Finally, designed for every-day use...

"They Laughed When I Said

I Made A Titanium 'Pill Box'...

Until I Showed Them This!"

"Discover How You Can Get Your Hands On The World's Greatest Titanium Modular Pill Box And Everyday Carry (EDC) Cache -- Your Friends Will Envy You... GUARANTEED!

From: Magnus Macdonald,

Dear Friend,

If you want the safest and most customizable pill box and everyday carry cache ever produced, then you’ve just found it!

Before I continue, I have a quick confession:

This project happened because I was scared.

I was fearful of my young, 5-year-old son getting into the headache pills I keep in my bag (a laptop bag I carry with me daily).

Every day I would get visions of my young son getting into the packet of headache pills thinking they were sweets.

I’d had enough…

Basically, I was ‘forced’ to produce what I’m about to reveal to you.

And here’s where it gets interesting…

I showed initial designs to some of my previous Customers… and the response was nothing short of mind-blowing!

They demanded I produce these. And so I knew these were going to be a game changer.

I continued testing, tweaking and re-designing.

And so -- after a lengthy phase of development -- I’m now ready to reveal the PillPots to you...

Here's the 'Stack28' PillPots™ in action -- the 'Stack28' PillPots™ are 28mm (just over 1") in diameter -- so, yeah, they can hold a load of stuff and still be relatively compact!

Truth be told...

The PillPots™ are not just for vitamins, supplements and such. Not even close.

When I set about designing the PillPots™ I made sure it could hold a boat-load more than just pills. The number of different things the PillPots™ can carry is staggering!

Here's what I'm talking about:

Did I mention the PillPots™ are 100% Watertight?... it's as if they were designed to carry matches when you go camping! (This model is the 'L28' PillPot™)

Not only are the PillPots™ Watertight -- they're airtight too!... perfect for carrying things like high-quality tea.

Here's the 'L22' PillPot™ (with a "looped" lid) carrying "EMERGENCY CASH"...

The ultra-compact 'S22' PillPot™ was pretty much designed for things like lip-balm, medical-cream and so on...

If you're not already familiar with my work and previous projects - I may as well confess to you now:

I have obsessive-compulsive personality traits that literally "force" me to only produce stuff that is usually unique, often "over-engineered" and always tested-to-death.

​In fact, some of the people I showed the initial PillPots™ concept to laughed at the idea (probably because they didn't think it could be done!). But, hey, who cares about the "haters", right?

These personality "flaws" drive the people around me absolutely insane... but it does mean you get access to products no one else dares to make!

In fact, just to prove this...

Here are just some of the "need to know" things you need to know about the PillPots™:

  • Not just for pills (you can carry mints, lip-balm, matches, money, coins, salt/spices... pretty much anything you want!)
  • 100% airtight and watertight (you will have absolute confidence in keeping your pills -- or whatever you want -- super-safe and dry)
  • Precision engineered and machined to be ultra-light (you’ll barely notice the PillPots™ in your pocket or bag)
  • “No Jam” cap design (the custom designed “coarse” thread makes it impossible for the PillPot™ to ‘seize’ or ‘stick’ when you screw them together... you will be able to unscrew them effortlessly EVERY time!)
  • The PillPot™ comes in two sizes (this allows you to choose the size that will work best for you)

Here are the 'S28' (right) and 'S22' (left) PillPots™ next to a standard 'AA' battery -- this shows you how ultra-compact these models really are!

  • Designed and made to last several lifetimes (no effort or expense is spared in the custom manufacturing of the PillPots™... they're not just going to last years... they're going to last DECADES)
    • Smart “hanging” loop (this allows you to quickly and easily hang your PillPots™ from your keychain or rucksack or whatever you want)
    • Ultra-strong (the PillPots™ are possibly the strongest pill container available anywhere – so you can be confident your personal contents are safe and secure)
    • Buttery-smooth surface finish (a proprietary finishing process guarantees your PillPots™ have a finish your friends will be envious of!)
    • Ultra-compact (the PillPots™ have been designed from the ground up to maximize the use of space... so you’re getting a pill container that’s pocket and bag friendly)

The 'S22' (using a "looped" lid) is pocket-friendly -- here you can see it with some of my other product (the HookUp™ clips)

  • Made entirely from Grade 5 Titanium (because of the almost “magical” qualities of titanium – you’re going to be getting a pill container that will last a lifetime)
        • “Brute Force” tested (you can be 100% confident in your PillPots™ because I have put them through my rigorous, no-holds-barred and tested-to-destruction process)
        • Super-simple and ultra-easy “twist-off” opening and closing mechanism (the custom machined thread design on the cap ensures a simple, easy and secure fit)
        • Timeless and future-proof design (because of the ultra-minimalist design - the functioning of your PillPots™ is going to last decades... and the aesthetic and “look and feel” will too!)
        • The high-quality O-ring seals are an industry standard size (so should you need the replace them years down the road... you’ll be able to source replacements from almost anywhere...
        • The O-ring seal is made from high quality ‘nitrile’ (these are the same seals used in high-tolerance, critical applications... so you know you’ve got the BEST!)

      On the left is the 'Stack22' PillPot™... and on the right is the 'Stack28' PillPot™.

      • Stepped internal design (the internal diameter of each ‘pot’ is wider than the “neck”... so you get absolute maximum available volume while maintaining compactness and ultra-lightness)
      • Ultimate camping and hiking “tool” (because of the lightness and watertight seal the PillPots™ are a perfect tool for keeping your gear safe and secure when camping and hiking)
      • Ultra-minimalist “notched” lid available (this gives you the option of making your PillPots™ even more compact... it’s like having a “stealth” mode)
      • Made entirely here in New Zealand (I personally oversee every part of every PillPot™ being made... so you can be damn sure you’re getting the absolute best delivered to your door)
      • Easy pill access (just tip your PillPots™ over to access your pills... no more frustrating poking, prodding and fiddling to get your pills out of some awkward, generic plastic container)
      • Totally upgradable (you can “upgrade” and add more ‘pots’ to your PillPots™ later... this gives you the ultimate flexibility for what you need)

      A standard 'AA' battery shows you the size of the ''L28' PillPot™ (right) and the 'L22' PillPot™ (left)

      ​Before I continue...

      ​From previous projects I’ve managed to gain hundreds upon hundreds of die-hard Customers and raving fans!

      ​I think it’s important you know what you’re letting yourself in for when you invest in the PillPots™. Here’s just a small sample of the frequent emails and messages I receive all the time from Customers:

      Okay, I'm nearly done, but...

      The full PillPots™ system is so customizable I really need to take the time to break it down a little more and explain it to you:

      Two Diameters Available

      All the PillPot™ designs are available in two different sizes.

      ​There is a compact 28mm (just over 1") version and an ultra-compact 22mm (just over 3/4") version. These sizes are the external diameters of the PillPots™.

      ​Modular "Extension" Pots

      ​This is one of the truly unique parts of the PillPots™ ...

      Three "extension" pots are available... and each one is individually marked so you can quickly and easily identify them:

      ​Long "Cache" Version

      So as to give you every possible option - I've produced longer versions of the base pot for each of the PillPotsizes.

      ​The 28mm-diameter "cache" version is 48mm (around 2") long.

      ​And the 22mm-diameter "cache" version is 40mm (around 1.5") long.

      "Stepped" Internal Design

      To make maximum use of space -- and to reduce weight to an absolute minimum -- the inside of the PillPot™ has a "stepped" design.

      Here's a cross-section of one of the PillPots™:

      (Note: The thickness of 'base' and 'walls' is not exactly to scale on this drawing - the actual thickness of the 'walls' on all the PillPots™ is just 1mm!)

      "Looped" Cap

      The "looped" cap of the PillPot™ allows you to hang your PillPots™ from your bag, keychain, or wherever you like:

      "Notched" Cap

      Some of the PillPot™ models come with an ultra-minimalist "notched" cap.

      This ensures the PillPot™ is as compact as possible... while still allowing you to quickly and easily screw the cap on and off:

      "Water-Tight And Air-Tight

      You'll like this...

      The O-Ring sealing system on the PillPots™ has gone through a ton of development - and it serves two purposes:

      #1 - The O-Rings provide a water-tight and air-tight seal for whatever you decide to put in your PillPots™.

      #2 - The O-Ring seals also ensure a smooth, friction-fit for the caps and "extension" pots.

      This means they simply cannot become "seized" or "jammed" (no matter how hard you try to tighten them!)

      Not only that, but it is also impossible for them to accidentally unscrew themselves.

      Custom-Made "Quick Screw" Threads

      The threads on the PillPots™ have been custom-cut using high-precision CNC-machining.

      The threads have a specific "coarseness" so, when screwing on a cap or extension pot, it "grabs" quickly and easily... and guarantees you can't mis-thread it!

      Additionally, it only takes a couple of quick twists to screw the cap or extension pot on or off fully!

      ​Proprietary, Super-Smooth Finish

      ​Because you're likely to be carrying your PillPots™ with you - the surface finish is critical.

      This is why your PillPots™ get my proprietary finishing treatment designed specifically for this reason.

      This process ensures an incredible, buttery-smooth finish unlike anything you’ve ever felt (...unless you've bought from me before!)

      "Bottomless" Extension Pots

      ​These pots are *NEW*...

      I've had a many people ask me for extensions so they can make their PillPots™ longer.

      And so I've just produced what I call "Bottomless" Extensions. These are available in both the 28-size and 22-size.

      ​The internal length of each are as follows:

      28-size Internal Length: 32mm (around 1.25")

      22-size: Internal Length: 24mm (around 0.95")
      Here are just a few of the ways you can configure the PillPots™:
      What YOU need to do now is decide which PillPots™ are going to work best for you:

      "Stack with Loop Lid"
      Short Base + Loop Lid
      + 3 x Extensions

       28mm is $159, 22mm is $139

      "Stack with Flat Lid"
      Short Base + Loop Lid
      + 3 x Extensions

      28mm is $139, 22mm is $119

      Long Base + Loop Lid

      28mm is $99, 22mm is $79

      Long Base + Flat Lid

      28mm is $79, 22mm is $69

      Short Base + Loop Lid

      28mm is $79, 22mm is $69

      Short Base + Flat Lid

      28mm is $69, 22mm is $59

      ​Below are some additional PillPot™ “Add-On” components available to you...

      Set of 3 x Extension Pots

      28mm is $79, 22mm is $59

      Bottomless Extension Pot

      28mm is $39, 22mm is $34

      Long Base Only

      28mm is $69, 22mm is $49

      Short Base Only

      28mm is $49, 22mm is $39

      Loop Lid Only

      28mm is $49, 22mm is $39

      Flat Lid Only

      28mm is $39, 22mm is $29


      P.S. Remember’re getting access to the world’s first high-end, fully-modular pill box and EDC cache system designed for real-world, every-day use. Nothing like these exist anywhere -- a true, EXCLUSIVE World First!


      Can The Cap Of The PillPot™ Get 'Jammed' Or 'Seized' On?

      No. It's impossible for this to happen.

      I've engineered the PillPots™ so the O-rings act to provide both a smooth friction fit... and to stop you from being able to over-tighten them.

      Not only that, but I've also tested (and tested... and tested...) the PillPots™ to ensure they function perfectly.

      Simply put: You're going to have years, actually make that decades, of trouble-free PillPot™ use.


      How Light Are The PillPots™?

      They are pretty damn light!

      Here's a quick break-down of the weights of each of the models of PillPot™:

      'S22' = 10 grams (0.35oz)

      'S28' = 16 grams (0.56oz)

      'L22' = 18 grams (0.63oz)

      'L28' = 27 grams (0.95oz)

      'Stack22' = 32 grams (1.12oz)

      'Stack28' = 49 grams (1.72oz)