Only SIX Available...

Releasing these MokuTi Scalpers has been on my "to do" list for at least a couple of years (seriously, they've been stored away all that time).

Finally, I've taken the time to fully finish them and heat-treat them this afternoon.

No big 'sales pitch' here ..because, well, there are only six and I'd be surprised if they didn't all go within a few hours.

Here's how they look (NOTE: I have not modifed the photo below ...this is straight from my cellphone camera without any editing):

One last thing...

When you order your MokuTi Scalper I will send you one of the six above ...unfortunately you won't be able to select any specific one (because, quite simply, it's tricky to manage that on my end).

Click the order button below to order your MokuTi Scalper for USD175:

To impossibly high standards,



Can I order more than one?

Unfortunately not - this is a "one per customer" thing.

Can I select the specific one I want?

Again, unfortunately not. I am keeping this simple and you will receive one of these picked at random (which I think is fair for everyone).

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