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Finally, a 'flipping' utility knife...

"Who Else Wants Access To This
One-Of-A-Kind Titanium Flipper Knife

...That Packs A Utility Blade Punch!"

From: Magnus Macdonald, MagnusX.com

Dear Friend,

If you've ever wanted a utility blade knife in the style of a high-end flipper-knife, then you've just found it!

Here's what you need to know...

The knife design I'm about to show you has never been done by anyone before (as far as I am aware at least).

This knife is fundamentally a framelock flipper-tab knife. It is almost entirely Grade 5 titanium and it locks open using the tried-and-tested framelock mechanism.

But here's the kicker:

Instead of a standard knife blade ...it holds a standard Utility Blade. I call this one-of-a-kind knife the Fliptility™:

Framelock Locking Mechanism
The Fliptility™ knife uses the truly tried-and-tested framelock mechanism - used on millions of knives.

It's a rock-solid locking solution that's stood the test of time.
Here's a short video of the flipping mechanism in action:
A Travel Knife
One of the unique features of the Fliptility™ is you can remove the utility blade ...and, immediately, your framelock knife is no longer a "knife".

One huge benefit of this is that it's ideal for travelling with.

Truthfully, I can't guarantee the TSA/Customs won't decide to take it from you (they have ultimate discretion about what gets through) ...but I'm fairly confident it's safe to travel with when there is no blade in it.
I'll be honest with you here...

The heaviest part of the knife is the frame that the utility blade sits in. This is made from stainless steel and is hardened  (it needs this for the opening and locking mechanism to function).

There is not a lot of material on the blade - compared to normal knife blades - so the weight of the knife is fairly low.

The Fliptility™ (with blade) weighs just: 86g (3 oz.)
Quick and easy blade change
Changing the blade on the Fliptility™ knife is ultra-simple.

There is a titanium "slider" you slip out the front of the main blade ...you take the blade out and put in a new one ...and then push the "slider" back in (which locks in the utility blade 100% secure!).
Here's a video of how it's done:
Size and Shape of a REAL Knife
This knife is not for everyone - I know that for sure.

The overall design is fairly "aggressive" looking and generally not as minimalist as the products I typically design.

There is a downside ...and it's the fact you won't be able to attached this knife to you keys (it's not small enough).

But here's the thing:

The Fliptility™ knife is built for heavy, hard use. Not only that, but it has the size, shape and function of a full-blown framelock knife too.
Hand Sanding and Finishing
If I'm famous for just one thing, then it might be the surface finishing of the various titanium products I've produced over the years.

The final finish is a BIG thing for me (it always has been) ...and the Fliptility™ knife is no different.

Once the scales come off the precision CNC machine it's time to roll-up-my-sleeves and get to work hand-sanding (again, with this Fliptility™ knife, all done by me). The scales are then put through our tried-and-tested tumbling process.
Lockbar Insert
Because this is a framelock knife, then we're using part of the titanium scale to "lock up" the blade when it opens.

I feel the best solution to this is having a lockbar insert. These are made from stainless steel and hardened in-house.

These are fiddly little parts to make - but the result is well worth it for sure:
Hardware Details (The Technical Stuff!)
I'll do a bit of a run-down now of the hardware used on the Fliptility™ knife.

Here's what I'm using:

-- Grade 5 Titanium Pivots(These are 1/4" and so fairly large for a knife of this size. I did this on purpose because I felt it would help make the knife more stable when opening and closing)

-- Grade 5 Titanium 2-56 Screws(I'm using these screws on the stand-off, pocket-clip and lockbar-insert)

-- 2mm Ceramic Detent Ball(This is press-fit into the lock-bar insert and are Silicon Nitride SI3N4 coated)

-- Grade 5 Titanium Stand-off (I decided to keep the knife as simple and function as possible and so am using a stand-off ...this has helped lowered the final price for you - which always helps!)

-- 9-Ball Ceramic Caged Bearings(These are 1/4" to match the Pivots and are Silicon Nitride SI3N4 coated)

All the above components are imported directly from the USA. The titanium parts are made on Swiss-style lathes and so the quality does not get better!

I do some additional surface finishing on the Titanium hardware to match with the rest of the knife.
The overall length when open is 6.85" (around 174mm).

The length when closed is 4.25" (around 108mm).
If you order right now, then I'm going to be shipping your Fliptility™  to you on February 28th.


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