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World's First Fully-Titanium, Quick-Release Mini-Clips For Your Key-Chain...

"Who Else Wants The Fully-Titanium

EDC 'Quick-Release' Clip System

...I Was FORCED To Invent"

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Get Access To The World's First All-Titanium Clip System

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From: Magnus Macdonald, CogentIndustries.com

Dear Friend,

If you want the ultimate fully-titanium, ultra-compact, "quick release" key-chain clip, then you’ve just found it...

For the last few months I’ve been producing high-end, all-titanium every-day-carry products such as key-holders, multi-tools, pry-bars and tweezers.

Backers like you have backed my two hugely successful Kickstarter campaigns and I now have hundreds of VERY happy customers.

Sunday, July 16.

Interesting fact: Any product I create and offer to my previous customers is typically SOLD OUT within hours, sometimes minutes ...and even as fast as 75 seconds on one crazy, website-crashing occasion!

The BAD NEWS is I recently stumbled upon...

A Big, BIG Problem...

Hundreds upon hundreds of people are carrying my products around with them every day. And they have been forced to carry them on sub-standard, average-quality key-chains.

I know this to be true because I actually use the products I create ...and have personally been unable to find a high-quality key-chain system. The truth is..


I don't know about you, but...

I simply could not find a way to connect and carry my own high-end titanium products without using some sub-standard, average quality key-chain components.

And I bet you’ve had the same problem, right? You can find clips ...but they are fiddly and frustrating and just average quality. I understand completely.


Long story short:

I've been literally FORCED to produce an extremely high-end clip system ...because such a thing simply did not exist!

After a fairly lengthy process of designing, prototyping, testing and tweaking...

I Had Created Something INCREDIBLE...

I call it the HookUp™...

How does the HookUp™ clip perform? Well, I’ll get to that in just a minute...

But first, here’s what you need to know:

  • "Quick Release" mechanism (...easy-to-press lever action guarantees you can "un-hitch" your clip without even looking!)

  • "Locked In" mechanism (...you will have ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE in your HookUp™ clips because it is impossible for them to accidentally "unhook"!)

  • Ultra-light (...weighs a mind-boggling 1.1 grams so you'll hardly feel the HookUp™ clips in your pocket!)

  • Classic Matte-finish has been perfected during my recent products (...you’re guaranteed a flawless, insanely-high-quality finish!)

  • Ultra-compact (...just over 30mm, or 1 3/16", long ...and a super-slim 2mm thick!)

  • "Quick Clip" mechanism (...clip your HookUp™ onto anything in one fast, swift motion!)

  • Every single component of the HookUp™ is made from Grade 5 Titanium (...so you’ve got extreme boasting rights!)

Take a closer look...

This Is My Very Own Every-Day-Carry Key-Chain Setup (...Yes, I Really Do Use The Products I Create!)

One Of The GREATEST Features Of The HookUp™ Clips Are That You Can Add Or Remove Parts Of Your Key-Chain (Such As Flashlights, USB Drives, Etc) In Seconds!

Not JUST For Your Key-Chain... You Can Take Your HookUp™ With You Anywhere (Especially Camping And Outdoors!)

I Swear (Hand On Heart) This Photo Has Not Been "Phototshopped" ...Yes, The Finish On Your HookUp™ Clips Really Is This Good!

Let’s get down to business...

The HookUp™ isn’t some cheap, mass-produced $15 clip. This is a truly high-end and made-to-last-a-lifetime clip made entirely from Grade 5 Titanium.

This Is No Ordinary Key-Chain Clip

As with everything else I've designed and created so far...

The HookUp™ is made entirely here where I live in New Zealand. I import the titanium from the USA ...the parts are then water-jet/laser cut and CNC-machined by local businesses ...and I finally finish the HookUp™ myself (including putting it together).

A HookUp™ Clip Together With A Set Of Cogent Industries (That's Me!) Limited, Custom Made Titanium Tweezers!

A HookUp™ Clip Saddling-Up Next To A Cogent Industries (That's Me Again!) PryMal™ Titanium Pry-Bar...

Two HookUp™ Clips On A Titanium Split-Ring With Cogent Industries HangKey™ Ultra-Minimalist Titanium Pocket-Clip...

My Personal EDC Key-Chain Setup (Yes, ALL Those Split-Rings Are Titanium!)

Know this:

I only design and create high-end products. I'm talking... the best of the best here. And this is why the HookUp™ is made entirely from Grade 5 Titanium, because it's important to...

Accept Only the BEST

But that’s only half the story...

I have hundreds of very, VERY happy customers. I think it’s important you hear what some of them have to say.

Here’s a small “snapshot” of just some of the emails, messages and comments I get every day from customers and Kickstarter project Backers:

As you probably know (if you’ve bought from me before)...

Before I release any product it has been tested ...and tested ...and tested some more! The HookUp™ is no different and I have just finished hundreds of hours of hands-on testing. Quite simply, the HookUp™ has been through...

MONTHS Of Real-Life, No-Holds-Barred And Taken-To-The-Absolute-Limits Testing!

Bottom line is...

Throughout this monster testing phase I have been continuously tweaking and optimizing the HookUp™. All in all there have been HUNDREDS of changes made to the design since the very first prototype.

The result?

Simply put: there is nothing available anywhere that even comes close to the HookUp™! (...and believe me, I've searched everywhere!)

From the ultra-light, ultra-compact design ...to the 100% secure “Locked On” mechanism ...all the way through to the "quick release" lever.

How Does It Perform?

If you’re already familiar with my work ...then you know every single part of any design I create is there for a specific reason. And the HookUp™ is no different.

Here’s the “down and dirty” on the HookUp™:


The HookUp™ is just over 30mm (1 3/16") in length.

"Goldilocks" Sized Split-Ring Hole...

The split-ring hole at the bottom of the HookUp™ clip has gone through various revisions to ensure it's not too big and not too small ...it's just right! The diameter of the split-ring hole is around 4mm.

Super-Secure “Locked On” Mechanism...

This clever design guarantees TWO things...

#1 - Your HookUp™ will NEVER "accidentally" slip off whatever you've clipped it on to.


#2 - The "spring" component of the HookUp™ will NEVER slide out (...even if you try to get it out!)

Tried-And-Tested Finger-Grip...

The HookUp™ features my tried-and-tested finger-grip pattern (...this same pattern is present on three other highly-successful products I've produced!)

Easy-To-Press, "Quick Release" Lever...

After a TON of trial-and-error ...I've managed to find the perfect length, width, thickness and design for the "spring" component of the HookUp™.

Not only that, but...

Because Grade 5 Titanium typically has 30% more "flex" than ordinary steel ...the HookUp™ "springs back" to position with a strength and firmness that's literally impossible otherwise!


The main "body" component of the HookUp™ is crafted from 2mm thick titanium so it's insanely slim (...which means you will barely notice having five or six of them on your key-chain!)

My strong hunch is...

You knew you NEEDED a set of HookUp™ clips within seconds of seeing them (Hell, I knew I needed them before they existed ...and that’s why I was literally forced to invent them!).

You’re almost certainly going to need more than one. Personally, I use four to six of them most of the time ...they’re so ridiculously easy to clip on and off!

Here's the Kicker...

The HookUp™ clips allow me to vary my key-chain depending on where I’m going and what I’m doing! And the truth is...

You Won't Know How You Managed Without Your HookUp™ Clips!

Let’s get down to business...

What YOU need to do right now is decide how many HookUp™ clips you need.

My “Secret Tip”: The more HookUp™ clips you order ...the cheaper they are for you! :-)

Take a look at the options below, select which set of HookUp™ clips you want ...and then simply click the “Order Now” button.

HookUp™ Clips - Set of 5

YES! I'm Ready To Order
My 5 x HookUp™ Clips

Click the button below to order YOUR
5 x Titanium HookUp™ Clips RIGHT NOW!

Don’t risk missing out ...you need to “lock in” your HookUp™ clips by clicking the ‘Order Now’ button RIGHT NOW!


Magnus Macdonald

P.S. Remember ...you’re getting access to the ultimate set of high-end, fully-titanium key-chain clips. Nothing like these exist anywhere -- a true, EXCLUSIVE World First!

One last thing ...I urge you not to MISS OUT on securing your HookUp™ clips. I can't guarantee I'll produce them ever again. For this reason it is critical you click the 'Order Now’ button RIGHT NOW!


The "Spring" Component Of The HookUp™ Clip Looks Like It Might Slide Out Easily, Will It?

The short answer is: No, it's impossible to slide out.

The long answer is: The "Spring" component requires skill, patience and strength to install into the main body. And, once it's in ...it's pretty much impossible to get out without a strong pair of pliers, brute-strength and a lot of patience!

Simply put: Once it's in ...it's not coming out. Full stop.

How Strong Is The HookUp™?

It's pretty damn strong ...but only for the purpose to which it's design - which is as a key-chain/rucksack/belt-loop clip. The HookUp™ is not design to withstand large amounts of force.

I could easily make the HookUp™ bigger and stronger ...but then it wouldn't be the ultra-compact, ultra-slim and ultra-light clip it currently is! :-)

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Mount Maunganui, New Zealand