Finally, designed for every-day use...

"Who Else Wants The Ultimate
Titanium Keychain Pocket-Clip?"

*NEW*... Possibly The World's Greatest Titanium Keyholder For Everyday Carry EDC... Your Friends Will Envy You... GUARANTEED!

Dear Friend,

If you want what is possibly the world’s greatest key pocket-clip, then you’re on the right page.

Before I continue – I have a shameless confession:

The titanium pocket-clip I’m about to reveal to you is not a brand new product. It’s true.

But wait, before you run off…

Please hear me out.

The truth is: This pocket-clip (or “dangler” as some people like to call it) is based on a truly tried-and-tested design.

For the last year or so I have been making and selling the first version of this pocket-clip.

Saturday, January 24.

Not only that, but…

I've sold hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them. And honestly, I've probably had more incredible feedback about this pocket-clip than anything else I've made.

And here’s where it gets interesting…

Since the first version of this pocket-clip was originally designed last year I've been improving it by testing, tweaking and testing some more.

In total I've made about a dozen improvements to the initial pocket-clip design (and I'll get into detail in just a minute).

It's been a long road. But after a lot of frustration, sleepless nights and tested-to-destruction testing... I present to you the new and improved: HangKey

Ultra-Minimalist, Made From Grade 5 Titanium And Guaranteed To Work With ANY Keychain.

Now, before I continue…

You’ve got to understand the HangKey is not like other “pocket clips” or “danglers”.

​For a start it’s made from Solid Grade 5 Titanium (no cheap-and-cheerful aluminium or brass used here!).

Not only that but…

There’s no “stamping” or “punching” or any form of mass-production processes involved. From raw titanium sheet... all the way to finished product... the HangKey is made by me (with perhaps a little bit of help from my machinist to bevel the edges).​

​Each HangKey is individually cut from thick titanium sheet and then CNC machined to aerospace level tolerances that would make even NASA envious!

And that’s not even to mention the proprietary finishing process that gives the HangKey its flawless finish.

Here's the thing...

I’m sure you’re beginning to see the HangKey is like no other pocket-clip.

But, truthfully, I’ve barely even scratched the surface in revealing the HangKey to you.

So, before I continue – here’s what you need to know:

Hang Inside Or Outside Your Pocket

The HangKey was specifically designed so that you could choose whether you hang your keys inside or outside your pocket.

"Dangling" Your Keychain On The Inside Of The Pocket (THIS Is How I Use My HangKey Most Of The Time)

You Want To Carry Your Keys On The OUTSIDE Of Your Pocket? Well, Yes, The HangKey Can Do That Too!

Not only that, but…

​You can confidently hang the HangKey from various other pockets, pouches and bags.

I've Designed The HangKey To Fit Onto Your Laptop Bag, Gym Bag or Handbag. The HangKey Hangs On A Hell Of A Lot More That Just Pockets!

Super Subtle... No One Would Know Your Keychain Is Sitting There Ready For You To Access In An Instant.

​Holds Multiple Split-Rings

The ‘loop’ at the bottom has been designed large enough to fit even the largest split-rings.

And, in fact, can hold more than one split-ring if you need it to.

​The width of the loop is 4.5mm (0.18”).

The Large Diameter (4.5mm or 0.18") Hole At The Bottom Of The HangKey Can Handle Not Only The Largest Split-Ring You Can Throw At It... But a Whole Bunch Of Them!

​​Made Entirely From Solid Grade 5 Titanium

​Unlike most other "pocket clips" and "danglers" that are made from aluminium, brass or stainless steel… the HangKey is precision machined from solid Grade 5 Titanium.

​Costly? Yes… but I personally couldn’t settle for producing anything but the best.

​Making the HangKey from titanium was a complete “no brainer”.

I knew this would mean I couldn’t produce the HangKey for some low-ball $15 or $20 price. But there was no way I could compromise on this.

Individually Machined From Solid, Grade 5 Titanium. No Cheap Mass-Production Methods Used Anywhere Here!

Ultra Light

​​I’ll let you into one of my personal design “secrets”…

At every step of the design process I’m constantly asking myself, “Does THIS need to be here?”

​In other words:

​If I can remove a piece of material without affecting the function or aesthetics, then I take it out!

​The result is that virtually all my designs are ultra-minimalist and ultra-lightweight. And the HangKey is a stunning example of this.

Simply put…

The HangKey has no material on it that does not serve a specific purpose. And, because of this, the HangKey weighs in at a mind-blowing 3.9 grams (0.13oz).​

Weighing Just 3.9g (0.13oz) - The HangKey Is Quite Possibly The Lightest Pocket-Clip Available.

​Super-Grippy “Finger Grooves”

​​​To guarantee you’re able to quickly and swiftly pull your keys from your pocket… the HangKey has super-grippy “finger grooves”.

​These grooves ensure your fingers will NEVER slip when you pull your HangKey from your pocket.

​And if that’s not enough… it also looks damn cool too!

The "Ultra-Grippy" Finger Grips Not Only Look Damn Good - But They Work So Well You'll Find Yourself Taking Your Keys Out Your Pocket Because It Just Works So Damn Well!

​“Goldilocks” Size

​The length, width and thickness of the HangKey is bang in the middle of the “Goldilocks” range.

​In other words…

​It’s not too big… not too small… but just right.

​A boat-load of testing and tweaking (as well as feedback from users) has resulted in dimensions for the HangKey that I don’t think I can improve on.

​The HangKey is machined from 4mm (0.16”) thick titanium sheet and is around 60mm (2.4”) long.

Not Too Big... And Not Too Small.. The HangKey Is The "Perfect" Length At 60mm (2.5") Long

​​Works With Every Other Keyholder Available

​​​Here’s a shocker for you…

Even though I design and create most of the pocket and everyday carry products I personally use (all in titanium of course)… I still buy a lot of stuff.

​Not only that, but I also back a lot of Kickstarter projects too – many of them keyholders.

But get this…

​The HangKey will work with pretty much every keyholder you’ve seen on Kickstarter (or elsewhere).

​And, in fact, I use my own HangKey together with a prototype keyholder I'm still testing.

Believe It Or Not... The HangKey Is The One Thing I Cannot Leave Home Without (Take Away My Titanium Bottle Openers, Carabiners And Split-Rings... But NOT My HangKey!)

Here’s the HangKey being used with a selection of keyholders...

Already Got A Traditional KeyHolder? Well, You're In Luck, Because The HangKey Will Work With It Perfectly!

​Designed To Work With Even The Thickest Of Pockets

​The HangKey will clip with ease onto thin pockets.

​Not only that, but because of the widened top part, the HangKey will clip onto even the thickest pockets as well.

The widened gap ensures the HangKey fits snuggly onto the edge “seam” of your pocket.​

It's Funny... No One Is Going To Be Able To Guess What Is Sitting Inside Your Pocket!

​Obscenely Strong

Believe it or not…

​The HangKey is not just made out of titanium to save weight. Nope.

​The combined strength and elasticity of Grade 5 Titanium is required for this specific design.

​In other words…

​Using aluminium or brass would result in the HangKey being too easily bent.

​Grade 5 Titanium ensures it is virtually impossible to bend or break the Hangkey ever!

Don't Let The Simplicity Of The HangKey "Trick" You... It's Taken An Obscene Amount Of Testing And Tweaking To Get The HangKey To Where It Is Now.

​Quick And Easy Clip-On Opening

​I’ve spent considerable time testing and tweaking the performance of the HangKey.

​The wide opening of the HangKey ensures you can clip it onto you pocket quickly and easily. This opening is big enough to perform 100%... but small enough to still look damn good!

The HangKey Clips Onto Your Pocket Swiftly And Easily... I've Absolutely Tested This To Death - And It Performs 100%!


This may shock you, but...

The bevelled edges on the HangKey increases the production cost a LOT.

​And truthfully, it's a level of attention-to-detail few others would even consider attempting.

​But, as you can probably tell by now, I'm not one to "skip over" something just because it makes it cheaper to produce.

​Yes, this additional cost-to-produce will no doubt reduce the number of Backers who pledge for the HangKey.

​And that's fine. I'm happy to "weed out" Backers who are happy supporting average products. The HangKey is not an average product.

​The HangKey is a high-end, bespoke product I've designed and created specifically for someone like you... who appreciates an obsessive attention-to-detail.

The Bevelling On The HangKey Is A Level Of Detail I've Gone To That Most Others Would Think Was "Crazy". But, To Be Honest, I Just Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way.

​Four Mind-Blowing Finishes...

​By now you’re probably getting an idea that I take design and function quite seriously.

​I take surface finishing very, VERY seriously too!

​And this is why I’m offering the HangKey to you in four unique finishes:

​​'Matte' Finish

​​The 'Matte' is my classic tried and tested finish.

​Not as "flash" as the other finishes - but it's super-practical and absolutely no-nonsense.

Polished' Finish

​The “Polished” is a new finish I’m now able to offer.

​Polished titanium is not something that’s available often (and this is because it’s not an easy thing to achieve).

​Although it takes more work to get the polished finish… the results are nothing short of spectacular.

'Gold' Finish

I've spent a ton of time testing and perfecting this finish...

​It's a rich, gold colour I've achieved through heat-anodising.

​This is the first time I've produced a non-natural colour on one of my titanium products - but the result is so good I just had to make it available to you.



​The 'MokuTi' HangKey is not just another finish... but a unique, hand-made "layered" titanium.

​Because it’s made by hand in small quantities it’s typically not readily available (and even then it’s many, MANY times more expensive than ordinary titanium).

​But, as you can see, the result is nothing short of sensational.

​I can only offer a limited number of 'MokuTi' HangKeys because I have to work with a limited supply of this material.

Quite simply…

​I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to offer these again after this.

Yes, The "MokuTi" Finish REALLY Does Look Like This. In fact, To Be Honest, It Looks Even Better In Person Than In These Photos. I'm Serious.

The "Layered" Effect On The MokuTi HangKey Goes All The Way Through... And I Use Heat To Create The Incredible Colours

EVERY MokuTi HangKey Is Absolutely Unique - Just Like Your Fingerprint - No Two The Same... How About That For Bragging Rights!

It Doesn't Get Much Better Looking Than This!

Now, here's the thing...

​This new HangKey design has changed so much since the original I have to re-design and make a new CNC milling fixture to allow me to produce it.

Before I continue...

​From previous Kickstarter projects I’ve managed to gain thousands of die-hard Customers and raving fans!

​I think it’s important you know what you’re letting yourself in for when you join this HangKey project. Here’s just a small sample of some of the emails and messages I continue to receive from Customers:

NOTE: Only The "Matte" Finish HangKey Is Available Right Now

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​Truthfully, I can’t guarantee I’ll produce the HangKey again after this (and, without a doubt, you certainly won't be able to get it at these low prices if I do).

​Ordering now is the ONLY way you can guarantee you get YOUR HangKey.

​Don't regret missing this...

​The only way you can guarantee you get your HangKey and be part of this is by ordering your HangKey right now.


​P.P.S. One last thing ...I urge you not to MISS OUT on securing your HangKey ...because I simply can't guarantee I'll produce them ever again after this. For this reason it is critical you click the ‘Order Now’ button RIGHT NOW!



​Can I Put The HangKey On My Belt?

​I'll be brutally honest here...

​The HangKey will most likely not fit well on a typical leather belt.

​A thinner, fabric belt might work well - but the HangKey is really designed for pockets (both thick and thin).

© ​Magnus, All Rights Reserved.
Mount Maunganui, New Zealand