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The Ultimate Minimalist
Titanium Key Holder

If you've been looking for the ultimate titanium key holder, then you've just found it!

Let's just get straight into the details of this NEW (and possibly over-engineered!) titanium key holder. I call it the CoolKey™ :

100% Grade 5 Titanium

Every component of the CoolKey™ is made from Grade 5 Titanium (most other key holders are typically aluminum).

Yes, we know, it's an "expensive" way to make a key holder ...but it's strong, light and we guarantee it will LAST A LIFETIME!

100% Custom Titanium Screw System

If there is one thing that makes the CoolKey™ REALLY different to other key holders on the market it would be the 100% custom screw system.

QUICK & EASY Assembly ("How To" Video)

Screws Stay Tight (Will Not Loosen On Their Own!)

The CoolKey™ plates have ceramic detent balls pressed into them - like this:
And on the underside of the custom titanium screws we've machined "dimples":
The result?

As you assemble your CoolKey™ the screws will rotate -- or, to put it another way, "jump" -- in 45-degree increments. Essentially the screws click as you rotate them.

This GUARANTEES the screws cannot loosen on their own. It is literally impossible!

Not only that, but:

The 45-degree increments allow you to set your own custom friction level for your keys. In other words... you can choose to have your keys fold in and out freely ...OR ...you can choose to have them super-stiff ...or anything in between.

You have absolute control over how you want the keys on your CoolKey™ to feel.

And it gets better...

Flush-Fitting Screws

Another one of the stand-out features of the CoolKey™ is the flush-fitting screws.

As you can see below, the custom-screws on both sides of the CoolKey™ sit perfectly flush with the surface.

I'll be honest here...

The #1 benefit of flush screws is that they just look damn good (I'm serious - this really is the core benefit).

Most other key holder have the screws as an afterthought ...but on the CoolKey™ the screws are an intrinsic part of the design.

There are other benefits -- such as being less likely to gather lint from your pocket -- but they are secondary.

Ultra-Smooth Action

The action of your keys pivoting in and out of the key holder will be VERY smooth.

This is because we provide you with phosphor bronze washers.

These types of washers are common in the world of folding knives. Die-hard knife enthusiasts will often upgrade the standard (steel, nylon, etc.) washers on their knives to phosphor bronze ...because, quite simply, they are the best washers to use.

Yes, it's perhaps an over-the-top thing to use ...but once you feel the action of your keys ...we're fairly confident you'll feel it was worth the investment.

Perfectly Align Screws (If You're Obsessive Like Me!)

This could just be me, but...

I like to have things straight and aligned (I'm definitely on the Asperger's spectrum - so that's probably a part of it).

When I designed the CoolKey™ I HAD to be able to align the screws. It's an obsession (and so I kind of have to just go with it).

The detent balls + dimples on the screws allow you to align the heads of the screws to however you want them. This might not be of interest to some people ...but it's a big deal for me at least.

Custom Titanium Tool (Included)

Although an ordinary screwdriver can be used for the slots on the titanium screws ...we decided to hold nothing back and provide you with a one-of-a-kind driver tool for your CoolKey™.

This custom-made driver tool is made Grade 5 Titanium and precision CNC machined to perfectly fit the custom slots we machine into the screws.

Select Your Key ...Without Looking!

While the CoolKey™ is a brand new design for us ...I've been carrying an older prototype version around with me for many years.

I've found the BEST feature of this key holder (and this is only my personal opinion) is that, after a week or two of using it, I no longer fumbled around for keys.

Initially I had to look at the key holder to select the key I wanted. But, within just a few days, I would take the key holder out my pocket ...and I could just "feel" which key was the one I wanted.

The reason this happens (and it WILL happen to you) is because your fingers can feel which way the key hold is facing ...and, once you have that, you'll know whether the key you want is first one, second one, etc.

Believe it or not...

I've never had to look at my keys in years. As soon as I pick up the key holder (and my fingers identify which way it's facing) then I know the key I want. While it's not "magic" ...it's pretty damn close!

Fits Most Keys

Here's the truth...

There are probably going to be a few strange keys out there that will not fit on the CoolKey™.

But, the good news is that 99% of keys WILL fit.

We've made the posts on the CoolKey™ 4.7mm (or 0.188") in diameter. I've not found a key that has a hold smaller than this yet.

We include a combination of o-rings and washers with the CoolKey™ so you can fit keys of different thicknesses - this gives you total flexibility for the keys you can fit to your CoolKey™.

Internal Pockets (To Reduce Weight)

We've taken the time to machine out most of the inside of the plates of the CoolKey™.

This helps hugely in reducing the overall weight of your CoolKey™ in your pocket.

One more thing...

The small threaded holes you see on the underside of the plates are something we put in to help "future proof" your CoolKey™. Honestly, we're not sure if they will ultimately be used for anything (but perhaps something like a pocket-clip or such sometime in the future).

We're thinking it's worth the extra effort to put some "fixing points" on the CoolKey™ now for you - just in case.

Matte Surface Finish

As with all our other titanium products ...the CoolKey™ has our proprietary, in-house surface finishing process applied to it.

The result is a smooth matte surface that's fairly (but not perfectly) resistant to scratches.

Every component of the CoolKey™ goes through the same surface finishing processes so everything is consistently matched.


The dimensions and weight of the CoolKey™ are...

Length: 93mm (3.65")

Width: 18mm (0.70")

Individual Plate Thickness: 3mm (0.12")

Weight (plates and screws only): 31g (1.1 oz)

Precision CNC Machined Entirely In-House

We make the CoolKey™ entirely in-house from the raw titanium we import ourselves.

From the precise CNC machining all the way through to the surface finishing processes - we do it all ourselves in our workshop.

Here are the raw titanium blanks ready to be machined...

...and after a few hours the plates for the CoolKey™ are ready for the next stage:
This is the machine the CoolKey™ Key Holders are made on:

"Loop" Add-On Available

If you have a car key fob -- or even other keychain things you carry with you -- then the addition of the Loop option will allow you to attach them to your CoolKey™ .

The Loop is 1.8mm (or 0.07") thick -- slightly less than the thickness of a typical key -- and fits onto your CoolKey™ in place of another key.

So, for example, if you get the 4-key CoolKey™ and want to fit a Loop on it ...then you've going to have only 3 x spaces left for keys (so keep this in mind when you order).

4-Key, 6-Key or 8-Key Versions

The CoolKey™ is available to you in three different versions...

The 4-key version (which is what you've seen pictured in the images above) ...as well as 6-key and 8-key versions.

You can choose which version you want below:

*** LIMITED EDITION - Titanium Damascus Version ***

Add-On Options

Frequently Asked Questions...

When will I receive my CoolKey™?

The CoolKey™ is in stock and available RIGHT NOW. Order now for next-day shipping.

Is It Easy To Assemble The CoolKey™ With My Keys?

It absolutely is!

The washers and o-rings are fairly small ...but the Custom Screw System we designed really helps to make putting it all together fairly quick and easy.

Can I Buy The 8 x Key Version And Put Just FOUR Keys On It?

No, that will not work unfortunately. You need to order the correct size for your number of keys.

We don't have a lot of stock of Screws + Posts right now (but in the future we should be able to offer you the chance to buy additional Screws Sets).

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