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Finally, a REAL everyday carry titanium pen...

Who Else Wants The Ultimate Pocket-Size
Everyday Carry Mini Titanium Pen ...That
TRANSFORMS Into A Full-Size Pen?

100% Titanium. Simple To Change Refill.

Extends To Become A Full Size Pen.

Dear friend,

If you've been looking for the ultimate compact and pocket-friendly titanium pen, then you've just found it!

I'm going to confess:

For YEARS I've been looking for a pocket-friendly titanium pen that extends to the size of a full-size pen.

Maybe I'm as blind as a bat -- or simply not savvy enough using Google -- but I've never found such a pen.

Sure, I've found a few mini titanium pens ...but that's all they were. I was never able to find one that transformed into a full-size pen.

So (as usual!) I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. I knew EXACTLY the critical features this pen had to have. It had to be:

-- Ultra-Compact (Not only did it have to be pocket-friendly ...it needed to be keychain friendly!)

-- Made 100% from Titanium... (Grade 5 of course!)

-- No cheap, mass-manufacturing techniques (everything we make is precision CNC machined ...and this titanium pen is not going to be any different!)

-- Extend to a full-size pen... (I've already mentioned this - but it's the #1 feature so I'm mentioning it again because it's a deal-breaker!)

-- Easy-to-change refill... (it is important to be able to change the refill quickly and easily and WITHOUT any special tools!)

After a ton of designing, testing and tweaking I finally managed to come up with a solution that truly is never-before-seen  in it's simplicity and function - I call it the PocketPen™:

There are many unique features to the PocketPen™ - but let's talk about it's size first...

Extends To Full-Size Pen

The ability to transform from ultra-compact to full-size pen really is the #1 benefit of the PocketPen™.

Although the diameter of where you grip the pen is just 7mm (0.28") you'll find it allows you to write perfectly well. If I'm being absolutely honest with you, it's probably not quite as comfortable is a full-size 9mm diameter pen - but that's the only compromise I've made on the PocketPen™.

Simple 3-Part Design

The "Looped" PocketPen™ is made up of just THREE Titanium components: pen, housing and handle.

The "Pocket Clip" version of the PocketPen™ has one additional component - the pocket clip. The pocket-clip is securely held with GRADE 5 Titanium screws (like I said, EVERYTHING on the pen is Grade 5 Titanium).

There are no complex parts or mechanism to go wrong. I've deliberately kept it simple so your PocketPen™ is 100% FUTURE PROOF!

"Looped" or "Pocket-Clip" Version

The "Pocket Clip" version of the PocketPen™ included a precision CNC machined pocket-clip (held on with Titanium screws).

I'll be totally upfront with you:

Not only is the pocket-clip a tricky part for us to make ...but we spend a significant amount of time hand finishing it (sanding the flats, the sides, the rear bevel, the front bevel... and more).

You will be able to SELECT from the two versions of the PocketPen™. Either the "Looped" version for attaching to your keychain ...or the "Pocket Clip" version to clip onto your pocket (at the bottom of this page you can select which version you want).

Can Be Used Without Extending

While the defining feature of the PocketPen™ is the fact that it extends to the size of a full-size pen - it still can be used perfectly well without extending it.

I don't know about you, but often I find myself just wanting to write a short reminder on my "to do" list -- usually just one or two words -- and so being able to use the PocketPen™ in the short size is pretty handy when you just need it for a few seconds.


Here's the truth...

I had no intention of making the PocketPen™ waterproof - it honestly was not part of the design criteria.

I only realized it was waterproof -- because of the o-rings -- later on once the pen was finished. Sometimes you get lucky like that.

Quick And Easy Refill Change

The PocketPen™ can be totally disassembled AND re-assembled in under 8 seconds (yes, it REALLY can be done this fast!).

Not only that but it does not require any tools - just your hands (unless you want to remove the pocket clip on the "Pocket Clip" version).


The PocketPen™ weighs in at just 16g (0.56 oz.) for the "looped" version and just 17g (0.60 oz.) for the "clipped" version (this is including the refill).

Not only does this help keep your keychain nice and light ...but this also has the effect of the pen being light in the hand when you're writing with it.

No "rattle" When Extended

By using o-rings on the PocketPen™ to secure the pen in the holder (both in the closed and open positions) there is no "rattle" when in use.

Simply put:

When using the PocketPen™ in the extended position it feels like a solid, full-size pen even though it is two parts fitted together.

Accepts Common 'D2' Refills

The PocketPen™ accepts the ultra-compact -- but still fairly common -- "D2" style refill.

I've not settled on which brand of "D2" refill I'm going to ship your PocketPen™ to you with yet (but you can be assured it will be one of the higher-end refills).

Super-Smooth Matte Surface Finish

As with all our titanium products the PocketPen™ will receive our famous, tried-and-tested super-smooth Matte surface finish.

While it's not 100% scratch resistant - it's pretty damn close!


Here are the critical dimensions of the PocketPen™...

"Capped" Version:

Length (when closed): 70mm (2.75")

Length (when extended): 108mm (4.25")

Weight (including refill): 16g (0.56 oz.)

"Looped" Version:

Length (when closed): 76mm (3.00")

Length (when extended): 114mm (4.50")

Weight (including refill): 17g (0.60 oz.)

Hole Diameter: 4mm (0.16")

Both Versions:

Pen Length: 68mm (2.68")

Pen Diameter: 7mm (0.28")

Body Diameter: 9.5mm (0.38")

Precision Made Entirely In-House

As with EVERY product I make ...the PocketPen™ is precision machined from start to finish right here in our own workshop in New Zealand.

From raw imported Grade 5 Titanium bar ...all the way through to packaging and shipping the PocketPen™ directly to you ...it's all done by us!


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