer -- Machined In-House
-Bearings -- Bought In
-Pocket-Clip -- Machined In-House
-Lock-bar Insert -- Machined In-House
-Small Hardware Screws -- Bought In
-Ceramic Detent Ball -- Bought In
-Stop pins -- Machined In-House

-Titanium Sheet Preparation -- In House
-Blade Steel preparation -- In House
-Tumbling/Finishing of Components -- In House
-Blade Heat Treatment -- In House
-Assembly -- In House

Lets talk about just some of the features of the "Project ZERO":

Minimalist Design

This is the part of the design of the knife where I have been absolutely 100% self-centered. I personally prefer clean, simple designs ...and this shows through in the general design of "Project ZERO".

Fully Titanium

Every part of the Project ZERO knife is made from titanium (apart from the blade of course).

Scales, pocket-clip, back-spacer, pivot screw, etc. ...it's all titanium.

Fully Machined Pocket-Clip

A lot of knife makers throw on a cheap, bent-piece-of-metal pocket-clip almost as an afterthought.

However, the pocket-clip on "Project ZERO" has received as much attention to detail as the rest of the knife (and, even then, we still have quite a bit more tweaking to go before it's done!).

NOTE: The pocket-clip still has more development to go - this is just a work-in-progress image.

Pocketed Scales

Although not yet shown in the images on this page...

The scales of the "Project ZERO" knife will be pocket-out to ensure the final weight is very low for everyday carrying.

This is a feature you will not see visually... but you WILL feel it when using and carrying the knife!


Blade Size

The blade length will be around 3" (or 77mm). I feel this is the "Goldilocks" size for this particular knife (not too big ...not too small).

The blade will likely be around 0.130" (or 3.3mm) thick. This is not 100% final as it is dependent on which steel we finally settle on.

The total length (with blade open) will be: 185mm (7.30")

Blade Style and Grind

The blade design is somewhat of a hybrid between a drop-point and sheeps-foot. There are a few reasons for this particular design (and I will go into this in the "Project ZERO" Updates area in the future).

Truthfully, the blade still needs some more tweaking at this stage - but the overall shape is around 90% done. Also, the blade will have a flat "grind".

Choose Your Blade Steel

For the standard "Project ZERO" knife the blade steel will likely be RWL34™ (but I am open to suggestions for other steels).

We will be offering an upgrade to Damasteel® Munin™ blade material. We have some on hand right now for the prototyping stage (and it looks incredible up-close!). It is a fairly fine pattern and perfect for the mid-sized blade on "Project ZERO".

Here is a representation of the Damasteel® Munin™ pattern:

Blade Heat-Treatment and Sharpening

As I mentioned earlier...

I've launched two previous knife projects in the last six months and so we will be building on that knowledge and experience.

We have invested in a knife heat-treating oven so we have complete control over the final treatment of the blades on "Project ZERO".

Here's our blade heat-treating oven:

Timascus™/ Moku-Ti™ Options

If you're not too familiar with Timascus™ -- or its variant Moku-Ti™ -- then here's a piece I currently have in stock (heat-treated this morning to show you the amazing colors that come through!):
You're going to be able to customize the Pocket-Clip and Back-Spacer on your "Project ZERO" knife with Timascus™ (or Moku-Ti™ depending on what we have available at the time).


The mechanism for locking the blade in the open position will be the tried-and-tested framelock. It works damn well so there is no point trying to re-invent the wheel.

In saying that...

I'm thinking to use the lockbar "insert" variation of a framelock (a hardened steel insert is fixed on the lockbar frame ...and it is this insert that slides against the rear of the blade to lock it in the open position).


The bearings are one of the parts of "Project ZERO" where it absolutely makes sense to buy in from outside.

I do not yet have a supplier lined-up (but do feel free to get in touch with me if you know who makes the best bearings).

Surface Finishing

The titanium components of "Project ZERO" will be receiving our famous Matte surface finish.

The final finish on the blade is undecided as we're still trialling different finishes. I can say, however, it will be a bright finish (perhaps with a slight stonewashed look).

NOTE: If you choose any Damasteel® or Timascus™/Moku-Ti™ customizations on your "Project ZERO" knife, then these will have surface finishes specific to bringing out the best in those metals.

Unique Serial Number

Your "Project ZERO" knife will have a unique serial number specific to you. This will be cnc-machined onto your knife (most likely the blade).

I will likely apply Serial Numbers in the order people support "Project ZERO".

In other words...

The quicker you are to get on board ...the lower your Serial Number will be!

I will NOT be grabbing serial "#1" for myself ...but whoever places their order first will get it.


There are three components of your "Project ZERO" knife you can customize:
Lets get down to business:

Payment is upfront because your "Project X" knife will be made specifically for you...
...and you will receive your unique knife serial number in advance. I'll be ordering the various raw materials right away as they all have to be imported.

You're going to get access to the EXCLUSIVE "Project ZERO" Updates area where you'll receive frequent photo, video and blog updates as we progress (you will, of course, be able to comment and discuss the project).

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A couple of IMPORTANT things:

#1 - Please check your local knife laws in the country you live. Any issues you have with customs in your country is something I have no control over unfortunately.

#2 - The final version of the "Project ZERO" knife is likely to be slightly different to what is shown in the images above - but you will be following along as the design is tweaked upon and the final design produced.

One last thing...

This is your only chance to be part of a project like this (doubt I will ever offer this again). Clicking the 'Add To Cart' button RIGHT NOW is the only way I can guarantee you will be part of "Project ZERO".

To impossibly high standards,


P.S. Remember, "Project ZERO" is so much more than just a high-end, customised flipper knife ...it's your one chance to be part of the story and history of its creation!

P.P.S. Lastly...  this is a one-time project and not something that will be available to you again. Click the 'Add To Cart' button RIGHT NOW and I will talk to you in the EXCLUSIVE "Project ZERO" Updates area soon!


Can I Order More Than One Knife?

Yes. You can add more than one knife to your order (and each one can be customized in a different way too).

When Will My "Project ZERO" Knife Ship?

There is a three-month lead time from the time of your order to the time of your Project Zero Knife shipping.

Can I Order A "Project ZERO" Knife ...Even If I'm Not Interested In Following Along With The Development Updates?

Yes, sure thing. If you only want a high-end, flipper knife -- and don't want to be part of the development -- that's perfectly reasonable.

Is Every Part Of The "Project ZERO" Knife Made By You?

Almost. I'm going to buy in the bearings and detent ball (and possibly the smaller hardware screws). Everything else will be 100% cnc-machined in-house by us from raw materials.

What Is The Weight Of The "Project ZERO" knife?

I'm not sure at this stage. We will have to wait until we are a little further along with the development before we know. However, I own a bunch of knives and know -- from my experience with those -- the pocketing of the scales is going to ensure it is fairly lightweight.

Is There A PURPOSE To The "Project ZERO" Knife?

Absolutely! My reason for designing this knife specifically is because I personally (and rather selfishly) wanted a knife that fulfilled the following three criteria:

#1 - A practical and usable knife (NOT one that will sit in a Collector's cabinet) that is light-weight and compact enough to be carried EVERY DAY.

#2 - Extremely high quality and made with the best of materials.

#3 - A clean, minimalist and no-nonsense design (I'm fairly O.C.D. and hate "fancy stuff").

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