Kickstarter Pen Backers Only...

Custom-Made Leather Case Made For The
Titanium "Click" Pen and Pencil

Below is your chance to get a hand-stitched leather case specifically made for the Titanium "Click" Pen and Mechanical Pencil.

IMPORTANT THING: This is available ONLY to Backers of the Kickstarter pen project (which is about to ship in a few days)

I worked with a friend to have these leather cases hand-made to fit the titanium pen/pencil you've pledged for on Kickstarter.

They are made entirely here in New Zealand (well, apart from the Vegetable Tanned leather which is imported from Italy).

(Another) IMPORTANT THING: I am making no money on these at all. The price below is cost price (it's the least I can do considering I'm delivering your Kickstarter Reward so late).

There is a single-pouch version and a double-pouch version (personally I have been using a prototype of the double-pouch for a while now and carry it with me EVERY day. I carry 1 x pen and 1 x pencil).

Here is the single-pouch version:

Here is the double-pouch version:

These pouches are ready right now and, if you order right now, will be shipped along with your Kickstarter Reward in a few days.

One last thing:

You will get free shipping (of course!) but you must use the following coupon code during checkout: FREESHIP

To order the SINGLE-Pouch handmade leather case click the order button below:
To order the DOUBLE-Pouch handmade leather case click the order button below:

To impossibly high standards,


P.S. Your Kickstarter Reward will be shipping in the next few days - my apologies again for the delay.

​P.P.S. Remember... this is a Kickstarter Backer exclusive for you. I have a handful of each of the two cases made and ready to go right now. And, of course, shipping is free.


Can I order more than one case?

Yes, you can. But, in saying that, there is a chance you are not allowing someone else to get one if you do.

Do these cases fit other pens and pencils?

These are designed specifically for the Titanium Pens and Pencils from the Kickstarter project ...and I am selling them as only that. I cannot promise they will fit other pens and pencils.

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