A Simple and Minimalist Bottle Opener...

"Who Else Wants This Minimalist And Yet
Brutally Effective Titanium Bottle Opener?"

From: Magnus Macdonald, MagnusX.com

Dear Friend,

If you're looking for a simple and effective titanium bottle opener, then you've just found it!

Here's my honest confession:

This titanium bottle opener is the shameless result of my learning to program and use a CNC milling machine.

In other words:

This is the first product I have made where I have done the CNC machining myself.

The other products I make (pens, tweezers, carabiners, etc.) are designed by me ...but I work with my machinist to bring them to life.

This bottle opener is something entirely new and I am both proud and excited to share it with you.

I present to you – the “Tank”...

But get this:

Here is a video of how I made this bottle opener (or at least one of the prototype versions)...

Here are some more photos to give you a better idea of both the design and the final surface finish...

I'm going to be honest here:

I don't have any sort of "sales pitch" for this bottle opener.

The Tank is simply a brutally effective bottle opener with a clean design.

The dimensions are:

Length: 78mm (3.0")

Height: 12.5mm (0.5")

Thickness: 11mm (0.43")

Weight: 21g (0.75oz.)

I made this because I did not have a normal-sized bottle opener in my house ...I only had a pocket-sized one and REALLY wanted something with more leverage that I could have sitting in the kitchen drawer.

So, truthfully, this is something I really made for me (pretty selfish!) - but I'm going to make some more (as I type this I have 9 on my workbench ...but I hope to make more over the next few days).

Let’s get down to business...

If you want to order this one-of-a-kind bottle opener designed and made entirely buy yours truly - then click the order button below right now.

I'm offering the Tank to you for just $59.

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently still making these and so will not ship for around a week from when you place your order.

Click Here To Order Your 'Tank' Titanium Bottle Opener Just $59 Right Now

And remember...

You’re still getting my famous 100% Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee with your Tank.

I can’t imagine how you’d manage to bend, break or damage your Tank - but if something does happen to it... then just give me a shout and I’ll either replace it or refund your money.

Not only that, but...

If you decide the Tank is just not for you for any reason (or for no reason at all) – then just let me know and I’ll refund you every penny you paid. No questions asked.

When it's gone... it's gone!


​Magnus Macdonald

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Mount Maunganui, New Zealand