Finally, a performance fidget spinner...

"Who Else Wants What Is Possibly The World's Greatest Titanium Tri-Spinner?"

This Is The High-End, Ultra High-Performance Fidget Spinner People Have Been

Asking, Begging And Even Demanding I Make For Them.

From: Magnus Macdonald, CogentIndustries.com

Dear Friend,

If you want to pre-order what is possibly the world's greatest tri-spinner, then you're on the right page!

Before I continue...

This high-end fidget spinner is not for everyone. Only a few are likely to really be eligible to get on the pre-order.

To pre-order this ultimate fidget spinner you must understand:

  • Shipping will not be for another week or so.
  • I'm planning to discontinue this spinner design and so this is probably your last chance to get it.

Okay, let's take a look at the "World's Greatest Tri-Spinner" (and explain to you why I can confidently claim this title... )

Over the last few months, I've been prototyping spinners like some sort of mad genius. I showed some of these spinners on YouTube and, well, people started going crazy for them. Here's what I'm talking about...

There have been literally millions of views of my spinner videos.

In one video was a particular spinner people went over-the-top crazy about. I received emails, private messages, and comments through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram... basically everywhere... from people demanding I make this spinner.

...and this is the spinner I'm revealing to you today.

Before I continue...

In case you think I'm full of hot air here. Remember, I designed and developed dozens and dozens of PROTOTYPE fidget spinners, from clean-and-simple to really "out there":

I'm fairly confident my personal criteria for fidgetability is stricter than most (if not all) other spinner makers.

Here is just some of the super strict criteria this spinner had to meet:

  • Multiple finger "flicking" (this spinner had to be able to be flicked easily with index, middle or ring fingers)
  • Fowards and backwards flicking (as well as being able to flick with multiple fingers, this spinner had to be easily flicked both forwards and backwards)
  • "End" flicking (one criteria, that's a "must have" for me personally, is to be able to both flick and catch the spinner on the very ends of the spinner-arms!)
  • ​Ultra-ergonomic buttons (for me this is a complete "no brainer"... the buttons need to "hug" your finger so you can focus on flicking... and not trying to figure out how to grip the damn thing... too many spinners have buttons that only look good!)
  • ​"Table spin" (while this spinner is designed for fidgeting in-the-hand... I personally love flicking a spinner on my desk and having it spin on its own for a few minutes... I had to be able to do this with the spinner!)
  • Capable of fast spinning (if a spinner is too heavy then it's not going to spin fast... regardless of how skilled or strong your fingers are. The spinner had to bridge that fine balance between too light and too heavy... which is just one of the reasons for using titanium!)
  • ​Quick, easy and simple button retention (I've been frustrated in the past with screw-together buttons coming undone... and using magnets is just not my thing. I've invented a button retaining mechanism which has not been done before.)
  • ​Easy bearing change (this is a performance spinner, so it's likely you'll want to test and try different bearings to further tweak this spinner for you... so I've used a clever bearing retention system that makes it quick and easy to switch bearings)
  • ​No "hot spots" (I didn't invent this term... but it's a great way to describe any sharp edges or corners that make spinning uncomfortable. The spinner had to have absolutely no hot spots!)
  • ​Perfectly balanced (this sounds obvious... but I've bought many "big name" expensive spinners that were unbalanced. Even a tiny wobble is frustrating... and so this spinner had to be perfectly balanced!)

On the topic of balance and precision:

I will be making this exclusive spinner right here where I live in New Zealand. The machining will be done in my machinist's workshop where we specifically use Japanese-made machines.

The Japanese make, undeniably, the highest precision machining equipment in the world. This is why we use Japanese machines.

This spinner will be made on the following Okuma CNC-lathe and Kitamura CNC-milling machine.

And this is where things get a little crazy...

Not only do we use high-precision Japanese-made CNC-machines... we run them in a strictly temperature-controlled environment (maintained at 20 degrees Celsius or 68 degrees Fahrenheit).

This ensures our high tolerances are achieved, as well as guaranteeing repeatability. These are just a couple of things we do (that most others don't) to attain perfect balance and precision on this spinner.

Right, enough talking, let's just get to the spinner - I present to you the ultra high-performance titanium spinner I call "Ego"...

Let's talk size and weight...

This is a compact performance spinner. The distance from the center to the outer arms is around 22mm (or a little under 1-inch). Now truthfully, I'd like to make it just a fraction larger when I start production of this spinner.

The Egospinner will be around 13mm (or just over 0.5") thick.

The total weight of this spinner -- including buttons and bearing -- will be around 51 grams (or roughly 1.75 oz.).

The truth is... this is fundamentally a performance spinner. And by performance I don't mean "spin time". I'm talking about the fidgetability of it.

The  Ego™ is a spinner that's designed for SERIOUS fidgeting. Even though the spinner looks damn good (which is certainly part of the appeal), I actually designed it mainly with hardcore fidgeting in mind.

The angles, bevels, curves, faces, shape, weight and so on are all things I developed, tested, and tweaked in the background.

While I may be somewhat new to designing and making spinners - I've been designing and making various high-end titanium products for many years now.

Here is just some of the feedback I receive all the time from Customers about my high-end products...

One last thing...

Remember you're also going to be getting my personal 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.

If you find your Ego™ spinner is just not for you, then let me know and I’ll give you back your money. No questions asked.

In fact, I can do even better for you...

Use your Ego™ spinner for as long as you like. Test it for a day, a week and month, or even a year. And, if your experience of using your Ego™ spinner doesn't have you screaming with delight... you can return it to me at any time. And I'll refund the entire amount to you.

YES! I'm ready to order

When I click the order button below I understand I'm going to be getting:
  • The world's first high-performance titanium tri-spinner design from the ground-up for maximum "fidgetability"
  • The lowest price this will ever be (and that's even if I make it again)
  • A high-performance bearing to match my high-performance spinner
  • A 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee (if I decide this spinner is not for me at any point, before or after I receive it, then Magnus will cheerfully refund my money. Absolutely no questions asked.)
I'm getting the Ego spinner for U̶S̶D̶$̶1̶5̶9̶. ...JUST $149 RIGHT NOW!
I am clicking the order button below to "lock in" and guarantee I get myEgo spinner right now:

To impossibly high standards,


P.S. Remember... you're getting the ultimate, high-end spinner designed 100% for performance and "fidgetability".

​P.P.S. Remember... you’re also going to be getting my 100% Risk-Free Unconditional LIFETIME Guarantee! If you're not absolutely blown-away by yourEgo spinner when you first pick it up ...then simply let me know and I will refund you every single penny you paid. No questions asked.


Can I order more than one Ego™ spinner?

Yes, you can. I do encourage this because the Egospinner will never be this cheap ....EVER!

Can the Ego™ spinner "table spin" (i.e. spin on a flat surface)?

Yes - for sure! This was one of my strict criteria. Even though the Ego spinner has low-profile buttons ...you can still spin it on flat surfaces.

What size bearing does the Ego™ Spinner use?

I use the most popular R188 size bearing. This gives you a huge range of bearings to choose from if you want to further "tweak" your spinning experience.

Shouldn't the weight be distributed to the outside of the spinner?

The short answer is: No

The long answer is:

It depends what you're trying to achieve. If you're trying to design a spinner with a long spin-time AND reduce the weight as much as you can - then, yes, you want to distribute weight to the outside.

With the Ego spinner I'm not trying to achieve the longest possible spin-time ...and I'm not trying to reduce weight either.

The core criteria for this spinner is "fidgetability" (i.e. being able to spin it with different fingers in different ways, being able to stop it mid-spin, feeling ultra-comfortable in the hand, and so on...) ...not spin-time.

Because the Egospinner is made from titanium it's already at a fairly optimal weight for the design criteria I had. There was no need for me to "shave of" material to make it lighter.

How long will I have to wait for my spinner?

Around a week or so.

What weight is the Ego™ spinner?

The final production weight -- including the bearing and buttons -- will be around 50 grams (or roughly 1.75 oz.)

How big is the Ego™ spinner?

The distance from the center of the button to the outer arms is around 22mm (or just under 1"). Truthfully, I do plan to increase the size a little before I start the production of the Egospinner.

It is around 13mm (just over 0.5") thick.

What is the "spin time" (i.e. how long will it spin for)?

Based on similar prototypes I've made the spin-time is almost certainly going to be at least 3 minutes.

But here's the thing... the Ego spinner is not about spin-time. While spin-time does help prove how easily a spinner can spin. The Ego spinner is more about starting and stopping when you're flicking it around ...and not just letting it spin for minutes at a time.

How can you claim the Ego™ spinner to be "The World's Greatest"?

A number of reasons including the various design elements, the high-precision machining, the proprietary surface finishing, and so on...

But really the #1 reason is because other people have told me so. The crazy, obsessive requests for me to produce this spinner are proof!

Why do you offer a lifetime money-back guarantee?

I offer this on all my high-end products (pens, mechanical pencils, tweezers, carabiners etc.) I stand by my products and I stand by you... forever.

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